Saturday, May 6, 2006

Dance Recital!

I'm copying from what I wrote to some single-mom loop friends, and then added to it.

This description focused more on the "separate homes" issues b/c this loop is based on single mom issues. I really wasn't all caught up in it at the time. I kind-of didn't care. If M's hair had been curled, and it was super straight even, not even like it is when she washes it at our home, so ? whatever, but if it'd been curled, I'd have said hi to her, sure, and left the food items (I was to bring snack, so brought cheese sticks, rice krispie bars which disappeared, lol, and water), and not
stayed that whole time. She liked having me there, though, so hey:) And, the show was really good and enjoyable.

Oh, and As. (from local studio) was put into the jump rope dance! Yeah -- so maybe that's why I was to express complaints I'd heard on to Ma. and E that other day. (One of the things I mentioned, basically, why bring in a dancer from another studio when students HERE wish to do it and have even been practicing it, etc.). Heck, M would have liked that, too, but didn't care for this particular show.  Overall, she wants to perfect it and perform it.

This girl, As, she even approached Ma about it, was told, "Sure," if she comes to (further away) studio to practice. Her mom is one of thee most helpful parents there, and even she is getting tired of the (other studio) focus, so said no.  I'm not ready to say no, and if M knew / remembered enough of the dance and wanted to do it, I'd have driven M there.  (That mom also has three kids, two are very young, second marriage thing.) Anyway, guess practicing Sat. a.m. was good enough or something, I'm just so glad As got in it:)   She got 95% of it down, too, ha, she did stumble slightly a couple times, but she mostly got it! AND, she's not going to be in Dance Company next year, either,so this would be her ONLY time.

Not sure about Dance Co. for M next year. Oh, M is certain, lol, she wants to. She "lives" for that and riding horses. She loves to dance and perform. Auditions are next Saturday only (naturally in other studio).   Thankfully, she's w/ me for that. (Ash's w/ her dad for it, but her dad sometimes takes her.)

Rehearsals next year are on Fridays, though. I don't get that -- football games are that night, and most of the girls are in high school and, well, a couple in band.  I'm going, ack, a weekend night, C will surely balk at that (C = M's dad). We just got notice this a.m. re: Fridays next year.

Guess all in time. I'll talk w/ Ma in advance about it, say that M could always be accepted if would be, anyway, (no way she wouldn't pass the audition, plus she's likely one of thee only if not thee only 11 year old and under auditioning from [local studio], anyway), ), and either be understudy or have it be conditional, whatever. I know the teacher's ticked at how C has been with it, and it has effected M's dances -- she's been pulled from performing two dances in shows -- and doesn't always know the others 100%. Tho, well, she does do really great when she can:)

M had me wear her new ring, from last weekend's Southern Maryland Celtic Festival "to look like yours (mine)"  during the show today b/c it hit wrong when doing one of her dances (a big Christmas step), and got it back to her after:)  But another one, left at dress rehearsal, I brought today, too, and no one has claimed yet. Had to take it off right now.

All of THIS I should put into a journal!

Daisy is snoring now:)

And, cat Indie was "walked" home by a neighbor, who found him stuck under a car, his leash caught under a tire. (Sat. a.m. before M's dance recital).  
UGH, I hate when that happens and I'm glad it was a patient cat-owner, and Indie such a good boy (after being so bad for running off), "loving" to the man, and walked himself home but w/ the impressed neighbor holding the leash.  I was really relieved. Got to get him a chip, or another tag, yet another tag.  And guess not let him go at ALL when we're walking, but gosh, he has only done this twice; usually he still stays right there.

Oh, and that man and his wife have a cat ALSO born on Independence Day/July 4th! AND turns 3 this year. Like Indie and Liberty/Libby. 

This part is from this a.m./loop e-mail apparently started Sat. a.m. before M's show:

M has her four! dresses (plus a t-shirt to go over one of them for a fifth costume) for today. Her dad/g/f is to take her this morning.   But, I'll meet her there:) In theory, soon, hahaha, the cat decided he was walking w/out us and is having an adventure (GRRRRRR on a leash, too), so an extra hour walk w/ the dog and still no finding the cat, and I need to make a batch of cookies, pickup cheesesticks for snack, and THEN bring the food and M's hair things, and do her hair. Unless by some miracle they actually thought to get hair-items for her and curled it at their house (yeah right now).

