Wednesday, May 31, 2006

items I keep avoiding.......

I had some downtime today, a lot of it, and searched about some of the journals on my friends links, which got me thinking some.   It's easier and fun to comment on M here:)   Raising a child can be like that, busy, focused on the child.   I have barely mentioned my father, who is elderly and I really need to do more about for him.   I have to figure out how I'm doing my taxes (hey, automatic extensions are your friend), and how to lay down the extra carpet I'd forgotten I have, to replace the bad areas.   Home repair, ugh.   My place is 11 1/2 years old now and needs some work.   Yeah, BJ said he'd help sometime, but, um, he's not seeing it looking like THIS, not yet.   And other "bigger" topics, and smaller ones.   Sometimes it's easier to "deal" if I push it aside for a bit first.   Sometimes, things get OBE (overtaken by events) and solve themselves:)   Sometimes, they really don't.   My dad's been in a phase of improved mental capacity the past year, give or take.   But, um, he's not fully well, and I sometimes feel as if it's a bit like parenting ones parent.   I have to be patient and understanding of his inabilities, but not be enabling for his abilities.   I try to encourage, and I do say to him some needed negative things, too, but I try to make it sound as if it's because I care...........   He doesn't always change his clothes between my (weekly) visits, for example.   I finally got him out to get a haircut, which he wanted done but he wanted his housekeeper to do it, whom he'd lost touch with months ago.   I thought I'd be able to get him "presentable" to see M's afternoon recital, but not quite by then.   So now the goal is so M, my dad, and I can go to dinner out, utilize a $50. gift certificate M and I won at a St. