Thursday, June 21, 2007

and now it's Thursday already (1st day of summer)

Starting last night, after watching Hairspray with M, was my time to stress out (mildly, organizationally speaking).    
SO much I've been trying to prepare, for the one night away Friday night, and summer plans stuff, and even school next year I have forms I'm still working on.  At least I got the dog sitter confirmed and two loads of laundry started:)  (Also some other things.) 
M thought she already had planned to visit my mother today, so the details of THAT, ultimately she won't stay over.  Besides, I need her to be certain she has the correct dance items for this particular feis.  Sunday she goes with C mid-afternoon and so can M or can she not go to the gig first....
While sweeping, I was thinking of work N's does, various questions I have about one particularly intriguing project, forgetting where I placed the dustpan I JUST had.  I can lose the dustpan several times in one sweeping session. 
Back to reality with so much to do, so little time, where is the time?  When I was in 6th grade, I wrote a paper with my wish for there to be 48 hours in a day.  Not to stretch the day so that people would fit more into it.  I wanted that long to finish up what I wished to fill up 24 hours with but couldn't quite fit in.  I enjoyed reading the paper yesterday while I waited to pick up M from her girlfriends, just like I enjoyed our meanderingly productive in an ADD way evening the night before (3rd panel for our curtains and UP yeah, Border's visit, just fun together even if I'm left with a new, replacement vent to still put on).  Last night, we wanted take Daisy to "the barn" for a walk in the nearby Park, her second idea was paddle boats ironically, and watching Hairspray which I relented and bought, and stayed watching even after she fell asleep.  I suppose it's nicer to have more ideas and less time, then feel stuck with no idea on how to fill time, dreading moments and wishing it to just speed by and go away.  Sleep in, play more, accomplish more, see N or friends or M more, what I could do with even 12 extra hours in a day.
I told M that The Washington Post was having a photo contest for the first day of summer.  Her "lights, camera, action" group had saved their work repeatedly, but it still somehow got lost.  She is fighting allergies and was grumpy about their revised work.  (M usually spends a long time describing every aspect.  This setback changed the quality of the piece, in her opinion.)   Lunch helpd.  She also brightened when I told her of this contest, asking for her camera.  They want to know down to the minute when it was taken.   The first day of summer in the Washington, D.C. area.   She snapped photos enroute to my mother's (who has changed from wanting to join us this weekend at the feis to not feeling she should drive that far and who knows). 
Whatever your day holds, may it be a good one:)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm melting.

