Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello, again.

Wow, hi there. Long time no see. You're looking good, from quick glance.

I thought I'd lost you forever. See, I know I have friends who have kept your link; I meant to ask them for it. It's just that I felt it'd be hopeless, you and I again. I don't remember my Google e-mail never mind that password. Actually, maybe it's time I told you that I really have two Google e-mails, and another public blog. Sorry, it wasn't really cheating. Sometimes I wanted to reach a different audience, to focus solely on Irish dancing, and my precious daughters experiences with it. I know, you could offer me that, too, but you met my greater needs. I could be anything with you that I could be anonymously public about. I don't even remember the name of that blog.

I've missed you. Oh, I felt a need for a break. There were things going on and I never forgot you; I kept meaning to come back to you. I discovered Facebook. Sorry, please don't feel mad or jealous. Sometimes people need to explore other alternatives. My online friends I've met through you, I can keep in touch with there, too. I admit it, I do like Facebook. It's just, well, not you. My friends and I can share more via you, and via their blogs, be more open and hence more intimate. Facebook is like a quick blog status update, yet mine at least is way too public and includes so many of my "in real life" (IRL) friends and family, that I can't always share what I'd really like to. Facebook is almost a false intimacy.

I haven't been on my daughter's laptop for a long time. I saw your link there in my bookmarks. I hesitated, but I clicked on it, tried to log in. I hope that's okay with you. Maybe we can try this again some? I have to relearn you. :)

p.s. -- friends who are also Facebook friends -- I don't publicize this blog to my IRL friends and family. My beloved, E, knows of it, and a few of my IRL friends and family know, but if you happen to mention it DON'T give out this screenname (Ceilisundancer) nor the link or blog name. Please:)