Saturday, August 26, 2006


Okay, my 5-8 minyutes of writing here!   The entire hotel shares one cmoputer ugh, and so it's been hit or miss.

I'm tired.   We're here for a couple more days.   It's had some fun moments:)  Some good ones.   It's been stressful as hell.   My mother and her sister finally made up after gosh, I don't know, many years.   6 years ago, they at least talked again, being my cousin, Dougie, died, and my mom wouldn't go NOT talking w/ her sister whose son had died.  But, then they e-mailed only.   SO stressful, and my ;mom gets stressed driving, when off schedule (as do I and we are on such different ones), and, well, when in Maine.   And she takes it out on me, even if she's not trying to.

But, tonight, after some time here and there, movie night.   I had hoped for time out alone with my cousin, Stephanie, but somehow it ended up being movie night for her and I, our two daughters, and our mothers, too, lol.  Oh, well:)  That is good, too.

Someone's waiting here.   I know talking w/ BJ for half an hour the other night was helpful:)   Trying on pants and bathing sutis while my anxious mother waited to drive us back to the hotel (tho I insisted I could take a cab), well, ugh.   (She can't drive in the dark, and, um, she's starting to slip on ability to drive methinks.)

Saw some family I hadn't seen in years, and visited spots:)   Mixed emotions there.   I miss people close to me, Granpy, Dougie.........  and my niece/nephew are without their father now even if my cousin and him had divorced years ago, etc.   My uncle dead now.   But, Sebago Lake looks beautiful:)  The weather is chilly but that's great for all but swimming.   M wanted to swim.   Melancholy right now, tired.   I'm not sleeping enough.   We'll get through this.

Portland Museum of Art w/ M was good, too:)   It was our only time alone "special" so far, and it's really a quality place, and lunch at The Kitchen, YEAH food I can eat:)

Okay, someone's waiting here.   Toodles.

Adding:  Photo of the Light at Portland Head, i.e., Portland Head Light; I'll have to get other photos, too, as aol is finally letting me add photos again:)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

2 years ago............

Two years ago today, albeit August 17 was on a Tuesday in 2004......... M and I spent time at "the fair."   Our county fair is HUGE.   We had taken one of M's riding friends with us, I think we did some grandstand event time (horses or not??), and I KNOW we did rides rides rides, and we/I met BJ that night for the first time IRL.  Oh, we'd talked for, hmm, I don't know, many months at least maybe a year or longer?, I don't recall, strictly friends, good online friends, but strictly friends.   We didn't even know what each other looked like, lol, but it didn't matter.   Had dinner, it was a good time, the capping of a good day / evening.:)   And I just remember him, and looking at him, and we both smiling some, and I felt good and confident, and he obviously did, and we did connect.   Mrs. O'Leary's Restaurant isn't even there any more, just closed down late spring/early summer this year.   BJ and I got a good emotional connection going after that...... he was in town often then.

Anyway, last night when he called, I think I'd been dreaming.  I collapsed after walking Daisy and feeding all the crits (critters), i.e., went to bed early.   I'm sure I was very loopy, and groggy out of it, but he was home from Florida, one child started school this week, etc., etc., good to talk with him:)   I told him, yeah, it was 2 years ago this week!    I'd sent him a photo of us in B'more I'd located from not quite 2 years ago.  A lot's gone on since then, sometimes two steps forward, one step back, but hey, that's part of life, too.  He's still special.

YAWN, boy, I'm STILL tired wiped out.   Anyway, just thought I'd throw this thought in here.  Could go to a mini-ceili tonight but perhaps not.

I do wish M and I had a longer time at "the fair" this year.   I'm trying not to think of it going on right now.  But, at least we got some time in:)   We go annually, heck, we used to sometimes take 2-3 days worth and spend all day each of those days.   BTW, if you've never seen pig races, ya just gotta stop by there and check it out; those are hilarious.


School Supply Lists

Well, just got "the list" a couple days ago (she starts after Labor Day so this isn't late).
Most items listed are normal things, and some are the annual things that the Spanish teacher likes (specifically-colored gel pens, and index cards), okay, fine.   Some things are to share, and some for M personally, fine.   Graphing calculator highly recommended.  Oy.  I've spent the past 2 days checking those out.   Guess what -- Staples and Office Depot are both running the combination of coupons and rebates and are within a mile from my office -- but ONLINE coupons are even better.   I'm literally down the street from Office Depot, even if I rather like Staples more but not sure why guess b/c I"m used to them, and they're next to Target:) so they're easier usually.    Got great help at Office Depot today, emptier and the guy really explained the differences and did NOT push the most expensive or anything, I felt as if I was making informed decisions.   But, the online bit got me $20. coupon PLUS the $25. rebate PLUS free shipping, to arrive here tomorrow (so $45. off plus free shipping).   WOW.   (I almost felt badly not buying it in the store while there, but it'd have cost me $20. MORE.)  Staples had the next best offer (in store) for a $15. and a $15. for $30. off, though their price was $10. higher to begin with, comparable to the OD instore prices but.   I went ahead and ordered a few other of the items she needed, too, plus some sticky notes she likes and a sharpie.   LOL, she loves office supplies.
Anyway, I'm just excited b/c I got it for almost half off!  If I'd waited until the second week of September, which is thee earliest M will need it, I'd have likely paid close to full price.  And, it's not REQUIRED, but I know these parents.   It's a combined class for 7th-8th graders, about 20 students total with two full-time dedicated teachers, these families are DEDICATED to the education of their children (and some have a lot of money albeit that doesn't mean they just spend it to spend it).   Most of the students families will have found a way to invest in one of these calculators for their child, if not having obtained it last year.   It IS "highly recommended."  Oh, I could wait until Christmas, but.   She'll be happier, and it may not be such a good deal if I waited; it came to $64.95 I think? for a TI-84 Plus.
This one will get her through high school, assuming it's not lost or damaged:) and heck, her dad once paid for a 10 cent ruler, yep, not even the 15 cent one (likely in part because the 10 cent ruler that year was the type requested I'm sure).   Gee, thanks, C.   BIG help there.   Oh, and she came home that year knowing where she wanted to go for other supplies, having seen them when out with him.   Sometimes my mom helps buy them, and always helps in some fashion, last year a great new backpack from L.L.Bean plus other things, this year clothes so far.
M has new sneakers at his house this year, but she had to take them off before coming home w/ me, while I waited.  Rolling my eyes.  Whatever.   She and I finally found her some really cool ones, and then the ones she most wanted, she ran across while w/ my mother and my mother bought them for M (so I can take back the ones M/I got for M, or, well, keep them for me as I don't have any closed heel ones).   I can't count on C letting M keep things or have them "loaned," to her when at our home, such as snow boots or a jacket, so I always have to be sure she has all those things at my place for her.   (Can't even count on her snowboots from my home coming back in a timely manner from his place.)   Not sure, then, why they'll also duplicate the big items.  What a waste of resources and money, obviously we're in the USA and not a 3rd world country doing that type of stuff.   Sometimes, she'll have been wearing a coat from his place, and right before she gets out of his truck to come outside and into my house, she has to take the coat off.  Yeah, whatever.   It's just stupid, really.  Oh, but if I've bought her something, for the most part, she is NOT allowed to wear it while there.  
Though, if she needs an outdoor sleeping bag, he has allowed her to borrow that.   I hope that works again for an upcoming camping trip that first week in September.......
Yep, this notice also says that her Intermediate class (the combined age, 7th and 8th graders), will actually start school 1 day earlier.  Ugh.   She'll be with C the night before, I verified if the date change alters visitation at all, but I think not, I think the "until Tuesday 9:00 a.m." part is until the start of the school year, and now school starts that Tuesday a.m. (8:45 a.m. or earlier, however), so, I guess (sigh! we ALWAYS get first day of school pics in front of our door!!!! sniff sniff), that he'll take her in that first day.  Or, well, he may send his girlfriend, or it'll depend when his 4-year old starts school.   Hmmm, I could look that up.   Anyway, I think the date change is in part as the whole school opens that day for Open House, pool time, and picnic, for all the others, AND, that the Intermediates will be on their camping trip the following 3 days.....  they need 1 day to just meet up together, first!   Just, gosh, gone under the supervision of C this week (technically, not realistically as M is with C's girlfriend and not with C), and then home 2 nights then to Maine! :) home approximately 2 nights, my mother and I are discussing that, then w/ C for a LONG Labor Day weekend, then to school that a.m., and home just 1 ONE just 1 night, then gone for 2 more....... oy.   Poor kid, I am nixing any thought of going to Chincoteague Island that second weekend in September.   She needs to just be HOME.
Ah, well, so I'll get a "2nd day of school" photo.   It'll just have to do.   She'll have a conference with the two teachers, C, and I (oy how fun NOT), the day after we return from Maine, she'll have had her eye examination (albeit she hoped for glasses before school starts and that isn't likely now that she'll have school that 1 day, tho maybe we'll pick some that night IF IF she needs them hoping not), her hair has been cut, we need some binders for her and to locate her ruler (tons of them not counting the one from C which broke), and the Spanish / English dictionary, her backpack is good.   Maybe a new lunchbox but, eh, not really needed.   She has some new clothes, and some new shoes.   My mom got her non-sneaker / dressier shoes, too:)   Plus her lined clogs I hope still fit, cuz they fit me.  
Wow, it's almost time!  :)   I miss her :( but at least she'll be just about ready for school.
Not sure when her riding lesson will be, but that'll get worked out, and I have to cancel bus service (too pricey for me this year and her on trips sometimes or coming from C's), find the rest of the "activity fee" monies or make arrangements, and she's signed up for her step dance classes.   Just work out Girl Scouts (oy).   We'll be ready!  :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Don't Step in the Macaca!

