Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rainy morning

well, that was the music but okay, lol, I'm still learning this
Talked w/ BJ on the phone for almost 1/2 hour last night. I was glad:) but apparently I WAS sick. He knew it, asked me twice if I was. Huh? Oh, maybe just allergies. I was feeling blah. SIGH. Wish I was more "up" when we do get to talk, but hey, ups and downs are part of life. He is mature enough to know that. Good news about his boy, encouraging (getting back into life again, thak the Lord, and getting B's in classes he was failing! that takes effort.
his oldest girl is presumably happy working stage crew in another play, and the youngest two girls had sleepovers last night, lol, the busylife of a man with four kids! Things are going well, coparenting-wise w/ him and his STBX, which is fantastic. He is hopeful to finalize things w/out a lawyer (w/out getting into details here, that's doable possibly, w/ fair consideration for all).
And other talk, of course:) But, hated feeling blah, and tired, and, right, a bit sick, too. I'm hoping my allergy symptons will dissipate as it's been raining. A light misty rain at times, chilly, not so pleasant. I wondered if it's snowing in Vermont. I think of M, how she's likely sleeping now, I hope. She'll have a big day. I'd like to chat w/ her, but I'm not sure what time would be best. C's step-grandfather's memorial service and I didn't have time yesterday to do a search to find out
the details, when and where deal. I assume a lot of his family will be there. She'll be tired come Monday -- her plane doesn't arrive until almost 9pm Sunday night, into the airport never mind getting back to his place. The "snow" here is tons of pretty pink cherry blossom petals. :) They are so beautiful....... the birds, the owl, but not the woodpecker. He usually works most every morning but not today in the rain. I "found" him the other day, beautiful bird, bright red crown.
I'm still tired, and I have a lot to do, and I'm still not feeling so great, but I feel better formy walk/ our walk as of course, Daisy girl comes, it's HER walk. Indie joined us yesterday and wanted to come again today, ah, no. Daisy has been announcing everyone who walks by, though, startling me from the otherwise quiet. The quiet of a light rain, and occasional twitting birds:) Have a great, peaceful, wonderful day. Oh, yeah, mine includes the Post Office ugh, last day to pick up a


Okay, adding this on Monday -- I had written that via the aol journal IM thingy, but why'd it cut me off?   I know I completed my thought.   Whatever!

Friday, April 21, 2006

from tired to hyped!

This is from last night, while I tried to IM w/ BJ, and w/ a girlfriend of mine, but I cut myself off b/c M got out of the bath and it was time to spend w/ her and get her to bed.  This is the color of her towel, bright pink!

I'm tired, would be listening to Train but that'sin the kitchen and if I go in there, Imay as well just lie down (lay?).   :)   Train is the music of the moment again, as M's teacher, Mrs. O., returned M's cd yesterday.    M and I both really enjoy Train.   Mrs. O was going to listen to "Get to Me" as a possible song for M's class to learn in ASL.

Over the past week, M and I listened a lot to Teada cd's.   Teada is a great traditional Irish band from, guess where, Ireland!.   They're also all in their 20's and nice looking boys, so I laugh and call them a boy band:)   Very good show Monday night.   Friends saved us front row seats, and M really enjoyed that.   We first saw them at the Potomac Celtic Festival 3? years ago.   We hear a fair amount

And THIS is from just now, via IM with AOL Journals, but no, it didn't work (this is the color of M's bathroom!):

CeiliSunDancer [12:58 P.M.]:  Flying!   I should be at lunch, should have been for almost an hour now.   I got some peanuts and a diet Coke from the vending machine, and now I'm FLYING.   I don't like colas, but I need the no-sugar sodas and some food to tide me over, for my hypoglycemia.   The caffeine has kicked in.   Somehow, I've learned that it makes my mind focus, too.   It's also quiet enough in here that I'm not distracted too much, so I'm flying through my to-do list, thoughts here and there and new notes and zoom. 
AOLJournals [12:58 P.M.]:  I'm sorry.  AOL Journals isn't here right now.  Try again later.
CeiliSunDancer [12:59 P.M.]:  What?   AOL Journals isn't here right now?   Shouldn't that be 24/7, on demand, it showed up in my buddy list?!
AOLJournals [12:59 P.M.]:  I'm sorry.  AOL Journals isn't here right now.  Try again later.

