Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rainy morning

well, that was the music but okay, lol, I'm still learning this
Talked w/ BJ on the phone for almost 1/2 hour last night. I was glad:) but apparently I WAS sick. He knew it, asked me twice if I was. Huh? Oh, maybe just allergies. I was feeling blah. SIGH. Wish I was more "up" when we do get to talk, but hey, ups and downs are part of life. He is mature enough to know that. Good news about his boy, encouraging (getting back into life again, thak the Lord, and getting B's in classes he was failing! that takes effort.
his oldest girl is presumably happy working stage crew in another play, and the youngest two girls had sleepovers last night, lol, the busylife of a man with four kids! Things are going well, coparenting-wise w/ him and his STBX, which is fantastic. He is hopeful to finalize things w/out a lawyer (w/out getting into details here, that's doable possibly, w/ fair consideration for all).
And other talk, of course:) But, hated feeling blah, and tired, and, right, a bit sick, too. I'm hoping my allergy symptons will dissipate as it's been raining. A light misty rain at times, chilly, not so pleasant. I wondered if it's snowing in Vermont. I think of M, how she's likely sleeping now, I hope. She'll have a big day. I'd like to chat w/ her, but I'm not sure what time would be best. C's step-grandfather's memorial service and I didn't have time yesterday to do a search to find out
the details, when and where deal. I assume a lot of his family will be there. She'll be tired come Monday -- her plane doesn't arrive until almost 9pm Sunday night, into the airport never mind getting back to his place. The "snow" here is tons of pretty pink cherry blossom petals. :) They are so beautiful....... the birds, the owl, but not the woodpecker. He usually works most every morning but not today in the rain. I "found" him the other day, beautiful bird, bright red crown.
I'm still tired, and I have a lot to do, and I'm still not feeling so great, but I feel better formy walk/ our walk as of course, Daisy girl comes, it's HER walk. Indie joined us yesterday and wanted to come again today, ah, no. Daisy has been announcing everyone who walks by, though, startling me from the otherwise quiet. The quiet of a light rain, and occasional twitting birds:) Have a great, peaceful, wonderful day. Oh, yeah, mine includes the Post Office ugh, last day to pick up a


Okay, adding this on Monday -- I had written that via the aol journal IM thingy, but why'd it cut me off?   I know I completed my thought.   Whatever!

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