I did exchange e-mails with N, who is feeling beat and stressed right now.  We may go out tomorrow, maybe not....   This is part of what I wrote him back.  Note it's been a very high humidity hot day here.   We're paying for those warm winter and spring days, it seems, or I'm just forgetting that this bad of a summer really can start in late June.  Even if it's not technically summer yet.
"I'm not feeling my best myself, running through various reasons WHY and thinking it could be insufficient water combined with allergies.  We'll see:)
Let's just see how tomorrow goes then, okay?  I'd rather de-stress you, not stress you further :)  If you need a night alone, that is fine.  Not certain if I can swing it, anyway, but figured I'll try. 
I know right about now I'd enjoy something wet and cool.  Canoeing.  Shower (imagined waterfall on my face and neck).  Hanging my feet and legs over the edge of a dock into a nameless body of water, and splashing you.  That could change.  I'm not feeling picky right now.  I will try to think of something actually doable.
M's in a camp called, (I'm calling it "career camp" -- if anyone in my area wishes to know more specifics, as there is another week in another high school coming up, or for next year, please just e-mail me).  I just happened upon it in the Gazette.  It's basically a career-oriented camp [for middle schoolers held in my former high school], with a variety of options each camper chooses from.   M says she wants to be a neonatologist, but the option for studying DNA in cells didn't appeal to her.  Ha.  I don't care as I wish her to explore and learn and pursue what she is most interested in.  M is very visually-oriented; color and arts and crafty things have always been part of who she is. 
She got into "Techno Art," and "Lights, Camera, Action."  (The course is listed without one of the commas which drives M nuts.  Once she learns a grammar rule, she's right on top of it.)   Techno Art is basically learning computer photo / art software and doing a lot with it.  They have access to a professional-grade printer and tools.  They took photos of them selves in various poses and will make a montage, layering colors in a way I'm not comprehending.  She's loving it even if the flash drive we bought her last night won't work with the school computer.  Then again, I discovered none will work with our home (nor my work) computer as they are set up currently, either.   "Lights, Camera, Action" involves, gee guess what, videophotography.  They learned the equipment yesterday and made a plan of action after watching past years videos.  They filmed today.  M had to bring in a "Smart Water" bottle as her prop.  I suppose she'll be editing and such the remainder of the week.  Of course, I'm hearing lengthy descriptions of each course, and a bit about the various other girls.  I'm glad she's enjoying it:)
I'm ready to go back home.  I applied part of my [non-accounted for] work time Sunday to a longer lunchtime today with M.  Life works out sometimes.  It may rain soon it seems, and I'm feeling cooler.  I couldn't stomach anything more than a bagel with butter, not even cream cheese nor the soup I'd prepared.  [Of course, I took an allergy pill, also, in case, and a lot of water.]  I hope you feel better soon, too, [N's name].  Take a few moments for yourself, too.  Maybe do one of those things that help you de-stress."
To which he just had to call me, inbetween M texting as she's figured out what park we can take Daisy to.  N's laughing.  The imagery of me splashing him cracked him up.  So, good:)  I was imagining a dock on a lake, such as Lake Sebago, or along a river or bay like many of the Maryland shores have.  I wish the rain would just come already, cool us off, let us take Daisy out to play in the fresh wet area.  I thought a few moments ago that it was imminent, the trees and flag blowing wildly, the air conditioner picking up speed as if rain pouding on the roof.  Not yet.  Still sweltering, still melting should I resubmerge myself into the outside air. 

"active within 1 hour"

Hmmm.  Nor has N contacted me even late last night nor at all yet this a.m.  Typically we're emailing and texting and phone calling from early a.m. until late p.m.   I know what type of Italian red wine he's picking up right then on sale in what grocery store and details when he's making dinner (he likes to cook, I finally told him I'd clean up, weed the garden, eat with him, but I don't care to cook), his children's schedules, when his meetings are, what they're about (he once decided he didn't need to shave for a meeting with (high up official), but made a point to go ahead and run on "the mall" with the idea that he'd stop by his gym to (shower and) shave before going out with me.  "I rank above an (high up official)?"   He laughed, nodding before kissing me again.

Heck, our last outing, he was even more open with me, emotionally, tearing up at one point.  (Hey, macho men out there, he had reason to.  At a minimum, N's had his brother die this past spring (cancer), and a friend die less than 2 weeks ago (freak motorcycle accident).  I've been more open, more vulnerable, too.  This after we had quite a bit of fun at an outdoor table, live band in the background and great Indian food (I thought was a Thai restaurant oh well).

I think he's still keeping his options open and looking around.  Which is fine, but, I do find that quite interesting.  He sure seemed smitten with me.  Said I make him happy.  Is he not ready, is he too intrigued by someone he's been chatting with on there, even if he says no one has clicked for him this past year.  Is it because I declined to have him come over to my place after our last outing (I like to think that's not it).  We went out 2 nights in a row, and he asked about the following night, also, until we both decided we're just TOO tired.  (I instead caught up on emails and found his profile, which he was on "online now," but ,eh, I figured no biggie.)
N did tell me he had a profile on  He even told me clues how to find it, and we both talked some of what we want in a partner, spurred by talk of his profile.  He seemed embarrassed that I might find it, somehow, which was cute:)  Yet, he doesn't know I have found his profile:)  I've decided that, at least for now, I'm not offering that tidbit of information.  I won't deny it if he asks, but I like knowing I can check on this. 
Eh, if it's truly to be me he wants, he'll go after me.  I really do not have time for dating, anyway.  I'm not bothered if N is looking actively.  Beside, he's been upfront about his past experiences looking.   I suppose this just lets me know more about where his head and heart are.  Personally, I also suspect that N's heart is still there with a woman he knew in Italy.  Hard to fill that void until he works past it, though.  (Not cover it up, but work through it.)
Or maybe my not feeling well last night and this morning has me feeling blase.  I don't really wish to have a crash and burn, it could hurt (of course), and in many ways he and I are matched much better than I'd have ever anticipated.  I like him.
Life goes on.  N and I do both try to enjoy the moments we have in our lives, as a basic way of viewing our lives.  I did send him a quick note to have a great day.  I meant it:)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Large Key Cell Phone and Good Movie (need ideas)

What the heck, maybe someone can help me out.

