Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tuesday's update

So I get a notice to print off something in color and realize, oh, I forgot to get my new!! color printer set up and I gave away my other one......   it's only sitting right here, but I got caught up in meetings and flights and hotel reservations and helping the new person figure out where in our DC building he's to go tomorrow for a meeting........  but at least I have someone who'll print the item off in color, and got the meetings and other stuff set well:)

I finally decided around 3 or 3:30 to eat some lunch, microwaved Amy's frozen veggie lasagne that pretty good, btw.   I usually wait for the food, stretch, do ballet, whatever, but didn't have the patience to wait the full 5 minutes (never mind turning it for another 2 minutes).   It was partially VERY hot and partially not cooked.  I should know better.   I'm patient with children and pets and living creatures, but not microwaves apparently.

That was my emergency stash food.   I'd not eaten at lunch b/c the financial assistant at M's school called me back.   The teacher decided she wanted the cash.  I was a bit amused, really.  The school does charge payments, often, but I think that the teacher felt rushed and didn't know how to deal with that or wish to bother dealing with it.   Whatever.   I did get out long enough to run to that bank and drop the cash off with the "office administrator" who is wonderfully helpful.   I wasn't sure I'd have the time, but I barely did so hey.   Only b/c I work so close by, and the teacher knows this of course, cuz she'll call on me to help out throughout the years and stuff.  

But, in the vending machine/microwave room, doing my stretches, my mind wandered to dancing and tonight.  I have M's clothes with me, check, water bottle, check, snack, check.   Daggone it.  I knew I had to stop home at lunch, for her two pairs of dance SHOES.   UGH.   Well, guess I will drop her at class, hope they're doing soft shoe first and she can dance in her socks, and then swing home to p/up the shoes and walk the dog/feed the pets.   I just hate having her look bad and unprepared.

Also meant to call the magnet school's program coordinator during lunchtime, and confirm for Friday for M to shadow V, but, we have talked and it's not a big deal to leave her a message and/or just call tomorrow.   Still.  I was thrown off schedule.

I do, however, have my boss okay, the most important thing of course, M is likely enjoying barn time b/c she almost always does, and did I mention, it's GORGEOUS outside!  :)   Walls of pollen scratching my eyes, but GORGEOUS:)   Bet she gave Corey a good training session today, hopefully!   She's worked hard w/ Corey and everyone is pleased at the payoff so far.


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