Ahh, no one else ventured a guess?  Well, Chuck IS a winner!   He got 2 out of 3, and, as we all know, let's all say it now, "Two out of Three Ain't Bad."   :)

It's really #'s 3, 7, and 8, or so I read in The Washington Post.... I like the macaw and the dancing idea, though.

Let's backtrack, shall we?  Last Friday.....   southwestern Virginia, near the Kentucky border, a town called Breaks.   Senator George Allen is holding a campaign rally.   Everyone there is caucasian, except for a "tracker" on the staff of James Webb, Allen's political opponent.   This tracker is a 20-year old senior at University of Virginia, born in Fairfax County, Virginia, of Indian heritage.   (Trackers apparently follow around politicians during their campaign stops and film the politician.)   Senator Allen's staff reportedly has nicknamed S. R. Sidarth "mohawk" because of his haircut (which Sidarth claims is a mullet).

According to The Washington Post (specific article written by Tim Craig and Michael D. Shear), and I'm hearing it elsewhere, "Allen began by saying that he was "going to run this campaign on positive, constructive ideas" and then pointed at S. R. Sidarth in the crowd.  "This fellow here, over here with the yellow shirt, macaca, or whatever his name is.  He's with my opponent.  He's following us around everywhere.  And it's just great," Allen said, as his supporters began to laugh.  After saying that Webb was raising money in California with a "bunch of Hollywood movie moguls,' Allen said, "Let's give a welcome to macaca, here.  Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia."

Senator George Allen's staff first declined a need for an apology, but since then I've seen a few articles on this.......   "Asked what macaca means, Allen said: "I don't know what it means."  He said the word sounds similar to "mohawk."  Could this mean that Allen's staff really refers to Sidarth as macaca, and not as mohawk???   Just speculation, but possibly plausible.....

Sidarth is quoted as saying," I think he was doing it because he could, and I was the only person of color there, and it was useful for him in inciting his audience."  "I was annoyed (disgusted) he would use my race in a political context."

The editorial page of The Washington Post concludes their editorial with: "We don't blame him [Sidarth] for feeling that way.  But, really, by mocking Mr. Sidarth, Senator George F. Allen demeaned only himself."

I have to agree.

An article today, same writers as yesterdays article (the editorial didn't list an author), talks more about Allen's intents, from supporters and those who are not fond of him.   Sounds as if some feel these remarks won't really hurt him in his Senatorial race, but could for his hopeful Presidential campaign for 2008.   "Rich Lowry, editor of the conservative National Review, wrote on the magazine's Web site Tuesday that he did not think Allen was "trying to speak a coded racist language,"  But Lowry said Allen showed he "has a mean streak."

An intentional racial slur, or "just" a dig on an opponents staff?   I think that throwing in the comment "welcome to America" shows that Senator Allen's intent was a racial putdown.  I would feel slighted hearing it like that.   Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine is even quoted, that campaigns are tough, but you don't go singling out the trackers, that the comments by Senator Allen were "insensitive."  

I don't even live in Virginia, but I also think that Allen's comments were STUPID!  Heck, Allen knew he was being filmed, he knew he was leading a political rally, and the comments were stupid, anyway, so what was he thinking?   Show some class.   And, at least know the meaning for the name one calls someone, especially so publically. ________________________________________

Hair update:   The photo I saw of S. R. Sidarth yesterday was a front-view.   It didn't really APPEAR to be a mullet to me, but I didn't know how the back of his hair was, perhaps in a pony tail, I couldn't tell.   It did NOT look like a mohawk.   Today's (8/17) Style Section of The Washington Post explains it -- via Libby Copeland's article -- with the classic mullet example being Billy Ray Cyrus, who, I admit, wears it better than anyone else I've seen:) and the "purebred" mohawk being the classic head completely shaved except for a row of hair going down the middle of the head like a part, except spiked up into different points like the points of the sun surrounding, well, the sun.   Then there's a photo of the side of S. R. Sidarth's "moo'lette."   "For his part, Sidarth says he discovered his inspiration during a semester in Spain, where people pronounced the look "moo-LETTE."  "It's very popular in Spain," he says."

So, now we have it:)

Also listened to a bit of a George Stephanapolous (sp) interview this a.m.  George mentioned this being the top internet-searched story this week (or, political story??), and that he also believes this won't effect Senator Allen's current Senatorial race, but could have serious consequences in his hopes for a Presidential run in 2008.  

And, admitted, he wasn't aware of the word macaca previous to this story, either:)   So, it's summertime, all, but we still have a word for the week.