1)  Any movie suggestions right now, as in, currently in the US theatre ideas?  I know I'll take M to see Shrek 3 and maybe Nancy Drew, but, date-movie, with an actual live human adult male? 

Yeah, one night at a party, and two outings later, N and I are planning date three within 2 weeks.  Something must be working.  I'll update when I'm less tired, lol.  We're not yet looking for rental movie ideas.  Well, Riverdance is at Wolftrap, ah, I'd love to take M there again this year.  John Lennon via Yoko Ono is holding an art show not terribly far away this weekend.  Yet, we're leaning towards something neither of us typically get to do -- adult movie in theatre.  (Will get hiking in when we can.  Taking off work today wasn't an option.)  I would say that N = nerd, but a girlfriend admonished me.  She says that N is a geek, not a nerd.  She's proud to be a geek herself.  N says he's neither.  N also explains inbetween dancing (date #1) via use of bell curves how buzzed he was / wasn't at the strawberry daiquiri party (first meeting).  Uh-huh.  It's okay; articulate intelligence and good Italian food leads us both to date-movie night, .  Nothing too R, nothing too scary.

2)  Large-key cell phone.  My dad is having such trouble dialing as his fingers are too big for the keys.  It's also easier for him to remember my phone #, then to get the pre-programmed area, and press the okay button when "robin" is highlighted.  That's just too tricky for him.  So, any cell phone ideas, with large buttons for the keypad?  It'd really help if Nextel/Sprint has that phone available for their customers.

Thanks, all:) 

p.s. -- My child is a big 8th grader now, and also, wow, transformed into a teen via haircut and full set of braces just in time for her 13th birthday in July.  I'm so proud of you sweetie.  And, my mom got her an iPOD Nano. 

p.p.s. -- Have to laugh.  at 3:07pm, AOL emails me "ceilisundancer needs a new phone" and show me tiny-keyboard cell phone ideas for my father as, of course, Father's Day is Sunday. 

Friday, June 8, 2007

National Oceans Month

June not only kicks off the hurricane season (as if a hurricane sits there and waits until, on, goodie, it's June 1st I can start swirling now), but is also National Oceans Month.  The state of California is celebrating Thank You Oceans Day today. | Your portal to ocean news, ocean announcements and ocean awareness information  There is a lot of information, including a section for kids.  It's a "living website," i.e., constantly evolving, so visit now, and later, whether or not you're in California. 

I love the ocean, the shore, the living creatures and the elements.  Not a surprise for anyone who has read my rambling blog.  I've lived in Santa Barbara two summers in a row, noticing erosion in my winter absence, enjoying the brown pelicans, the deep waters, and my view of the Channel Islands. 

More than 100 organizations, agnecies, and businesses are involved.  Their poster says, "The ocean takes care of us.  Let's return the favor.  Our most precious resource needs your help now."  No harm in checking it out, right?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Does your writing give clues to your gender?

Gender Guesser is an online test created by Neal Krawetz, of Hacker Factor Solutions.  According to a May 28 article, Neal Krawetz based this test on previous research showing that gender could be estimated from word usage, and parts of speech, and developed from the Gender Genie.   Gender Guesser is based heavily upon American English over European English, and differentiates between types of writing (basically, formal and informal).  It's self-published accurcy rate is 60-70%.

This is just one type of digital forensics.  I didn't realize that a persons typing style can be a unique identifier, for example.  Neal Krawetz is quoted as having said, "they can tell if you're a left-handed female piano player with an ergonomic keyboard," all the more interesting to me as I use a mouse left-handed with an ergonomic keyboard and used to play piano.  That is a whole other discussion not tested via this simplier, cheaper, online test.   

