Friday, August 11, 2006

Wondering how this will go over.........

I'm waiting now, pins and needles, to hear if he'll bitch or not....... 
Well, I have to give C 48 hours notice of change in time for switching.   Yikes, I so look forward to tonight through Sunday with M:) but gosh, 48 hours is going to start ticking away starting 3pm this afternoon...... (hate to think we only have that much time left until next time, I mean).   The "switch" is to be 3pm this Sunday.......
I finally got the nerve up and wrote C this a.m. that M's in a feis (Irish step dance competition) in Delaware on Sunday.  It's actually fairly close to his mother's, and might be the same town as his sister, and her daughters, i.e., M's cousins.   I did make sure to point this out, that maybe they would like to come watch her dancing:)  lol, hey, why not what the heck.  If they don't get in the way and screw her up competing (sometimes well-meaning guests will do that unintentionally, getting in the way or having a competitor lose concentration, etc.).   M might really enjoy having her cousins watch her, etc.
So, can't tell if they're to go to the beach (his mom's) next week or not, suggested if they did, that we meet up there, or I meet up with one of his relatives to do the switch of M.   He's happy to do things like this IF IF IF it'd work out for HIM, trasnfer her like a piece of luggage but hey, it'd help keep her from all that driving back this way, then back out to Delaware.   Heck, in reality, this could mean he can go to the beach Sunday a.m. instead of Sunday night, but only if he was going, anyway.   He has yet to take weekday off time with her, and she's spent 4 weeks there this summer, so maybe this coming week is their vacation time.  I'm hoping:)
Or, if not, I'll not have her ready by 3pm for pick up at my house.   The feis site posted the schedule, doing the order of dances differently than other ones we've been to.   M is scheduled for one of her dances in the 2pm hour, yikes, heck, if she left 2:30pm, we wouldn't get her back to our part of Maryland before 5:30, longer in beach traffic.   So, if this is the case, cringing......   he might just bitch and bitch.........
I've not dared do this particular feis with her before, not dared risk her being back "late," but they're trying to show support for M's dancing (somewhat, rolling my eyes, not saying trying to GIVE support, trying to SHOW for others that they support this), etc., so maybe, just maybe, he'll deal alright....  especially as I said if it's say, 4:30 this Sunday, when she's due back with me the following Sunday, just make that Sunday be the same as whatever this coming one ends up being......  so it'd all work out "evenly."   Just seeing if he'll bitch, anyway, just b/c :)
Also wrote him about the optometrist appointment I made for M.   This way, I'm keeping him informed.   M's telling him what glasses she might get oy! I'm almost thinking she WANTS glasses now.   Anyway, this way he's kept in the loop "officially."   Gave him the address and # and what the pediatrician had said and what M thought of that, etc.
I did not tell him when M's 12-year checkup was scheduled for, but then again -- it's because he NEVER asks about them, he knows she turned 12 in July, he should know enough to at least ask (doctor's office or me, whichever) if she was due a checkup or not, and she's had the same pediatrician's office since she was a couple weeks old.   Heck, she had a shot and told him of it, but he's still not asked me a thing.   He has the right to see her records, so he can always ask them, too.   If he cared to.   I guess if there was some larger concern in regards to her and her health, he'd get more interested (or if I was asking him to pay something).
C did meet up with her chiropractor, when I told C that I was going to take her there.  I felt badly that the man had to give his spiel TWICE for one patient, and I couldn't stay affording to stay having M go even tho I sure wanted her to, and she wants to even now.   (My insurance now covers 10 visits/year, so that'd be great! :) ).
We shall see................ We shall see:)
(Excited for this weekend, tonight and on! with M:) some fun things going on, but anxious about the Sunday afternoon/evening bit right now.........  PRAYING.)

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