"Secret Destination Week" continued

Well, M called, the connection was horrible.   A few minutes in she asked if she could go to the bathroom and call me right back, lol, um, sure (rather wondering if she'd be allowed to call again, but she was).   She DID, though, and it was much better a connection.   She's at a beach in North Carolina.   Her little sisters friends grandparents place, along with that girls mom, while M's and Si's dad stays back here in Maryland working.  Huh?  WTF?   He's so concerned about "his" precious time with M, but he can't spend the time with her, or let her see her cousins (his nieces), or?   Whatever.   At least she gets a vacation someplace, but yes, I do believe that his main intent sometimes is to keep her from ME, not for him to spend more time with her.   And, it does seem a bit weird to me that he wouldn't go on a / the "family vacation."  But, hey, whatever.   I just think M would like it more if
her dad actually joined her.
And talked of school supplies, as the list came, (including an expensive graphing calculator oy), and her first day back is a day earlier now (b/c camping trip starts the following day which she was interested in, naturally), and I told her that her new fish from the fair last weekend were not doing so well.........   cuz, see, I did a double-goldfish burial this a.m. but I don't know M's emotional state.  Yes, she's 12, she should be able to handle this, but let me ease her into it first, w/ all the stuff she's going through right now and how very excited she was to get these daggone fish.   I did do a scan at PetsMart today, yes, there is another one there similar to one of them:)  lol   She did relay to me probably 5 times how dry her legs were, lol, so go put some lotion on them, sheesz, but she's going into the pool.  Girls!   But, that's okay, I love knowing most of what she's up to:)   Her "hemp with 4 green beads" wishing anklet is still on.   
I find it amazing, though, her dad didn't even join them.  It's as if his girlfriend has visitation of M, not him.   I can see him sending Mto his mother's, perhaps, something like that, but this is mostly about Si.    Amazing.  I just told M that at least she got to have some vacation time in a new place that sounds fun.   She borrowed a bicycle and can ride some places, and she has some books there to read.  I know she loves being in a beach town:)   She sounded alright, not great, finishing watching a little kids movie with Si the 4-year old, and Si's friend, the 5-year old.   It's a private beach that they have there, so that sounds lovely and quiet, and a bit devoid of girls M's age!
I told her that she could still go canoeing with Cthis weekend, then, that I didn't understand why he said his comment last Sunday, cuz the times would be the same and all, and she could still have time w/ him this weekend, and she sees me on Sunday night, and then next week, still to Maine with my mother and me.   She had no hesitation when I asked her if she still wanted to go there with us:)  Okay, it'll work.  I'm starting to try to prepare a bit for it even, at least at work.......

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Guess what a Macaca is.............

Okay, the "imbedding a poll" instructions that DPoem very nicely included a link to, were more than I have the patience to deal with right now......... shucks.   So, I will just type this out.  You can leave your answers in the comment sections (not only can you, but PLEASE do so, let me pretend I have some readers! lol).

What is a Macaca / macaca:

1)  A type of cucaracha.

2) A type of dance, similar to the macarena.

3) A type of monkey found mainly in Asia (macaques).

4) A type of macaw found mainly in the rainforest of South America.

5) An appropriate, neutral name one could use for, say, a staff member of an opponent while at a political campaign rally.

6) A another way to describe a mullet hair style.

7) A town in South Africa.

8) A racial slur against African immigrants in some European cultures.

Answers/information tomorrow........


"Secret Destination Week"

Well, guess this is "Secret Destination Week" for M with her dad, C, his long-term girlfriend, Sh, and their 4-year old, Si.   C sent me an e-mail last night that said they'd be at a beach in North Carolina today (tonight, anyway) - Saturday.  Not clear if that means they're returning home Saturday night, or still there Saturday night, that part was just written "M will be in NC Tuesday-Sat.  As usual, we wil lhave her call you twice this week.  C."    And then the address and phone #, not sure if it's a hotel or not, I'd thought of calling it to find out but, eh.   I'm supposed to know what nights she stays out of state overnight, as is he should we go out of state, of course, fair is fair.   Heck, maybe he's not certain, or possibly, they'll stay the extra night there now, b/c she's not due back w/ me until 6:30 Sunday now, instead of 3:00 p.m. Sunday, I don't know.

Maybe tomorrow if I don't hear from her, I'll call, or I'll call, anyway.   There is to be telephone contact a minimum of every 3 days, NOT twice a week, and I am certainly allowed to call her, too, tho most likely I'd miss her (and her cell didn't go).  I wonder if that's what he's trying to do, change it/make it be 2 times/week and not minimum of every 3 days, b/c for 1 week, 2x/week is about the same as minimum every 3 days, but when she was away for 3 weeks, that's 21 days for a minimum of 7 telephone calls (wow, that sounds so little for that length of time), and NOT a minimum of 6 calls (i.e., 2times/week).   Then again, pointing it out at this point is almost mute for this summer, he won't read it until they're home, tho she's w/ him for 5 days over Labor Day weekend, so maybe I should verify politely that he knows it's at least every 3 days.  What a headache, it shouldn't have to get this petty! oy.   But, if she got free access to phones whenever, it'd be no big deal.  

I'm glad she'll have fun:)  At least, I assume she will.   I really do not see why they won't tell her in advance what plans have been made for her, whether it's a camp, or weekend plans, or when the vacation will be and when.  I can see if it's tentative, but gosh.   She was a bit hopeful that this week WOULD be "Secret Destination Week," and if she actually knew, and if I knew, I could have helped encourage her on Sunday, talking about beach time, and C takingoff work and spending it with all of them, things like that, making it sound fun and that she should go with him, help her not feel so much like she just wanted to go/come home... 

She has helped with some of the planning for our trip next week to Maine, with my mother, M, and I.   There's even a restaurant that Md heard of that M wants to try out, lol, it's almost funny b/c Grandma (my mom) and I have both lived in Maine, my mother born and raised there, I lived there some as a child, and many summers there, and we will not have time enough for even all we want to do, but I told my mother it was fine, that I agreed with my mother that we would try to go to that restaurant, too, cuz it IS also M's trip, and it's her way of trying to do something worthwhile while there:)

(Not that my boss really wants to think about how life will be at the office with me away for approximately 8 work days, but we're working out plans for that, and he totally supports the concept of vacation / downtime/family time, just I don't have a true competent assistant/backup right now.   Piecemealing it out, really, and some stuff will wait, some he will do which I hate him having to, but, it'll work out.)

But, I'm still glad for her, cuz I do hope it'll be fun!  No airplane information, so presumably they're driving, then.   He gets free gas, anyway, at least when in Maryland, so what the heck.   Maybe they left in the middle of the night last night even, he likes to e-mail me shortly before they depart, or perhaps that's when he gets to it, lets the girls sleep enroute.   Gosh, I'm glad she's getting in some beach time:)   Not "our" beach (Chincoteague), as much as M wants us to go there again this year like "we always do," but I told her, maybe a weekend in September for that.....   Summer goes just way too fast.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Saturday, however, was great:)

That song came on the radio as we drove up the highway, home from watching a really well-done, uplifting show of The Borrowers, in Bethesda.   The air temperature felt great blowing in the car window.  I was finishing a poorly-made but tasty chai tea latte, M finishing her Izze blackberry soda...... and our dinners I'd gotten us at their cafe.   We were chatting, and just feeling great:)   (I want to thank you, for giving me the best daaaayyyy of my life....... okay, not our BEST day, but a really good one!, and a great song.)