Test this yourself, and learn more about Gender Guesser by going here:  Gender Guesser  Of course, I had to test it.  Let me know how it works for you, too.  (For comparison, you could also try the original, simplier, Gender Genie here:  The Gender Genie

I copied and pasted various pieces I'd written already, work e-mails, personal e-mail with girlfriends, and a sampling of blog entries.  Gender Guesser lists its guess for formal and informal.  It usually pegged me as female and female, once as female and weak male "or European English," and twice for my blog entries, as weak male "or European English."   It never estimated me to be male.  Overall, I'd agree that it's mostly correct, and fun enough, yet not a 100% reliable indicator.

Monday, June 4, 2007

fresh strawberries

The freshly-picked strawberries made for an excellent triffle at my dance group's pool party, and a conversation starter with the triffle creator.  My first real summer party this year, I couldn't find my white sandals, my toenails had to get their summer coating, I changed twice.  It still felt too stifling in my sundress, so I wore my nice tank top and shorts.  The same top I wore when I first met BJ, now that I think about it.  But my shorts are larger; I'm 45 and been widening for 3 years now.   No bathing suit for me in public later realizing it'd have been just fine.  Potluck, what to bring?  Ack.  I talked with my friend a few times, and finally hours after it started, I felt organized enough to leave. 

Still muggy and hot, yet sunny by a pool with friends was nice.  Later, we even danced some.  Eight of the guys danced the Sweets of May which we all found hysterical as they don't truly know it.  Traditionally a courting dance, our group instead tends to use all women when dancing Sweets of May, particularly for performances.  E was as cute as ever, expecting a new grandchild later this summer, and hiking some of Mt. Ranier this past week.  Ah, nice.  A few of us ate selectively from the desserts, deciding that we don't do this typically, that for our ages, we would have looked okay in a bathing suit but knowing exactly why none of us were ready to do so in public, YET, and those strawberries really are fresh and good.....

Finally, Friend and I leave for R's party, a "pick your strawberries and have strawberry daiquiri's" party.  Also blackberry daiquiri's and a potluck.  I didn't even remember to put on makeup to vast improvement, until riding in Friends car, watching her don her colors.  This party would be more relaxed, with most people approximately our age.   "Irwin" was cute, joking with both Friend and me, Friend really excited in thinking she liked him, so fine.  Interestingly, thoughout the evening, their personalities did stay matching fairly well. 

We both mingled a lot, but by then, we'd been sitting with a happened to all sit there loose group.  Three main guys, who had met each other a few times previously, Friend and I, and sometimes one, sometimes three, other women.  NiceGuy was next to me.  NiceGuy, and really they were all nice but I need some name for him, seemed interested, "testing" me some with silly word games, confident while perhaps not in the dating field for too many years.  He dressed in pressed khaki's and a polo shirt, shoes with socks.  Hmmm, everyone else is, well, casual.  Then again, I almost wore a sundress, I didn't know WTF to wear.  A few virgin daiquiri's later, I try half an alcohol one R pours, while N grabs Coronas for a few of us.  Warm Coronas.  He tries to play it that European beers are served warm.  Uh-huh, is this a European beer?  We all banter.

N's smart.  He's very good with language.  N is talking of his kids, asked about M, kid talk to the point I started thinking his wife must have moved these times overseas and back and such, with him, no ring, yet, is he still married or is this recent, or?   Single.   At one point, I noticed that N was really listening attentively.  I wondered if this is because he's heard that a woman will find him a better conversationalist if he gets her to talk about herself?  I make sure to ask him more questions.  He went to law school where my grandfather taught, but when N and I were still in high school.   I still hadn't asked N what he does work-wise, as I don't believe it necessarily defines someone.  Sometimes, other things are more important.

I'm the oldest in that small group, R on the patio side yep, phew (not that it mattered but in the fun spirit of it all), is 1 year older.  N asks me if I remember what happened on my 18th birthday?  I found that a slightly odd question, "I saw Crack the Sky."  He didn't mean me.  There was a global/political event that day, I knew more about the year I was turning 19 than when it happened.   He's a year and 16 days younger than me, so I asked him if he remembers when John Lennon died and we talk Beatles a bit.  He knows his details, his history.  I recalled later, that Crack the Sky was the fantastic small DC venue concert I saw for my 21st birthday, not my 18th.  I used to love that band.

Where's my cell phone?  He offered his phone, to call mine, thanks.   THEN realized, it seemed like a ruse to get my number, made a big point to delete it, a bit flustered.  Cute, though, when I guy tries to hide off being interested, the different ways different guys do that.  lol 

R is setting up mattresses forout of town friends, with kids, seeing a Nationals game on Sunday.  The group kept saying we shouldn't keep everyone up, R probably wanted us to leave, so we finally head through the house TO leave.  R is disappointed, "I was going to go outside with all of you."  I almost wrote "y'all," but eh, he's from upstate NY.  I'd say y'all, but I don't think he did.  R tries to pan off extra strawberries on us, a LOT of extra strawberries.  N wants just one.  "Just one?"  "Yes."  I felt a touch seductive and flirty, even with R there, too.  I found a big red juicy one to pick up, and put near N's mouth.   I saw his teeth bite down on it, and took my strawberries and started walking away.

I suppose R followed, as at the door, I shook his hand and thanked him for the party, but he gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek instead.  I probably did one of those air kisses back.  He's Italian, he may do this with his friends, but it still felt welcoming.

The group was hanging out front now, lol, R joined, everyone chatted.  Birdhouses, hurricanes.  R and I both like weather.  Tropical Storm Barry was turning into Tropical Depression Barry.  R said M would have some rain Monday camping at "the beach," but then it'd be nice weather.  Great, I had guessed the same but he'd know. 

In the round of big Italian hugs goodbye, R gave me another one, good strong bearhug like.  (As Friend said, it's hard to read R and just what he meant.  She mostly wanted "Irwin" to get her number ah well, heck, the third guy was really nice, too, it was a fun evening.)  N gave me the most awkward of the hugs, nervous perhaps?  Later following us to Friends car, letting me know he was serious about checking for the lacrosse brochure for camps for M (I'm not having luck with that), which was his way of asking for my # really this time.  So I call him, "Okay, now you have my # again, ttyl."  Men can be so entertaining at times.

And I knew he'd call (twice).  And I"m glad.  I'm wondering if we talk well together as he's a language expert, and I do decently in conversations, or if there's something there, too?   He's tall, runs and is lean, 6 hours away in Europe for work at the moment (I did run a search), modest, hikes, bicycles, involved with his kids, still has books 30 years later, doesn't tendto watch television news, never spoke negatively about his STBX (separated technically 1 year, realistically almost 2 years with 6 months of that in different countries).  He's not against dancing, feels he can hold his own for a waltz, anyway.  And he likes storms when safe inside, not so much the time he was on the Alps hiking with his children.  Hmmm, intriguing.  Etc., etc.   He compared our visitation schedules; his friend told him when he started dating that it'd all be around the visitation schedules.  That's true, yet I'm left wondering how often he's dated since. 

I'd thought of him, though.  I still think of M and her trip and camps, and of N.  My mind's so full right now; I tried to get M packed up last night after visiting my father for a while.  M did text me Sunday morning to say where at school she'd left her packing list for me.  I never reached her at all, though, even though I left voice and text messages M told me this morning she didn't get.  (L also called M after calling me, L who yeah won first in her novice treble jig so is all prizewinner now.)  

Excitement filled the students voices when I spent a few moments with M this morning, dropping off her things for her beach camping trip.  M showed J her polka dots on her bathing suit, somewhat coordinating with his "twister" looking swim trunks, whose high-level soccer team just won either regionals or states, and then on to, um ,either states or regionals next.  All the girls were comparing suits and boogie boards.  M was wired, talked w/ me of camp briefly, (I had to mail today), and mostly the items for the beach, understandably.  M high-fives a friend who for the first time for a class trip is NOT at (that time of month) as the girls all find that so important to know who is and when.  Spanish teacher tells me, "It was such a pleasure to have M in class this year..." when they start trying to line up to head out the door.  I hope M actually goes in the water some.  She is at least able to vocalize how difficult it is for her to reconcile her and her friends swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, within about 100 miles of where her friend and her friends dad died in a riptide last September.  I know they'll have s'mores; I know she'll still have fun.  I also gave Mo a heads up about M's feelings (I also talked with M recently).  Today R wrote me that it'd clear in about an hour, so about when M and her class was to arrive at their beach, some rain in the afternoon to contend with then that's it.  Hopefully it wasn't much rain for LEL's graduation yesterday YEAH LEL you know I SO wanted to be there!, or on my cute couple neighbors wedding.  I think of all these things.

Sunday was wonderfully drizzly sometimes stormy rain we needed and I got to walk in often, flip flops and shorts with frizzing wet hair and sans makeup.  It stormed once here today, gloriously heavy and short lived, rousing thunder kicking it off..   

Yet rain held off Saturday.  Saturday was the day for strawberry season, hopefully a day M got to attend her schools BIG fun day event, and for many others, a day for frying flesh foods on grills season, again.  I prefer the strawberries.  Maybe summer will be worth looking forward to.  At least, this next week or so after N returns from his trip, and M is off school.

(Now to get two of my girlfriends to stop trying to couple us up for eternity already, sheesz.  I think they're more excited about having potential dating to talk about with me, than I am.  Sometimes it's just too much, I don't know, girltalk or something.  I might like this guy, so, we'll see:)  But, sheesz.)

