Thursday, August 10, 2006

time goes so fast sometimes

I wanted to put in a nice, thoughtful entry "a life well lived."   M and I attended a memorial service today.   It was attended by tons, so nice we could use another church b/c even our good sized one wouldn't have been large enough.   The man leaves a wife and three boys........  the youngest is M's age, so she WANTED to go, wow, okay, nice of her, so good.   I've had a lot of thoughts about this, the service, the boys, the wife, the deceased........ etc.   The middle boy is in senior high now, and I worked more closely with him when he was in middle school (as one of his youth advisors).   I should write them all individual notes with some of my thoughts......   I should actually WRITE and not only call, my "niece" and "nephew" for when their father died.   At least I did call them, and I would have gone in person to their dad's service if it wasn't 600 miles away and I had less than $50. to my name.   A life well lived.   I hope mine gets viewed that way:) but oh well if it doesn't.   I'm doing the best I can most of the time.   The widow is a great woman, and I agree with her way of viewing this, and etc.   We don't now God's plan, and yadda yadda.........   The oldest boy stepping up to the plate already, in college or just out of it.   Very very touching stuff said, remembered.   The pastor, though, oy, he didn't start the sermon part until 1 hour after we'd all started listening to everyone else, which meant noon time (started at 11) and I was so hungry!   Now that's a losing battle.   I tried to stay focused some, but I couldn't.  The rest I could, though.  Mostly.  

M looked SO grown up, too.   She wore a black dress that's one of her dance costumes, and black heels Grandma bought her for a Bat Mitzvah in the spring.   Wow.   Thankfully for dance, I actually had a black skirt, too, and tights.   I had to laugh, cuz I don't even think I have black hose any more.   Nope, only tights.   No one cared, of course, and they did look just SO fabulous w/ my (new! I splurge don MYSELF!) slide-on sneakers later in the day;)   lol   

I didn't go to work in the a.m., but hung at home with M.   Gosh, it's as if we never have time for that......   She's home for1 week.   It'd have been a really nice weather week for her riding camp, but oy I'm still burned about that entire thing......  (finally e-mailed and asked that her report card be sent finally, please, as I'd given payment info on July 11, IN PERSON, so I 100% know it got there, but perhaps was lost as I got a bill days later but it did finally get charged so I sure hope they didn't charge w/out authorization, trying really hard to be nice about it, really).......    Anyway:)   Life's too short, so.  

M went to Kings Dominion on Monday w/ church -- her ONLY chance at a youth group trip this summer, and pricey even w/ the good discount they got (who can afford that place or similar YEOW!), but gosh, this could be her only chance in childhood and I wanted her to bond some:)   She liked it inspite of herself lol:)   Didn't go on many rides, did a few and ran out of time for a last one, but mostly spent time in the water park.   She didn't understand why anyone would go there and NOT spend time in the water park area, lol.   I'm glad she had a good time:)   Of course, coming in at almost midnight, yawn, she and I missed out on an evening together :(

Tuesday she slept in, of course, I to work b/c why not, she's sleeping (until 11!) long lunch time together (I had none on Monday so hey), went over what she wanted to do this week and WHEN, using a calendar to help.   She wanted youth group Tuesday night, okay, great:)  But, Md called; they had hardly seen each other this summer.   Md invited M to a movie and a sleepover.   Can I Mom, please, can I????   SO excited.   It'd be her only chance for that all summer.  Oy.   She needs her friends, too, so yes, sure honey.   Spent the late afternoon w/ M doing errands and talking stuff, then to Md's house.   Gosh, home alone again!   

Last night it worked, though:)  Nice, relaxing.   She wanted the feis class, but was a bit beat and happy to hang at home.   I did get her out to her afternoon hair appointment (trim, per her desires), then we hung out.   I made her call her dad (refused for a couple hours but finally did "there, I got it over with" lol, after leaving a message, but he called while we were watching the loud! dance recital DVD's that just arrived and didn't hear it ringing, so M called him back, gee, they don't turn the phone off if they think M will call.   Talked about a few things -- the "bedtime" talks are great and fine, sure, most parents know that:) but psst -- an evening walk together with the dog is good, too! 

After some time at home after the service today, I took M to my mothers/stepfathers.   We were singing in the truck:)  lol   M chose when/how long to visit with them along when looking at the weeks schedule, hanging there tomorrow, too.   She also needs her Grandma / Bampbob time.   M was away for 3 weeks, gone again next week, and sure I hope and want her to enjoy that time, but it means M has "catchup" time to do, too.   Knitting today, checking e-mails, writing some this time, had 66 to read the other day!, us laughing about some silly stuff, and Grandma time.   So, gosh.   I want time with her, too!!!!  Heck, I had flirted with the idea of going to the beach this afternoon through Saturday, but, 1) I'd have to charge it, 2) have to prepare the pets, and 3) gosh, then when do the other stuff?    Ugh.   She's been talking w/ Mrs. O, too, about finishing up that project (memory box M is making for her).   :)

So, we'll have tomorrow late afternoon through Sunday mid-late afternoon or so depending upon the timing for the feis.....   Oh, she has things she wants to do, lol, but at least one will be with just the two of us:)  

She's growing up.   Wow!   How many moments we have, I don't know.   I know that I treasure them:)   I don't take for granted a single moment of our lives.   

Even if I am tired, and yet hope to watch 2!! hours of Grey's Anatomy tonight, yawn, until 10pm if I can make it. :)   Not sure yet if it's a show for M to watch or not......... eh.   If it was the preemie one, or whatever.   Look for that pack of photos that seems to have gone hiding, I know where the others from this past year are but not thee last one, for Mrs. O, confirming w/ M the costume she needs Saturday, and arranging to pay for it, and etc. etc.    It's a lot to cram into 1 week, so yeah maybe it's good she didn't have camp, spend time with those she really wishes to, including the dog and cats:)   Even FINALLY after looking w/ her for months, found her new "sneakers," too:)   (Really cool, if her feet grow, I'll keep them for me, nice lime green accents!)  She's a good kid:)


  1. You always seem to treasure the time you have with her.  :-)

    Sorry to hear about the passing.  :-(


  2. Aww, thanks, Amy:)   I do try to, and yeah, thanks.