M read the book, The Borrowers, this summer, really liking it.   I loved it as a child, had my imagination running wild!   M enjoyed reading The Doll House and the sequel a year or 2? ago, with somewhat similar notions, but not exactly (they were dolls who came alive, not miniature people).   M very much wanted to see this one, and before I got us tickets (really affordable for such a quality show, even an ASL interpretator and good seats, just $12. each!), if she wanted to invite a friend.  I assumed she would want to.  Nope, this one, she wanted to share with just me:)   She practiced her two hardshoe dances (in sneakers) on the floor there, positive people, nice time.   She spent time at the little store there, too, oh how many fun things I'd have adored as a child:)   Yes, the day for imagination.   M asked me if I'd pay for a bracelet for Si, one where slide-on "charms" are added...... "For Christmas, Mom, not that I'll know where it is come Christmas, but please?  I promised her one like this."   She didn't ask for anything for herself, so I got an idea of the cost and said sure.   Then I also bought her a little "glass" star, intending to give it to her Sunday for being such a star (no matter how she did in the competition/feis), but, I forgot it:)  

Friday night, we went to "the fair."   Our counties fair is the largest agricultural fair on the east coast.   We used to spend 2-3 days there, at least 2 FULL days, annually.   At this point, her focus is less on the piglets and more on rides:) but, eh.   She still loves the horses, though, and we saw a lot of the Pony Club International game show.   Really enjoyable, high school students, mostly girls but not all, doing a lot of relay games and other racing with some activity games, on their ponies.   I've been fighting something, and was too tired to want to then stay and do rides, but I wanted her to do SOME, b/c it may be her only "fair" chance this year.   She did three? I think? with me doing one with her.   It's one we've done the past few years, lay on our stomachs on a metal "hangglider" that then goes up in the air and flies around.   Easy on my back, I can like this one, too, but gosh, I literally felt as if I was going to throw up, one carnival worker even asked if I was okay, I must have looked green.  M was laughing a bit about it, and it was funny:0 but I was not amused at the time.   And tired.  I TRIED to be jollier, but ugh.   I wish I could take back part of that night, just the rides part, not be sick, and just let her ride anything she wanted:)   But, hey, her last ride is one I also usually like a lot, but I skipped it.  She got placed with a 4-year old girl, who then gave M a goldfish:)   I just looked at her like, um, child, we have 5 cats at home, you have yet to clean out the tank from the former hermit crab, you're going away most of the rest of the summer, and you're getting a FISH?   She was very happy, though:)   Real happy, and gave it the name the little girl had named it, Karee (Car like a car) Kar - ee.   Hmmm.   We have an unsued Brita water filter, so that'll do for tonight, I told her.  (I peeked, the water needs changing ALREADY and that was just a couple days ago!).

Saturday, M got to sleep in, I did some, hanging a bit at home but not a lot, then the open house at her dance school.   She hadn't wanted to go, then found out she'd be dancing if she went, so she wanted to, lol.   She also had created a reel and wondered about using it at the feis.   The teacher, Ma, smiled, okay, humour me she said to me but meaning M, and it truly is a lovely reel, and Ma said that, too, and she gave a couple pointers about it, and said it's not appropriate for a feis but she could teach it to others...   how much was spin to encourage, I don't know, but it DID look lovely to ME.   And, as mentioned in another post, C and Sh and Si were there for about 2 hours or so along with us, but whatever.   M refused to call him later that night "I've talked w/ him enough already today" lol, yeah okay, I figure 2 hours counts in place of a telephone call.   2 minutes, no, but over 2 hours, sure.   I told him that I had M call his mother, who gave us his sisters #, for the feis, after he wished her well at it.   I gave Sh socks for Si, after grabbing a very small pair for M for Saturdays dancing, oops!   Got some other costume items for M, and new LARGE socks, life goes on.   Then the play:)

Stopped to get goldfish food, and naturally, found Bucky, a black and orange fancy goldfish for a friend for Karee.   Bucky seems to be modeling eating to Karee, too,hmm.   And a cat tree, who LOVE LOVE LOVE it, on sale, and we'd been looking.   It is not cheap, but an investment well worth it, really, they climb all over the place, now it's on their own spot:)   I did thank her Sunday for helping me with that...... I'd have not wanted to try manuevering it on my own.   I always find at least one of them on it, happy.

And she finished Mrs. O's box (not to M's satisfaction, but oh well),  and more practicing of her steps......

Driving to C's and dropping her off, NOT good, but the rest of the weekend?  Yeah, it was nice:)

She didn't want to go............

She didn't want to go, she told me "I just want to go home."   We were driving back from the Delaware Feis, from Wilmington, Delaware.  

M really wanted to go to this feis (did well, btw! :) was happy about it I think, tho some of her friends did REALLY well, so she knows she has work to do, but enjoyed it).    C wrote me, yeah upset on principle I suppose, didn't write until Saturday night, but included mention that he did know of it before I wrote him (yeah, I was fairly certain he did).   But, by Saturday a.m., I was worried if he didn't respond, does that mean he'll pretend he didn't get it, to raise a stink Sunday, try to claim contempt of court or something?   

I had M call his mother, who lives in Delaware.   She was working Sunday, possibly just as well b/c she can get / act "political" but is sometimes real good, too.  Anyway, C's dad claimed that he didn't know of M's events so hadn't gone previously, so how come M/I were surprised that C never told his mother that M was going to be competing / dancing RIGHT NEAR HER?   Shaking my head!   So M talked w/ that grandmother a bit, and got C's sister's #.   One of C's sisters lives in? Newark apparently, tho I don't have the address.  Heck, I used to ask specifically for her married last name (for their wedding gift I was trying to get, when M was 2 months old, but that's another story/entry).   Asked later, nope, no address, no phone #, no last name, C downright REFUSED.  Okay, whatever.  Like he refuses to give me Sh's dad's address and #, except M's spent overnight there twice out of state (it's in Va.), so HE is in contempt of court twice for not providing that.   Anyway, this paternal grandmother gave M the sister's #, and cell #.   M called them, and M's aunt was like, um, yes, we're 10 minutes away from that high school, asked for a lot of the details and it sounded as if M's cousins would be able to come see M for a bit:)   I was REALLY happy for M on that one:)   She has only spent 1 day w/ them all summer so far.   I was talking with M's uncle (C's sister's husband) about M and her 2 cousins, and how they usually do get together each summer, and he mentioned that they'd really hoped to get them all together this year /summer but it just hasn't worked out.   He said it in such a way, I knew that M wasn't going to see them the rest of the summer, either.   I wonder why, really, why wouldn't C send M up there for a long weekend or whatever, unless she's in some camp this week, or they all go up, or??   Eh, but still.   So I'm extra glad it was close by them, and, as a lovely side effect, oh this is neat really, getting C's sister involved, means he can't truly bitch as much himself.   I did this for M, but it does rather help the general cause (of M attending the feis and being a couple hours late to C, with the required notice of course, but).  It's 10 minutes from their home, and the older girl, 10 years old so younger than M, may even go to that high school.