Friday, June 1, 2007

like pink lemonade

Yesterday didn't feel like a chai tea latte morning.  Instead, I brought in pink lemonade to M, "Good morning, Sunshine," and stroked her hair.  "Do you want some lemonade?"  She reached for the glass and started drinking.  "It's pink lemonade, from Trader Joe's."  Still drinking.  "Do you like it?"  STILL drinking, her eyes nodding up and down, ha.  I guess she does like it.  It WAS pretty refreshing, a nice blend of sweet and sour.
Golden retriever Megan's human has altered the walking schedule some due to the daytime heat, but pug Jack's human said he's just staying watching for signs of overheating.  Jack's younger, smaller, has less hair.  Daisy gets hot but loved visiting her friends.  
M went from sweet to sour when it was time to leave; she'd wanted more time to review for a Spanish retest and read her long dry pages for humanities.  I hadn't woken her up early enough (she had asked, I spaced).  We talked about all of this crankiness in the car, fine again by dropoff.   Ends up, she got a 90 on the retest (82 on the original final she'd really studied for, best in the class, many had definitely failing grades).   I'm proud of her for her grade, and glad that language 'clicks" for her so readily.
I checked Dad's bank balance online, hopeful to see a credit appear.  I'd been putting off requesting a loan enough to cover some of his bigger, more urgent needs, and some other things.  At first, the number didn't seem correct.  Oh, the credit appeared, a day later than anticipated argh, and also a large automatic deposit.  The money from the house, Dad's house.  He has money now.  Such relief, really.  I don't have to worry; I can get him groceries now (without charging them on my credit cards), we can call in the various people to do yard work and house repairs now.   Whatever he's needing now should be okay.   Burden lifted.  
At lunchtime, I felt in need of a shower just being outside.   I try to have Daisy outside longer in the earlier and later hours, shorter walks in the hotter hours.  She asks for extra water which we give her.  I water the heirloom variety tomato plants M helped grow in school, the two she brought home for Grandma.  One worker pauses in the shade from mowing the fast-growing grass, wiping his face with his sleeve.  I thought of bringing him out something really cold to drink, but decide he might think I was trying to make advances on him.   I'm paid back for my inaction with a hot oven, baking Funfetti cupcakes for celebrating L's birthday at class last night.  
Dad didn't tell me when the settlement was going through; Doug did.  He called about a week or so ago, "Robin, did you know Dad has settlement tonight at 7:00?"  Actually, I didn't.  I'd talked with Dad a few times that day, visited the day or two previously, and no mention even the enxt day.  Doug talked for a while, the guy from the reverse mortgage company had let Doug know of the final settlement date and time, it'd been at 5:00 p.m. but got postponed.  We count down the time.  Doug mentioned the various options he'd gone through in his head as to how else to best care for our father.  This isn't a new conversation, except for one piece he'd not mentioned to me before.  It wasn't truly workable once Doug thought it through.  We both know without needing to explain to each other how it would not work for Dad to live with either of us, sadly.  I told Doug that I end up just telling people how very tiny M/my place is, and how there isn't even room for Dad, and that is true.  It's just not "the rest of the story," either.  What'd be nice to offer isn't reality; I don't have the resources never mind everything else.  We both list other options, discussed before, and we've both had notice this was coming and yeah could have stopped it last week, but then what?  Predatory mortgage company going from $400-500/month to over $1200./month, and then if late, charging over $900./month in late fees, for someone who has sole income as social security?  Their version of working with Dad was to not charge $1600./month in mortgage payments.  Riiiigghhttt.  So, it happened. 
I caught the mail carrier in time to pay something of dad's, relief I can do so.
M texted me, "please bring extra underwear ..... swimming with horses."   She rode Blue yesterday down to the creek where the horses swam about and M and her riding friends got soaked, and cooled off.  I brought her a full change of clothes, and more to drink The cupcakes frosting appeared melted as moist as the air, the sprinkles hanging on.
I thought of the things Dad can have done now.  Doug called me while M's in dance class, M interrupting me to ask for her "new" hard shoes.  Seems two others wanted their "new" hard shoes broken in, also.  M was excited to tell me that Ma had hugged M, congratulated M on winning 1st place in Treble Reel, "So, did you do Gaelic 2 or Chitty Bang?"  M explained to me how Gaelic 2 has easier steps but the technique has to be perfect showing me what drums are, a step used in Gaelic 2 (M had danced Ma's choreographed Treble Reel called Chitty Bang).  Life is moving on. 
Outside the dance class, Doug and I talked of next steps for Dad and housework, and how Doug went over to readjust the volume on Dad's cell phone.  Those daggone volume buttons are right along the side and so way too easy for Dad to hit.  Meals on Wheels had called me earlier yesterday, nice woman, relaying to me that Dad's phone wasn't working again.  Maybe M would be okay visiting Dad again, I've been cutting his hair and trimming his beard, washing his clothes, the place is picked up but needs work.  Doug and I are concerned that this isn't enough money, we know it is several thousand less than it should have could have been, will it really get the house fixed, Dad's other needs met, if he's careful?
I almost forgot to give out the Funfetti cupcakes with sprinkles and L's special bigger cake.  I remembered after I watched the last moments of M and L in their private with Ma.  Ma has been creating a 2-hand figures dance for them, that is really looking lovely. 
M and I stop for a quick dinner enroute home.  I'm still in the mood for lemonade.  "Are you sure you want this much?"  I did order a medium, a medium that's gargantuan but artificial sweetener so my blood sugar won't soar unhealthily.  "I guess so."  It wasn't as good as the pink lemonade.  Even between the two of us, we didn't finish it.  The moon is full again, M commented that it was fuzzy; I noticed that it was a yellowish pink. 
I had a stomachache this morning.  Too much lemonade?  The cold version of chai tea latte (liquid chai tea mix combined with non-sour vanilla soy shake soy milk), and my stomach started feeling better, as if coated again.  M wanted to be up early, finish figuring out what clothes and things for her class beach trip next week as she was to go to her dad's tonight (I did wake her early, with a cup of warm chai tea latte not that she wanted to get up early after all). 
Not QUITE as muggy outside, Daisy all excited as Colt and Pashma (cotton candy in Farsi??) were both outside our windows.   I look at the lawns and bushes and tomato plants, and think of Dad's house.  That's not Dad's house now.  It's been his house for approximately 40 years, and now it's just as if he's a renter in a way, biding his time until he dies (or moves to a nursing facility).
A really nice woman from Meals on Wheels just called me, relaying to me that Dad can't work his phone again today.  We chatted for a bit, her husband in the background.  Bless these people.  I reached Dad, though, on his phone that cut off once but then was okay.  I don't know if it's the phone itself, or the carrier.  Clearer, he can't find one of his bills he's eager to pay, we go over some other things, but then he can't hear me and then it cuts off again.  
It'll be okay.  Sweet and sour.