I actually wrote that part originally as one really long sentence, too, lol.   My mind can race like that.   No wonder I'd get so sick when having a regular (sugared) soda that also has caffeine in it.   Having JUST the caffeine is rather cool, lol, timed right in my day!  

Yeah, part of what I meant to write last night was that M and I listen to a lot of Celtic music.   We both dance Irish dance my focus is ceili and set dancing, which she used to do with us, and her focus now is on the Irish stepdancing.   She also enjoys other styles of dancing, as do I.   We also both like music a lot.   When she heard Teada at that festival, she REALLY liked them.   They'd just won the best newcomer award or something prestigious in Ireland, and we both could see why.   They ended up being her favorite band for a while, and we saw them again 2 years ago at a small concert in a church, and then on Monday night.   The show 2 years ago, M was so excited, she crocheted or knitted a bookmark thingy and they were really patient and good with her, just 9 years old then, and signed her t-shirt.   We couldn't get an updated t-shirt this show, as they didn't have any!   They did invite people to get up and dance, but this was a sedate crowd.  (They apparently were more rowdy then they were for ANYTHING else, lol, and they meet every Monday for concerts, but, still not exactly get up and move your feet and dance type of crowd.)   M said later that she almost did get up for the last set of reels.   She's a preteen now, and more self-conscious (tho also more skilled at her stepdancing, too).   Teada got a standing ovation, it was fun, good boys, good sound, good band.

Interestingly, M was only so-so about hearing that Kelly Clarkson is playing locally in July, close enough to M's birthday I'd have gotten her tickets, on sale tomorrow.   She does like Kelly Clarkson.   She was disappointed it wasn't Train:)  I'll have to check their schedule......  M would also like Black-Eyed Peas "and, Mom, their concerts wouldn't be censored!"   LOL, I told her that Mom could still censor the concert by not letting her go:)   I do think they'd be too wild / sexually oriented for her at this age/stage.   I had to nix her attending Green Day, too, even if I am still torn about whether or not she's ready for their cd.  

M's favorite artist USED to be Phil Collins a few years back -- absolutely LOVED the music from the Tarzan movie.   I really need to get that in DVD now.   Back then, she wanted the cd first, and also enjoyed his other music, and referred to him as her favorite musical artist, too.   Yeah, she likes Avril Lavigne, and Hillary Duff, and liked Backstreet Boys, and even some stuff I do not like, but I'm glad she has her own opinions and isn't just liking something just b/c others do.

Okay, this took me, what, less than 10 minutes to write up, including adding in the two posts I'd written.  LOL.

Oh, we also go to ceili's and other events / places where live Irish music is played, too, (including dancing to Eileen Ivers and to O'Malley's March!), and she does like the Bogwanderers (as I do!), but her favorite is still Teada. 

Sigh, okay, my mind is off of work now.   Maybe I'll grab a bite to eat before returning to it (counting writing this time as part of lunch).   I think I'll be ready to meet with JP now after he gets back from his meeting, so that's good:)  Things are going well with him, and I think we work well together, etc.  



Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Starting this off!

My mood is actually "reflective."   There doesn't seem to be a choice for that, nor a way to put in your own word.  Oh, well!

Here's to starting to try to capture some of my random thoughts......   M and her friend, Mad, have the expression "randomness" lately.   My thoughts are often all over the place, many at once even.   I don't know which ones I'll get captured on here, either.   So, we'll see:)

I had lunch today with my old boss, my new boss, and the other managers here.   Not that I can afford lunch out as readily as they can, but hey.   It was decent food, at a new place nearby in this being-built up town, that I chose based on their very positive attitude on the phone.   I miss my old boss.......   I work closely w/ my bosses.   I really like this new guy a lot (professionally speaking).  I'm psyched that he's the one that came here.   But, I still miss my old boss.   We're all friends, too.    I hadn't seen him since he left, and I am glad he and his wife and family are doing well.   They deserve that.