The whole family came, C's sister, her husband who was real nice, and the two girls, really great that they did, for about 2 hours which is still a long time for waiting at a feis, they peeked on M's first score, a SECOND PLACE! out of about 22-24? girls, so that's really great, and tho we usually hold off on telling scores, they decided to tell M, anyway, "to motive her."  The mom was a bit apologetic about that, she wouldn't have told M b/c that's how M and I deal with it, not saying until they're all in, but hey, I understand.  I'm glad the girls could share in that moment with M.  M's aunt said a couple times to M, that she was glad that M called her about it, and seemed to truly have meant it:)

I had to push M along, race her out of there........   she so wanted to watch V dancing.   M was literally pleading with me to let her watch V, and do some other things.   As did I, frankly, and V likely was dancing her ONE big dance, about the time we were heading to leave.   We did have to wait for M's final score, her prizewinner dance:) that she did decently in, but I knew (and she knew) she wouldn't place, and she didn't, and that's okay.   She DID get two second's in Novice levels, and one fourth place in Novice:)   It was really a nice feis, including the scores being posted rather quickly, and trophies already engraved (sans the child's name and the particular dance), the fourth place a medal already w/ a ribbon.   She wanted to look more intently at some of the vendors.   Had to be the obligatory t-shirt with name starred on it, with the feis symbol. She DID get a $2. anklet, with four green beads, for wishing on:)   She put that on enroute back...... making a wish.  Getting wistful there in the truck......

I thought, wow, 2 hours 10 minutes up (including turning into the cemetary near the school lol), and we were leaving around 3:30, great, back around 5:30.   In all of her excitement in trying on various solodresses, which she and friends did throughout the feis, ha, but I will call one dancer's # about one dress......... M left her purse, and cell phone and wallet and id.   I admit, I did fuss at M for that, I was worried and anxious about finding it and getting back, etc.   Why I let C effect me so, I don't know.   M had no idea where her purse was, and 90% of our time there, I had kept it with me, but nicely, it was findable almost right away:)   Okay, 15 minutes later, back on the road, C called me saying he'd also called M on her cell (when it was lost, and, hmmm, he can call her, but yet takes away her cell?), and M said she needed to call her aunt with the final info on how she did, and wanted to call Grandma (my mom), who'd called M early a.m. and me later on........    traffic.   Damn.   Then I thought, oy, C used to call, running hours late b/c of summer beach traffic back from Delaware..........   now I'm thinking maybe he made up some of it, tho I'm sure it exists at times.   It was bad for 1/2 hour (to go 4.5 miles), then after construction and the toll booth, free, clear!, and then not good at another spot.   But, I was anxious then.......   I shouldn't be.   But, BIG BREATHE, he still does that to me....

M had been supported by her friends, their parents (and we supported THEM! I so like that it's a positive thing with this dance school, mostly), even by a girl who often competed in thee same dances as M.   Except the one M's a prizewinner for, that girl was in novice, but got 1st:)   It all works out.   And the day before, dancing and other things at the schools open house.   (Oh, C and Sh and Si were there, sometimes literally monopolizing M, but I just didn't get worried about it, like inviting C's relatives to M's show, it's just the right thing for M, for her to spend time with everyone when it works out, monopolizing, no, but her going readily between or whatever, sure.   Two hours, though, UGH, lol, and I gave Sh a pair of M's former SMALL yikes we still had a size small? pair of bubble socks, that'll STILL be too big for Si.   Yes, Si is now signed up for stepdance classes this coming year.   She seems to really like it, but I wonder what C really thinks.  He used to complain that I'm forcing M, that it's MY thing, b/c I'm part Irish.   I don't know that Sh has any Irish in her, to pass along to Si, and C is mostly Danish (and boy does his sister look like him, wow, hadn't sene her literally in decades, just, um, decent skin and not all dried out in the sun all day at work every day look, his isn't horrible mind, but there is definitely a difference in her skin and his).    C has spent plenty of time bitching and moaning about M and dance classes, heaven forbid it be on "his" time, etc.   So, this past year is progression towards supporting M! (even if not "there" yet).

Anyway, M went from being positive, feeling good about herself, enjoying her time there, even wrote an acrostic poem about a feis, and other things (had tried to do summer homework but didn't have the instructions, just everything else), positive support to and from family and friends, to racing back, having to depart earlier than she wanted, and then after riding for a bit, getting more sullen.   I did promise her that if she wants to go to the Delaware Feis again, that it's a nice feis, and whomever she goes with, just have it arranged that she can stay as long as she wants, see her friends dance, enjoy looking at the vendors items (different vendors than what we see more locally).

"I just want to go home, Mom."   She didn't want to go to C's.   M said she felt like she'd spent too little time at home this past week, echoing some of the things I'd commented on earlier in here.  We talked for a bit about the things she did, and she was glad to have done them, just wanted more time at home.  Heck, squeezing those things in was a challenge.   She wanted to go HOME.   When we passed by the exit I take to get to our place, she spoke up again.   "I won't be upset if you take that."  "I know, honey."  "It's for a whole week again?"   "Yes, but maybe you'll do something fun.   Do you know yet what you might do?"   Well, no, she didn't.   "It might be "secret destination" week."   "Oh, that could be fun, honey."  Thinking, oh, lovely, vacation to an unnamed place, she's 12, clue her in and let her get excited, or, wow, maybe I'd gasp actually know what M might be doing.   I've gotten no e-mails from C yet, though, so guess no away week, tho perhaps a nice weekend away.   When I called C, at one point I just passed the phone to M, so they could talk, but he instead put on Si, and Si was just chatting away, lol, she'd cleaned out a canoe, etc.   It was as if he didn't really care how M did, oh, he asked, but not details or anything, as if one sentences worth.   He didn't seem to have even asked if his sister came, cuz it seemed like new information when we got to his place later (he did say "Good." when I told him).

M was getting more upset, and more quiet, as we got closer to the "city" where C lives.   He had suggested meeting 6pm my place, and then 6pm next week to be equal (I'd suggested that the times go ahead and be the same, not that I was required to, but figured what the heck).   I didn't know that we'd make that, with the cell phone/purse panic, and the traffic, and just suggested I take M to his place, somewhat enroute not entirely but, eh.  She did fall asleep.

I stopped in his neighborhood, before getting to his place, which woke up M (my point).  We talked a few moments, hugged her a couple times, told her she's a very special girl:)  

We'd even got a call while driving from another parent, asking us to join them for dinner but they'd stayed longer at the feis and so not workable, so, raindate.  That girl did FANTASTIC, "her dad will have to build her a new shelf for her trophies," very unsnobby people, I'd specifically inquired after first asking if the girl felt good about how she did.   M was happy for her, but I'm thinking, yanno, I need to get HER a shelf now, too, since she's moved from ribbons to trophies:)   They were happy for M, too.

So I reminded M how special she was, not even related to the dancing tho I am proud.  M asked if we could stay there a little longer....... she didn't want to go to C's and just wanted a couple more minutes with me first.  I told her that whatever time she got there tonight, is the time I get to see her again next week, and she is eager to return home, so she then was okay with moving along.   And C called again right then, huh, he's the one who said, "Oh, that'll take you a while, then," earlier.   He will call and call if he wants you, but ignore you completely if he doesn't wish for the contact.   I didn't even say hello, but, "We're in your neighborhood, on your street."  

I pulled up, and C was outside, as if perhaps pacing, but I don't know that, just gave that image in his body language and facial expression.   I had asked M if she wanted to show her trophies to Si (or anyone), and M said emphatically, NO.  Um, okay, whatever, honey.   We got out, sans trophies/ribbon:)   Some small talk and then C said they were going to go canoeing that night.   Meg, almost as if just trying to be polite, I'm not sure, nodded a bit and said, "Oh, cool."   "Yeah, but it's a bit late now.  It's too late to go now, you can thank your mother for that.  She'll have to owe you one."  