D had written: I hope you have fun today and that M does too. I'm sure she will look beautiful!

Thanks, D:) She did, and she had fun!, and yeah, so did I. It went really well, too, except for one dance that she knows but she kept looking over at others, too, as if flaking out some. Weird. But, she always smiled and she did look great:)

I'm sure her dad's g/f, Sh, was not so pleased to run into me inthe dressing room. Gee, if they'd curled her hair, I wouldn't have still been back there.   It's an Irish step-dance show -- which is traditionally done with very curled hair (just this woman "Ma." does more contemporary so loose curls = okay, too).   Sh had brought the little girl, Si, to say hi to M, which was cute. (Si is M's half-sister, cute girl.) I helped some others back there, too, but did watch the show itself and didn't stay backstage.

Oh, but Sh did go back there after the show and pull M along, grabbing her things, etc. Rolling my eyes. Like everyone couldn't stay waiting for her?   Sh did rather shove the outfits to me then, too, and I asked M about her bag. They did actually wait this time for M to talk w/ my mom/stepfather and I, amazingly enough, but Sh kept the little girl from joining then, too, and heck like I cared, let the girl come over. (Tho she had seen M when going backstage w/ her mother, but hey, she's not quite 4 and waiting for her big sister whom she adores.)

Oh, and when I got back into the audience, right before show time, my mother was cracking up. I was listed in the program as one of the helpers who made the show possible type of thing (and, well, I had been helping all week w/ it). I like being a dance mom:)   My last name is D. C's last name is L. I'm never had his last name, and even if we'd married, I probably would have added his to mine, not taken his in place of mine.  LOL, I was listed as Robin L. I'm sure that didn't make him nor the g/f very happy; I don't like it but hey, honest mistake by whomever, I'm sure, so why not laugh.   I was expecting a nasty e-mail from him about it, too, as that's his typical response if M's name isn't 100% correct, blaming me as if it's my fault.   (M asked me later about it; told her that I was sure someone just made a simple mistake, and that I didn't want it that way, but I understand, and can only smile about it and go on.   She seemed relieved I wasn't upset.   I didn't grill M to see if C or Sh had said they were upset; M said she read it on the way back to C's home from the show.)

C was there, too, but I never saw him interacting with M. Sh's father was there, too, and that is nice, really.  He gives the appearance of treating his grandkids equally (not like M's his grandkid but if the g/f had been married to C, M would be his stepgrandkid, and heck, it's just decent to show up if he can, yanno?).   He's the only one (of C, Sh, Si, and Sh's dad) who talked w/ me and he is a bit phony about it all, but whatever cuz at least we can all be polite even if his seems phony. Said how beautiful M is and was shocked at the cost of the fanciest of the costumes, etc.

M liked seeing my mom and Bob (my stepfather), too:) I'm sure C did interact w/ M, but I just never saw any of it; he did talk w/ a couple I don't know [found out later, C's father and wife, whom I've not seen in YEARS nor has M], and perhaps others. I didn't pay attention to him/C, just what I had noticed while waiting for M to come out of the dressing rooms. 

Anyway, the show itself was really great:) I ordered a DVD but think I need to order another (as a gift). M showed more in this one than the B'more Museum of Art show. That one was a "for the public" show-show, great show also, but different intentions, and M stressed for that one, and only in 2? dances. Kicked out of 1 b/c C hadn't taken her to some rehearsals; M didn't know the dance well enough for a real show.

I didn't take my dad. He's not letting me get himself in decent presentable shape, and it'd have horrified M. My brother called her. Her busdriver came, and loves it:) I'm so glad. AND, glad I can give her an outing, too. 

Anyway, M had a good time and we enjoyed the interaction, actually. I think she really likes me helping her get ready:)   It's fun helping the girls, and the one boy, J, well, he's old enough to take care of himself in his fitting room, lol (he'd have been assigned a male "helper," anyway, if too young).  (I did tell the boy of all the snacks -- V and Ash's mom had also brought snacks!) One nice dance was J and V in their choreographed duet. A lot of good dances.

Okay, I think I have to write a couple more things.

Oh, wonder if this got cut off?   I wrote it via the IM to AOL Journals thing.   I can't access the journals directly from the one pc.

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