Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Proud Feis Mom:) / Memorial Day Weekend

I should have written this on Sunday after the feis and dinner, but oh so tired.

Sure, I'm really happy for M and proud of her for 1st and 3rd in two of her novice dances (wow); she's so excited she can move up to Prizewinner she's still beaming about it, lol.   I am proud:)

I like the "feis Mom" models I get from Kath.'s mom, and from J's mom who said "it's just dance" (and J qualified for Ireland, I think, he's GOOD), and Kath is a high-level dancer.   Very nice people, and not snotty or pushy.   My ex-SO's daughter was there, performing, wow, perfectly, more perfectly than even before somehow, and he was happy before she danced.   When I'd go to a feis or dance class with him, I learned a few things about how some "feis-parents" can get oy.   Not sure if it gets as bad as in some other sports, but I'm so glad M's dance school, with Ma, is mostly not like that:)

But, I also reminded M the other morning so that she knew -- I'm JUST as proud of her, maybe more so, for how she handled her slip jig /novice dance.   The slip jig is one of her best dances, and she was dancing it very beautifully.   She had good competition, but she had a shot at placing.   ACK, automatic disqualification -- I think -- her shoe laces came untied.   I don't even know if M knew at that time, that shoelaces coming untied disqualified her.   She stayed smiling and dancing and concentrated on not tripping and falling, and completed her dance including the appropriate bow at the end.   Other parents said later that it can depend upon the judge, but this judge did end up disqualifying her.   But, M still danced it through:)   IMHO, how one handles defeat and problems that come along in life is important.

The judge for the advanced beginner refused to let dancers chose their speed; M only knows novice and higher-level dances for hardshoe, but she still placed.   Ah, well, judges call:)

M was checking out solo dresses w/ Grandma, too, who is willing to put M's birthday money from last year and this year towards a decent, used one for M.   M's in her 3rd year of Irish step dancing, and this was her 4th feis.   She wishes to focus on performing, and many of the local feiseana are held on weekends she's with her dad.   M really wants to do another one now, and if summer schedule can get worked out 100%, maybe another can fit in?   V and J want M to join them for an extravaganza dance coming up at another feis, but when M's w/ her dad.   M thinks she'd like to visit BJ's town next year, too, as there's a feis there, and she has classmates moving there.   It's usually smack in the middle of her time w/ her dad, but, maybe next year it won't be.

Speaking of M's dad -- he not only didn't show, but he didn't even call her to see how she did, how she felt about it, etc.   Oy.

M's Grandma, M and I, went to Cozy Inn after, whose air conditioning had broken.   We love eating there, and this is the only not so great time we've had there.   Hanging out in Grandma's backyard was much cooler, especially with some minor waterhose "fights."  lol

My sweetheart:)  I'm glad she had a good day.   And I am so proud:)  

Another girl in M's novice dances goes to a feis at least every/other weekend, around the country.   She didn't appear as if it was herself pushing it, either.   I hope she got to spend some time actually visiting our area, too, go into DC over Memorial Day perhaps, something.   I'd love to take M to a few feiseana around the country, sure! :) but, not just to do it.   Have M be excited about it and want it, too.  

The horse show Saturday was WAY early, with M wanting me to wake her up at 5:15 yawn!   She still wanted to help out, and I helped her prepare Corey, et al, until 7am when she helped load Corey onto the trailer.   She even warmed him up at the show for the 6-year girl who was riding.   I came back for M in time to hang out some, buy her lunch there (she loved the pork bbq sandwich, yum, and I'm thinking ack, it's what I got food poisoning from when pregnant with you, child! but, different vendor).  

Was to go to a feis class after leaving the show early, but M was so tired, she slept enroute and then got car sick....... SO - we ended up with M practicing in the garage and then in the cafeteria at my office:)   She tried to teach me some hardshoe, as her new (used) shoes fit me, lol, that was, um, not for performance viewing:)   M gets so little practice, other than at odd moments and in odd spots, and only to class e/o week b/c C wouldn't switch nights, mostly, to anything reasonable, and yet refused to take her, too.   I couldn't find her bloomers for her feis, I know I washed them after the recital but oh well, they were getting too small, so I charged a new pair (I thought, don't know yet which card I gave them!).   Ma was telling M that M dances better than even some of Ma's private lesson dancers.   I really thought this novice level w/out M being able to practice all that much, would be mostly for her experience of it all, support her friendsl, time.   Nah, M holds her own.  

Monday we relaxed:) packed for her camping trip she's on NOW! I'm so excited for her, and her classmates, she went swimming and playing w/ Md, M wanted to go to the barn and dag, too hot for lessons today and she'll miss the rest of the week argh (camping plus w/ C), but even tho disappointed, we stayed and bathed/groomed, anyway, and 2 hours later, I still had to DRAG her back, lol.   Relaxed day, first day of summer, HOT.  

Billy got cat toys for his birthday weekend:)  He's named after my late uncle Billy, who died as a teenaged POW in the Korean War, and provider for the family, especially my mother and their younger sister.   God bless his soul.   Uncle Billy was my guardian angel until my Grandma died, tho I'm sure he still checks in sometimes:)   Just wished I'd remembered my POW/MIA pin to wear Monday, too.  


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