M didn't say anything, and either did I.   I'm not sure either of us knew quite what to make of it.  I was so tired, plus the driving, and up since 5, I'm thinking, "Huh?"  Oh, I wish I'd said something.   I should have.  Not too mean, but maybe just a positive, "Well, now you have next Sunday." or something.   He knew of this feis, before I wrote him even,  he even wrote to me in his e-mail that he had almost thought of making plans for Sunday afternoon, which means he hadn't made plans.   This was HER choice of an activity, not mine.   They'll have next Sunday, and all week.   He's not "out time."   And, besides, I live half hour from him -- if he'd gotten her at 6:00 p.m. at my place, he so would have been back to his place until 6:30 p.m.   I had her to his place at 6:30 p.m., so what's the difference?   (Oh, he asked "what time is it, anyway" and checked his watch).

I did give her a hug and kiss, perhaps even twice.   He mentioned that dinner is getting ready inside (so, when would have canoeing even have been?).   As they walked towards the house, he did say to M, "So, what, no trophies, no prizemoney?"   I did a bit of a laugh, and said something like, now prizemoney would be nice.  

Gosh, I love her and want her happy.   He puts her down like that, I don't even know if she'd like canoeing but don't make her go chosing.   She CHOSE the feis, she did NOT want to go and be with C and at their home there.   My mom says he's taking it out on her now :(   And, that he will reap what he sows.   Yes, he is and will.   But, I just hate that she has to go through this in the meantime.    Be happy for her, be supportive, then say, "well, if youhad gotten back earlier, we might have gone canoeing, would you want to do that another time?"   I mean, sheesz. 

She didn't even want to go:(   Oh, I sure hope she's happy NOW, and all,  doing something enjoyable this week, but she just wanted to be HOME, her words.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Wondering how this will go over.........

I'm waiting now, pins and needles, to hear if he'll bitch or not....... 
Well, I have to give C 48 hours notice of change in time for switching.   Yikes, I so look forward to tonight through Sunday with M:) but gosh, 48 hours is going to start ticking away starting 3pm this afternoon...... (hate to think we only have that much time left until next time, I mean).   The "switch" is to be 3pm this Sunday.......
I finally got the nerve up and wrote C this a.m. that M's in a feis (Irish step dance competition) in Delaware on Sunday.  It's actually fairly close to his mother's, and might be the same town as his sister, and her daughters, i.e., M's cousins.   I did make sure to point this out, that maybe they would like to come watch her dancing:)  lol, hey, why not what the heck.  If they don't get in the way and screw her up competing (sometimes well-meaning guests will do that unintentionally, getting in the way or having a competitor lose concentration, etc.).   M might really enjoy having her cousins watch her, etc.
So, can't tell if they're to go to the beach (his mom's) next week or not, suggested if they did, that we meet up there, or I meet up with one of his relatives to do the switch of M.   He's happy to do things like this IF IF IF it'd work out for HIM, trasnfer her like a piece of luggage but hey, it'd help keep her from all that driving back this way, then back out to Delaware.   Heck, in reality, this could mean he can go to the beach Sunday a.m. instead of Sunday night, but only if he was going, anyway.   He has yet to take weekday off time with her, and she's spent 4 weeks there this summer, so maybe this coming week is their vacation time.  I'm hoping:)
Or, if not, I'll not have her ready by 3pm for pick up at my house.   The feis site posted the schedule, doing the order of dances differently than other ones we've been to.   M is scheduled for one of her dances in the 2pm hour, yikes, heck, if she left 2:30pm, we wouldn't get her back to our part of Maryland before 5:30, longer in beach traffic.   So, if this is the case, cringing......   he might just bitch and bitch.........
I've not dared do this particular feis with her before, not dared risk her being back "late," but they're trying to show support for M's dancing (somewhat, rolling my eyes, not saying trying to GIVE support, trying to SHOW for others that they support this), etc., so maybe, just maybe, he'll deal alright....  especially as I said if it's say, 4:30 this Sunday, when she's due back with me the following Sunday, just make that Sunday be the same as whatever this coming one ends up being......  so it'd all work out "evenly."   Just seeing if he'll bitch, anyway, just b/c :)
Also wrote him about the optometrist appointment I made for M.   This way, I'm keeping him informed.   M's telling him what glasses she might get oy! I'm almost thinking she WANTS glasses now.   Anyway, this way he's kept in the loop "officially."   Gave him the address and # and what the pediatrician had said and what M thought of that, etc.
I did not tell him when M's 12-year checkup was scheduled for, but then again -- it's because he NEVER asks about them, he knows she turned 12 in July, he should know enough to at least ask (doctor's office or me, whichever) if she was due a checkup or not, and she's had the same pediatrician's office since she was a couple weeks old.   Heck, she had a shot and told him of it, but he's still not asked me a thing.   He has the right to see her records, so he can always ask them, too.   If he cared to.   I guess if there was some larger concern in regards to her and her health, he'd get more interested (or if I was asking him to pay something).
C did meet up with her chiropractor, when I told C that I was going to take her there.  I felt badly that the man had to give his spiel TWICE for one patient, and I couldn't stay affording to stay having M go even tho I sure wanted her to, and she wants to even now.   (My insurance now covers 10 visits/year, so that'd be great! :) ).
We shall see................ We shall see:)
(Excited for this weekend, tonight and on! with M:) some fun things going on, but anxious about the Sunday afternoon/evening bit right now.........  PRAYING.)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

time goes so fast sometimes

I wanted to put in a nice, thoughtful entry "a life well lived."   M and I attended a memorial service today.   It was attended by tons, so nice we could use another church b/c even our good sized one wouldn't have been large enough.   The man leaves a wife and three boys........  the youngest is M's age, so she WANTED to go, wow, okay, nice of her, so good.   I've had a lot of thoughts about this, the service, the boys, the wife, the deceased........ etc.   The middle boy is in senior high now, and I worked more closely with him when he was in middle school (as one of his youth advisors).   I should write them all individual notes with some of my thoughts......   I should actually WRITE and not only call, my "niece" and "nephew" for when their father died.   At least I did call them, and I would have gone in person to their dad's service if it wasn't 600 miles away and I had less than $50. to my name.   A life well lived.   I hope mine gets viewed that way:) but oh well if it doesn't.   I'm doing the best I can most of the time.   The widow is a great woman, and I agree with her way of viewing this, and etc.   We don't now God's plan, and yadda yadda.........   The oldest boy stepping up to the plate already, in college or just out of it.   Very very touching stuff said, remembered.   The pastor, though, oy, he didn't start the sermon part until 1 hour after we'd all started listening to everyone else, which meant noon time (started at 11) and I was so hungry!   Now that's a losing battle.   I tried to stay focused some, but I couldn't.  The rest I could, though.  Mostly.  

M looked SO grown up, too.   She wore a black dress that's one of her dance costumes, and black heels Grandma bought her for a Bat Mitzvah in the spring.   Wow.   Thankfully for dance, I actually had a black skirt, too, and tights.   I had to laugh, cuz I don't even think I have black hose any more.   Nope, only tights.   No one cared, of course, and they did look just SO fabulous w/ my (new! I splurge don MYSELF!) slide-on sneakers later in the day;)   lol   

I didn't go to work in the a.m., but hung at home with M.   Gosh, it's as if we never have time for that......   She's home for1 week.   It'd have been a really nice weather week for her riding camp, but oy I'm still burned about that entire thing......  (finally e-mailed and asked that her report card be sent finally, please, as I'd given payment info on July 11, IN PERSON, so I 100% know it got there, but perhaps was lost as I got a bill days later but it did finally get charged so I sure hope they didn't charge w/out authorization, trying really hard to be nice about it, really).......    Anyway:)   Life's too short, so.  