I was tagged by Amy/ ABCs of ME meme

Amy tagged me with an ABCs of ME meme.  I stole another one!

A:  Available or Single?  I suppose so, technically speaking.  I try to keep my eyes open and all that jazz.  I'm not actively looking.  "She's probably busy with M and with her dad," does rather describe my life (except that didn't include work).

B:  Best Friend:  No one best friend.  I have some really close friends, and my daughter, M (when I don't have to be more of a parent than a friend which seems to be more often).

C:  Cake or pie.  Pie.

D:  Drink of choice.  At the moment, iced green tea.  Arnold Palmer, gin and tonic, Sam Adams, chait tea latte, water (preferably with lime).

E:  Essential Item(s):  Truly essential?  Those that sustain life, air, water, food, and some clothes so people don't look at me oddly, God, my daughter.

F:  Favorite Color(s):  Green. 

G:  Gummy Bears or Worms?  Ah, this is the meme with that question.  I'm feeling more like bears today.

H:  Hometown:  It's in the Maryland suburbs of D.C.

I:  Indulgence:  A daily newspaper (The Washington Post).

J:  January or February:  Both have their charms.

K:  Kids:  M, and my 4-legged crits.

L:  Life is incomplete without:  M.  I thought life would be incomplete without my grandmother, or Dougie, or (someone), but, my life has had them in it, even if "gone" now, it's okay.  Lakes and moutains full of pine trees, oceans.

M:  Marriage date:  Hmmm, I can just randomly pick who my date would be?  This could be interesting.

N:  Number of Siblings:  One brother (whom I talked with last night).  Two stepbrothers and one stepsister (who I just thought of, talking w/ a coworker of The Race for the Cure tomorrow in DC, my stepsister whom I've met only once, but is fighting breast cancer right now, in the chemotherapy stage).

O:  Oranges or Apples.  Oranges when I can take the time and have messy hands:)  Apples when I might want to let M share with her horse friends.

P:  Phobias/Fears:  I'm not so fond of heights unless my feet are on solid something.  (I can rock climb, but hate repelling back down freefall.)

Q:  Favorite Quote:  "This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."  Psalms

R:  Reasons to smile:  Soft white warm purring cats, sunlight on colored leaves, full moons (two in May!), salt spray from big ocean waves with sand beneath my toes, watching M grow and learn and enjoying life, dancing.

S:  Season:  Autumn.

T:  Tag Three:  Oh, great, I have to choose three people who not only read this, and who have not completed this, and but are also allowed to post / comment?  Okay, duck, duck, goose, you're it!  (Please let me know if you do this!)

U:  Unknown Fact about Me:  Nix the chocolate (unless it's white or really dark truffles), and red roses.  I don't like milk chocolate, and I like my flowers pink, or yellow, or purple (roses should be pink).  Or bring the really pretty leaf or shell you found along the way. 

V:  Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals?  Vegetarian (albeit I do still eat some seafoods which is still flesh food so not technically fully vegetarian).

W:  Worst Habit(s):  Losing things / forgetting things, and when I'm not organized. 

X:  X-rays or Ultrasounds?  Preferably no need for either.

Y:  Your Favorite Foods:  Changes seasonally.  The softshell crab sandwiches with sliced fresh tomatos my college roommates mother made us once upon a bay boat trip, lemon (foods with lemon) from my grandmother, blueberries from Maine, sweet potato pie and cranberries.   Usually foods considered "ethnic" over anything traditionally "U.S."  Eh, belaboring food is not something I care to bother with.  Oh, unless it involves ice cream. :)

Z:  Zodiac:  Chinese which I forget right now, or the one used in the U.S.?  Scorpio.  Theoretically, I fight in the sky with Sagitarrius (sp), which my mother is.