Wednesday, April 1, 2009

THIS explains Twitter.

I knew I needed to learn more when E asked me what Twitter is. I've had some of you "gentle readers" tell me that they, too, Twitter, and invite me to follow them.

So, intrigued, I had figured out part of it. I knew that people can write short status reports and send them off to fans who sign up to receive them. I wasn't sure where I, as a potential fan, would go to in order to receive them (do them come to my e-mail, my Facebook, my blog, the poster's blog?). I think some people "Twitter" from their cell phones, but hey, I've yet to download music onto my combination cell phone/MP3 player, never mind access the internet and e-mail like my daughter can, and does. I like the short status comments on Facebook, hmmm, this has appeal. Maybe.

Then, yeah, this woman wrote fairly clear and detailed information on what Twitter is, and how to sign up. Wow. Even if, yes, its intention is for people who wish to follow Worlds. The World-level competition for Irish stepdancing will be held this April 5-12, 2009, in Philadelphia. Hey, you can now sign up for Twitter alerts:)

I just, maybe, gosh do I need something else, might, too.

So, stop on by, congratulate her on her pregnancy, and check it out.