M went to Kings Dominion on Monday w/ church -- her ONLY chance at a youth group trip this summer, and pricey even w/ the good discount they got (who can afford that place or similar YEOW!), but gosh, this could be her only chance in childhood and I wanted her to bond some:)   She liked it inspite of herself lol:)   Didn't go on many rides, did a few and ran out of time for a last one, but mostly spent time in the water park.   She didn't understand why anyone would go there and NOT spend time in the water park area, lol.   I'm glad she had a good time:)   Of course, coming in at almost midnight, yawn, she and I missed out on an evening together :(

Tuesday she slept in, of course, I to work b/c why not, she's sleeping (until 11!) long lunch time together (I had none on Monday so hey), went over what she wanted to do this week and WHEN, using a calendar to help.   She wanted youth group Tuesday night, okay, great:)  But, Md called; they had hardly seen each other this summer.   Md invited M to a movie and a sleepover.   Can I Mom, please, can I????   SO excited.   It'd be her only chance for that all summer.  Oy.   She needs her friends, too, so yes, sure honey.   Spent the late afternoon w/ M doing errands and talking stuff, then to Md's house.   Gosh, home alone again!   

Last night it worked, though:)  Nice, relaxing.   She wanted the feis class, but was a bit beat and happy to hang at home.   I did get her out to her afternoon hair appointment (trim, per her desires), then we hung out.   I made her call her dad (refused for a couple hours but finally did "there, I got it over with" lol, after leaving a message, but he called while we were watching the loud! dance recital DVD's that just arrived and didn't hear it ringing, so M called him back, gee, they don't turn the phone off if they think M will call.   Talked about a few things -- the "bedtime" talks are great and fine, sure, most parents know that:) but psst -- an evening walk together with the dog is good, too! 

After some time at home after the service today, I took M to my mothers/stepfathers.   We were singing in the truck:)  lol   M chose when/how long to visit with them along when looking at the weeks schedule, hanging there tomorrow, too.   She also needs her Grandma / Bampbob time.   M was away for 3 weeks, gone again next week, and sure I hope and want her to enjoy that time, but it means M has "catchup" time to do, too.   Knitting today, checking e-mails, writing some this time, had 66 to read the other day!, us laughing about some silly stuff, and Grandma time.   So, gosh.   I want time with her, too!!!!  Heck, I had flirted with the idea of going to the beach this afternoon through Saturday, but, 1) I'd have to charge it, 2) have to prepare the pets, and 3) gosh, then when do the other stuff?    Ugh.   She's been talking w/ Mrs. O, too, about finishing up that project (memory box M is making for her).   :)

So, we'll have tomorrow late afternoon through Sunday mid-late afternoon or so depending upon the timing for the feis.....   Oh, she has things she wants to do, lol, but at least one will be with just the two of us:)  

She's growing up.   Wow!   How many moments we have, I don't know.   I know that I treasure them:)   I don't take for granted a single moment of our lives.   

Even if I am tired, and yet hope to watch 2!! hours of Grey's Anatomy tonight, yawn, until 10pm if I can make it. :)   Not sure yet if it's a show for M to watch or not......... eh.   If it was the preemie one, or whatever.   Look for that pack of photos that seems to have gone hiding, I know where the others from this past year are but not thee last one, for Mrs. O, confirming w/ M the costume she needs Saturday, and arranging to pay for it, and etc. etc.    It's a lot to cram into 1 week, so yeah maybe it's good she didn't have camp, spend time with those she really wishes to, including the dog and cats:)   Even FINALLY after looking w/ her for months, found her new "sneakers," too:)   (Really cool, if her feet grow, I'll keep them for me, nice lime green accents!)  She's a good kid:)

Friday, August 4, 2006

counting down now! 4 3 two one
I'm getting excited, oh it's Friday ;night and the weather is actually GREAT, I'm starting to get upset that M is NOT going to be in riding camp this coming week
but, I'm also going, yeah, 2 more days, less than that, at 3pm she's due home! :) Oh, he'll refuse to bring her, but she'll ultimately GET home, the whole world will feel different again, suddenly 24/7 with a preteen around, and yet, normal :) B/c she is normally here, and it feels right. Daisy will be THRILLED, too.:)
I had more I was going to finish up, but I knew I wouldn't get to it all. Mostly, I concentrated on work stuff, and on my father and his home, etc. It needed it. We, dad and I, spent hours on it last weekend, too, I was so pooped, ready to quit, and he got more steam so I thought okay, we'll stay with it. :) Got ALL the trash at this point, oh, one pile of papers but it's a pile, and a LOT more of the kitchen clean, too, even some quick stuff in the bathroom, and etc etc etc. It's a relief.
Guess it got overwhelming to him, tho I can't imagine living like that. My place can be cluttered, but even my brother ws very quick to point out, it's NOT trash or trashed. (Even the litter boxes get cleaned a few times a day each.) Dad was pleased:) Oh, I did most of it, tho I tried to make him help, and he did as he could. heck, I'm pleased. Another go through I guess Sunday quickly, before seeing M, and Ithink we're ready to get him help in.
but, that means not so much on my own place:) I did get some back to school things for M, clothing-wise really as no supply list yet. It's early still but I was in the mood. Got dad some new dishes and towels, too, etc. And, BJ his birthday gift:)
I've thought so much of BJ this week, too, he had his birthday, and I wrote him a somewhat loose poem of the thoughts I've had.... sent a card and the gift. We tend to do smaller gifts, which is just fine:) It's the thought.
His e-mail was SO special:) and I've smiled a lot to think of it and of him. But, it's hard to write much publically. he's known on aol by some, heck, he's on aol, tho not as if I care if he sees this. But, to say a ton of personal stuff about someone else is tricky. At one point, I mentioned to girlfriends that I might have told them 100 times already that today (that day) is (was) his birthday, and one replied that "that's okay, it's cute." lol
Anyway, BJ, if you do see this, there are certainly plenty of thoughts of you filling up my mind and touching my spirit, found some of our e-mails from 2 years ago wow.
Even if I wish some things were easier for him right now.... well, and for me:) Differentthings, but stuff I'm going through.
But, gosh, M is coming home, M is coming home:) Less than 48 hoiurs now. Oh, I called her, she won't get it. Let me try again........ she was at her dad's girlfriend's dad's last night, to which I've yet to be given the phone # for. It's even required in the CO, but I just nicely pointed out that I'd asked before for it and would still like it. I know he's given it to the school before, but yet they won't give it to me? heck, what if M wants to call this man sometime?
he's the maternal grandfather to Si, M's half sister, but he aims to treat M decently, and I do appreciate that. She tried to e-mail him once but had it wrong. I mentioned that to C but he didn't then offer the correct one. Oy. No wonder I never got his own father's address / # (after moving, for I had it when we had dated some decades ago, had Christmas there once, all of that), nope, not until I saw him and asked himmyself, just looking at me dumbfounded but his now wife was nice and wrote it down
Oh, get this, C's dad also had his phone company calling me this week. Guess he got the bill for his cell phone and didn't recognize my # on it. I had to laugh in a way when I heard who had called it and was questioning. I told his phone company that yes, I did know him, and he knows me, too, gave my name, and said that he just likely didn't recognize the # (my cell #, tho he called my house #, too, I saw when I got home). Maybe he'll remember now.
Very busy week at work. I like it busy, but phew, yes, very busy. I'm actually going to go in there some tomorrow to get some groundwork organization going. I can run well with new things coming at me, but then I get lost in the paperwork that builds up, sometimes, and even if it's just 1 hour, I need to do this. My new boss "totally understands." Gosh, I so know how to work with him. I realize more and more now, how the things that would kind of get on my old boss, were the things both my new b
bth my new boss and I, tend to do, just organizationally and stuff. Oh, my old boss was / is a GREAT man, truly. Older, from that older generation, dad died when he a kid and he the oldest of 6, etc. Good man, good boss, old school though. Tried to be sympathetic to the single mom thing. New boss, young, smart as a whip, really nice, family man, ADHD. He's great:) Some of his style sometimes reminds me of BJ, sometimes not. They are not the same, but some of that business-style can be simila
similar at times. Different circumstances, I could like-like my new boss, my boss I should say. He's been there 4 months now. I feel a bit protective of him, after all, my job is to take care of him:) essentially, I'm his assistant. And he's a fresh face, from the sister agency so knows a lot, but still new, so not caught up in the p9olitics. Old boss didn't mean to be, but sometimes he was. They both try to believe the good in people, and ar
and are respectful. But, at a meeting this week, "all hands" they're called, blech, like the rest of our bodies aren't supposed to show up? Just our hands, and perhaps our eyes? ASL to everyone? lol okay, so there was an interpretor there for one guy. Still. BIG personnel changes for performance and pay. Our personnel people trained us (I went in late, when my boss did, cuz I knew 3 hours would TOTALLY bore me, had to plan what I'd do while sitting there, and ype, created3 differentiated to-do li
to do lists, no four:) AND appropriate notes. But, when it had to do with how the system applied to OUR office and etc., he took command. He's part of them yet the leader. They weren't skeptical of him or anything, he is fully arrived. I was proud his first "all hands," he did well, even his boss, who was here, thought so:) But, that was within 2 weeks of his arrival, very fresh, new, the first "meeting." Now? Just him. Told him later, he's here now. This is your office. And, it is.
Okay, did Ir amble or what? lol, but that and the animals, and visiting my dad, has been my week, really. I actually got BJ's present wrapped and MAILED. I was surprised at the cost of getting it mailed. I really shouldn't wait until last minute. But, it helped make his day:) Entirely worth it. I just wanted him happy, and to smile:) May his week be good w/ his kids, too! Gosh, can't WAIT for M to come home! :) My kid home, and now no camp..... tho hehe, hope she's not upset b/c I signed
because I signed her up, AND did ask Md about going, to the youth group day trip on Monday..... I do think she'll like it, though, so hey. Ah, yes, no call back from M tonight. Gee, wonder if the phone was turned off again, if she'll get the message. I tried her cell, too. she could be out, of course, but even when in.... soon, though:) soon
okay, I'm tired, winding down now, Daisy resting already

