Friday, September 1, 2006

I'm Back! :)

Not quite a hurricane Ernesto is dropping rain here, some wind, really not at all bad for a hurricane.......... not here.

Had literally hundreds of e-mails awaiting me, including one from my favorite college guy/ best male friend from college.   He's lived in Santa Cruz for, gosh, at least 15? years now? from Eastern Shore, MD, and will be in Maryland this weekend, seeing if I could join with his high school reunion on Saturday:)  I'm thrilled, actually.   And, dag if my hairstylist is booked up, naturally, but still!

I spent a lot of last night recalling college memories, with him and our shared times, sometimes shared classes, too.   We had the same major, Natural Resource Management, Fish and Wildlife management focus, both earned our Bachelor of Science degrees eventually:)   He'd switch his sections to be in the same ones I was in.   He'd write me Valentine's Day greetings in the Diamondback (UMd newspaper), while I dreamed of getting one from my work beau.......   Brian and I hung out a lot.   Out last time together included camping at Assateague Island one January, and eating in Chincoteague.   I don't remember the year, but I won't forget the full moon.  I'd look at that moon, full and plump the next month, and cry thinking that it'd been another month since I saw him.   Many many years of memories with Brian, lol, we changed my brakes once, too, putting them on backwards but oh well, I've stayed at his parents, he's visited my father's, we shared our lives in many ways, his wonderful long letters (he is a good writer), and his drawings are superb.   But I was too late, just recognizing how much he meant to me THEN, the last time he was home and I saw him, when he'd also met someone out west.   This woman was like him, understood him, even taught him fly fishing (okay, that made me jealous, lol).   I understood, and was glad he found someone who made him happy.   But I was so sad; I'd screwed up, too late.

I am SO excited:)  Nervous, too.   The meaingful past coming back while in Maine, and now this, it can be bittersweet.
Brian wrote me again last night.   Heck, if I'd not come into work for a couple hours late afternoon yesterday, after M was picked up by C's girlfriend for C's visitation, I'd only have seen Brian's e-mail today (he only had my former aol addy, and my yahoo (yahoo is still the same but I don't read it hardly), so he wrote me at my office.
Last night, what I read this a.m., he said he'd been working in the Mojave Desert and was beat so would contact me today/write me.  :)   Guess he hasn't flown East yet, lol.
He included a comment,  "Do you, like Picasso, like to break all the rules?"   A few years ago, M had made a comment that she wished to be like Picasso because he broke all the rules.  I had that as my e-mail signature.  
Smiling with my boss right now b/c he knows I like Chick Filet's waffle fries:)  and it's been a while.........lunchbreak time, see (duh, why do you think I'm writing?), and he's grabbing me some of those while he's out.   Oh, out of the four finalists for a management position under him, two I liked, tho one of those two don't have the same experience level as the others being interviewed.   Dag if he chose a third one, a bitchy kiss-ass woman whose life is work.   I just smiled and congratulated her.   Life goes on, and I don't really care about her right now.
This rain will stop by tomorrow midday.   Brian's high school reunion is tomorrow night, somewhere around B'more, guess b/c it's closer to an airport than Eastern Shore, Maryland, is.   M starts school TUESDAY! wow, another entry, but still, she's never far from my mind:)   Wednesday through Friday, she goes camping with her class, which just sounds awesome, and she is excited for, too.   We got her better gear over the past week.
Well, our Norfolk office closed early a.m., I think precautionary, for most of that region, and the county north of me is closing their schools 2 hours early (and yet no rain there yet even).   Northern Virginia is likely to get flooded, not sure about the flatter areas of Maryland near the shores. 
I don't know just what this reunion of Brian's is like; he saida restaurant, but over 100 people are signed up I *think* on that website  He won't care how dressy I am, he's always accepted me in my pre-makeup days and everything, but *I* want to look nice:)   I hadn't even washed my hair the day I got his e-mail, so I felt particularly ACK! I can't be seen like THIS at a reunion.   Not clear if I'd be his date or if that even matters.  (He hasn't mentioned this woman who so understands him for a few years now, only his "children" i.e., various critters, but I don't know if he just happens to omit mention of her or if she's gone.)  It'll just be good to see him, red hair and all, gosh.
That day, just yesterday, I'd raced out that a.m. to get M to the barn by 8:00 a.m.   Yawn.   She wanted this, and they were inviting her to come ride a couple horses, helps them out and M.   The rain hadn't started, though, so the horses were still out, M set feed, waited and then one of the stable managers joined us there and okayed M to bring in Fancie, with recent shots so good for testing, and later, Nutmeg who M got an actual lesson on.    M wanted me to watch her riding, so I watched Fancie, left for about 1 hour to walk Daisy again and throw in a load of laundry, then returned and saw some of the Nutmeg lesson.   M was happy:)   Then on to her eye appointment (barely needs glasses oy but oh well, suck it up another cost at least she most likes a frame that's not TOO costly, and overall, I saved about 30% b/c of my insurance), and the day before, meeting with her two full-time teachers, the principal (yeah we like her, too!), and M.  Her dad didn't show (tho he called M later on M's cell and said he had met with them, so guess he arranged for his own time).   She did NOT want to go to his place yesterday sigh.  I hope she's having a good day, though.
Yep, we're back:)   We shall see just what the weekend brings!  
(Oh, M was almost Briana, admittedly in part b/c I just like the name Brian, as well as because of him.   Amy was a consideration, also, my best female friend while in college! just, down to the wire it was M's name, Briana, and Sean (or Shawn), as if I'd EVER name a girl a guys name, nope, not me, I'm Robin, and I hate getting mail Mr. Robin.........but C really liked the idea of Sean "however I wanted to spell it." NO, sorry, only if a boy.)
Okay, that's all for now:)  
Maybe I'll go get a small piece of the 100% maple candies I brought back from LLBean for the office while I wait for those waffle fries..........
My friend Brian, flies in tomorrow leaving Wednesday, well, I thought he was asking me to his high school reunion, but now I'm confused.  Now I think he's going to be there, plus visiting his parents, and hopes to meet me, also, but not at the reunion.   He'll call me when he gets in tomorrow, around 4:30, his event starts 5pm (an hour from me).    Um, I rather need to know if I'm to go to this, also, or not, tho now I'm thinking NOT.  That he's meeting with me, separately, which is almost way more cool:)   But!  Ack.   If he'd send his #, I could call him, then again, if he's still living with a woman, maybe not.......   He did leave his hotel info, other info.
Anyway, I told him my schedule, basically, man, he picked a free time for me! okay, so painting my bathroom can wait and such other chores, and I could "do" church, and could be in the Labor Day parade on Monday, but heck, I could take off Tuesday still, from work, too, like I had planned originally.   I logged into my yahoo in case he's still on there and we could chat but guess he's not.   I will assume I am not meeting him at the reunion, which IS a better plan, really; I'd have not known anyone.   This will be more fun.   Even if I had figured out a dress in case, this works:)

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