M comes back home today, which always has me excited.  She was w/ her dad last night, and his long-term girlfriend and their 3-year old daughter.   M'll have her riding lesson this afternoon, a glorious day, low 70's, sunny, light breeze:)   What a great day to be outside at "the barn."   I got to watch her on Monday, Easter Monday, no school and I took the day off.   We brought her dog with us, too.  

M somehow thinks she's spending all summer there (in camp).   I need to find time to re-go over with her just what her summer schedule is.    I sure wish she could spend half of her summer or so there, but, not happening.

I've been working, too, coming back here now and then to drop in another sentence or two.   I usually multi-task really well.   Sometimes it helps keep me sane and from being entirely bored.   This journal is in the background.

A friend, L, has a big job interview right now and I'm so wishing her well -- it'd be an awesome job fit for her:)    Another (IRL) friend meets w/ our daughters teacher this afternoon, plus the school principal.   I do hope that goes well, and, frankly, more worried about that one.    I feel real good about L's!

Men:   I heard from Chas today but not R nor BJ.    I'm not interested in Chas.   We went on a blind dinner date w/ him and, eh, but I got convinced to give him another try, so I told Chas I would see him again in a casual setting not centered around food.   Our schedules hadn't meshed, but he knows this weekend they might.   I'd hoped he'd forgotten by now.....   and also rather hoping to spend more time w/ R, too.   I'm not even looking for someone to date.   I have things in my life, M's and my life, that I wish to focus and work on.   I try, anyway:)   I have no desperation for dating, either, just wish to remain open enough to the idea if someone came along that seemed, well, like a good match/worthwhile trying out.  And, I really like BJ.   BJ lives in (another state), which is just over 800 miles away, so yeah, that's a problem.   We're honest w/ each other, and we're open to being able to date others, but gosh, he's really really special:)   And, we stay in touch, etc., haven't SEEN him since December, but!!   So, I did hear from BJ yesterday, and we do regularly stay in touch, calls, e-mails, etc..  

R, though, is "new."   Like I said, I wasn't looking.   A friend formerly in my Irish dance group was throwing a party when I could go (M away w/ her dad that weekend).   I kind-of made myself go, b/c I was in a "cleaning the home" mode and then no one answered her door at first, either, but, I made myself open it up and smile and walk in.   It was a fun, interesting group of people, most I had not met before.   I don't often run into groups of single people within my age group, either.   Even if R had not showed up, I'd have enjoyed it.   A bit after I got there, a guy arrives (R) and I'm thinking, hmmm, somewhat cute.....   we talked a LOT, and I really think we both enjoyed it (things he said, way he acted, etc.).   He works for MY agency, too!   He's "my" type of science geek, lol.   AND a Christian, Catholic though and in a Catholic social group that could indicate that he won't date a non-Catholic.   Anyway, we've "talked" some via e-mail lately (after I sent him an e-Easter card).   I could likehim, okay, I do like him from what I know, not head over heels, but a good feeling, as if serendipity.   He's moving slowly, so perhaps he's shy, or uncertain.   I can't stress over it, yanno?   Even if, admittedly, I'd just like to know if he'll ask me out or not (I told my g/f that I wasn't looking to date, but R, yes, I'd go if he asked me out).   I told L that I KNOW the pattern for BJ and I by now, 1 2/3 year later in our own way, but I don't know R's "pattern."   I'm not one to push, anyway, but I don't think R's one to BE pushed, either.  

So, M has about 20 minutes left to school today, then off to "the barn."  :)   More bits and pieces another day........ 

(Maybe I'll even have a child support check waiting for me when we get home tonight, too.)