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

gee, can ya make it difficult?

M had to go with her half-sister and Cs' girlfriend, Sh, to the half-sisters gymnastics classes, in the town south of me.   C and girlfriend and their girl live 30 minutes north of me.  M needs her dance schools costume/dress for photos tomorrow, and didn't know until today.   Not that she could call and tell me in time to do so at my lunchtime, tho C tried calling me while I was at lunch and on the line with Dad's cell phone provider.   I spent 26 minutes activating his phone, but hey, it worked:)  I KNEW I'd have to do it, and I got him on a better plan for the same cost, got him with insurance that covers thing even like water damage YEAH, it'll be worth it, and yes, my brother still gets his 25% discount off of each total bill the next 4 bills, so he should be happy, plus we didn't mess with his phone at all.  
I didn't recognize C's work #, but I called as soon as I got the voicemail (after off with Dad's).    C tried to get me to get the dress/tiara/etc. to someone NLT 5pm, who also lives in the town south of me, but I didn't know that until almost 3 p.m.   Not to M at the gymnastics place later, no way, but apparently to the other parent.   Yet C said he didn't want to "involve other people" and allow me to send it with my boss north, or me to take it there to C's tonight, either, but he picked it up from me 6:40ish.   M calls me 7:20ish, driving "home" to C's place from leaving the gymnastics place.   There is no way that it couldn't have been worked out for me to have met them someplace enroute, it's just silly.
Now, ya think he tried to keep M from seeing me at all costs, or what?  Sheesz.
Oh, and of course, M is SUPPOSED to be attending a combination of dance camp AND riding camp, riding camp as first priority, but whatever!  
Oh, the funny part is that I'd ask C if I should send the bubble socks.   He didn't know, figured maybe just send them in case. Okay, fine, what about the bloomers.  He didn't know, he was told only the dress and tiara.   I asked about the wig, if M had it, and he didn't know.   I said, well, I believe she picked it up during the first week she was visiting with him, when she would wait at Si's stepdance camp, so if she has it, she will want to bring it, and if she doesn't, then she doesn't have it.   Nicely, we did get an e-mail later to everyone, outliningg it all:)  I also went and called another parent, who filled me in, too.   It's likely to just be head shot photos.   But, still, M has a couple pairs of those socks, and I found a pair.   I left work and returned, walking Daisy, feeding everyone, and gathering her things, just washed the bloomers, check.... etc., saw the e-mail later.
M actually called me later, like I mentioned, and THIS time, it was 3 days from last call.   The past two times, it was 4 days between, but M knows it's to be 3 days, so perhaps they figured it out again, or allowing it again, whatever.   I'd already sent the tiara I thought was right, laughed w/ M that it was the wrong one, told her I'd tried calling her earlier to ask which, but oh well.   I was thinking I could run the correct tiara to the other dance parent, but, suggested to M that she simply borrow someone else's, anyway, when it was her turn for the individual photos.   The photographer is a parent, also, does a nice job, and is a nice man.  I'm sure I can get copies if I want them later.
M and I talked of a few things, actually, and I'll try to track down a costume skirt for her, that was used by many in her performance group last year, and will be needed this year, and books (she DID get my package:) ), and IM's that her friends had sent, and an important thing, her riding camp for next week's been canceled.......   long story that's almost ironic and amusing, but oh well, lol.   Another entry.   She's okay with it, disappointed, but understands the heat and the horses...... asking about the pregnant instructor due August 8 but could have started labor.......  
But I just have to shake my head at C.   M could have stopped by my home or work enroute to Si's gymnastics camp, or after it, or I could have met them there.   And C said one reason to not have my boss drive it up, is b/c 7:45 is TOO late to meet, it'd keep him away from time with M, but, um, she didn't get back to his home until around then, anyway.   Oh, and M mentioned that she knew my work was busy, b/c I had a meeting this afternoon, lol, apparently Sh and C had discussed this for timing of things.   M hesitated a bit but didn't get into it, and I didn't press.   Not sure if they were fussing about me or not.  I hope not, not with the girls right there in earshot.   I hope it was just logistical.   Still, silly not to include their driving in the logistics planning.   I should have remembered to ask him, I knew Si has gymnastics Mondays and Wednesdays, lol, wonder if they'd have not gone if I brought it up, but I did forget at the time.   Sigh, whatever.   M knows I tried:)   And, it is good that he and I worked it out, even if he was so funny about it.   Have to laugh at him sometimes, really.