Thursday, August 17, 2006

School Supply Lists

Well, just got "the list" a couple days ago (she starts after Labor Day so this isn't late).
Most items listed are normal things, and some are the annual things that the Spanish teacher likes (specifically-colored gel pens, and index cards), okay, fine.   Some things are to share, and some for M personally, fine.   Graphing calculator highly recommended.  Oy.  I've spent the past 2 days checking those out.   Guess what -- Staples and Office Depot are both running the combination of coupons and rebates and are within a mile from my office -- but ONLINE coupons are even better.   I'm literally down the street from Office Depot, even if I rather like Staples more but not sure why guess b/c I"m used to them, and they're next to Target:) so they're easier usually.    Got great help at Office Depot today, emptier and the guy really explained the differences and did NOT push the most expensive or anything, I felt as if I was making informed decisions.   But, the online bit got me $20. coupon PLUS the $25. rebate PLUS free shipping, to arrive here tomorrow (so $45. off plus free shipping).   WOW.   (I almost felt badly not buying it in the store while there, but it'd have cost me $20. MORE.)  Staples had the next best offer (in store) for a $15. and a $15. for $30. off, though their price was $10. higher to begin with, comparable to the OD instore prices but.   I went ahead and ordered a few other of the items she needed, too, plus some sticky notes she likes and a sharpie.   LOL, she loves office supplies.
Anyway, I'm just excited b/c I got it for almost half off!  If I'd waited until the second week of September, which is thee earliest M will need it, I'd have likely paid close to full price.  And, it's not REQUIRED, but I know these parents.   It's a combined class for 7th-8th graders, about 20 students total with two full-time dedicated teachers, these families are DEDICATED to the education of their children (and some have a lot of money albeit that doesn't mean they just spend it to spend it).   Most of the students families will have found a way to invest in one of these calculators for their child, if not having obtained it last year.   It IS "highly recommended."  Oh, I could wait until Christmas, but.   She'll be happier, and it may not be such a good deal if I waited; it came to $64.95 I think? for a TI-84 Plus.
This one will get her through high school, assuming it's not lost or damaged:) and heck, her dad once paid for a 10 cent ruler, yep, not even the 15 cent one (likely in part because the 10 cent ruler that year was the type requested I'm sure).   Gee, thanks, C.   BIG help there.   Oh, and she came home that year knowing where she wanted to go for other supplies, having seen them when out with him.   Sometimes my mom helps buy them, and always helps in some fashion, last year a great new backpack from L.L.Bean plus other things, this year clothes so far.
M has new sneakers at his house this year, but she had to take them off before coming home w/ me, while I waited.  Rolling my eyes.  Whatever.   She and I finally found her some really cool ones, and then the ones she most wanted, she ran across while w/ my mother and my mother bought them for M (so I can take back the ones M/I got for M, or, well, keep them for me as I don't have any closed heel ones).   I can't count on C letting M keep things or have them "loaned," to her when at our home, such as snow boots or a jacket, so I always have to be sure she has all those things at my place for her.   (Can't even count on her snowboots from my home coming back in a timely manner from his place.)   Not sure, then, why they'll also duplicate the big items.  What a waste of resources and money, obviously we're in the USA and not a 3rd world country doing that type of stuff.   Sometimes, she'll have been wearing a coat from his place, and right before she gets out of his truck to come outside and into my house, she has to take the coat off.  Yeah, whatever.   It's just stupid, really.  Oh, but if I've bought her something, for the most part, she is NOT allowed to wear it while there.  
Though, if she needs an outdoor sleeping bag, he has allowed her to borrow that.   I hope that works again for an upcoming camping trip that first week in September.......
Yep, this notice also says that her Intermediate class (the combined age, 7th and 8th graders), will actually start school 1 day earlier.  Ugh.   She'll be with C the night before, I verified if the date change alters visitation at all, but I think not, I think the "until Tuesday 9:00 a.m." part is until the start of the school year, and now school starts that Tuesday a.m. (8:45 a.m. or earlier, however), so, I guess (sigh! we ALWAYS get first day of school pics in front of our door!!!! sniff sniff), that he'll take her in that first day.  Or, well, he may send his girlfriend, or it'll depend when his 4-year old starts school.   Hmmm, I could look that up.   Anyway, I think the date change is in part as the whole school opens that day for Open House, pool time, and picnic, for all the others, AND, that the Intermediates will be on their camping trip the following 3 days.....  they need 1 day to just meet up together, first!   Just, gosh, gone under the supervision of C this week (technically, not realistically as M is with C's girlfriend and not with C), and then home 2 nights then to Maine! :) home approximately 2 nights, my mother and I are discussing that, then w/ C for a LONG Labor Day weekend, then to school that a.m., and home just 1 ONE just 1 night, then gone for 2 more....... oy.   Poor kid, I am nixing any thought of going to Chincoteague Island that second weekend in September.   She needs to just be HOME.
Ah, well, so I'll get a "2nd day of school" photo.   It'll just have to do.   She'll have a conference with the two teachers, C, and I (oy how fun NOT), the day after we return from Maine, she'll have had her eye examination (albeit she hoped for glasses before school starts and that isn't likely now that she'll have school that 1 day, tho maybe we'll pick some that night IF IF she needs them hoping not), her hair has been cut, we need some binders for her and to locate her ruler (tons of them not counting the one from C which broke), and the Spanish / English dictionary, her backpack is good.   Maybe a new lunchbox but, eh, not really needed.   She has some new clothes, and some new shoes.   My mom got her non-sneaker / dressier shoes, too:)   Plus her lined clogs I hope still fit, cuz they fit me.  
Wow, it's almost time!  :)   I miss her :( but at least she'll be just about ready for school.
Not sure when her riding lesson will be, but that'll get worked out, and I have to cancel bus service (too pricey for me this year and her on trips sometimes or coming from C's), find the rest of the "activity fee" monies or make arrangements, and she's signed up for her step dance classes.   Just work out Girl Scouts (oy).   We'll be ready!  :)

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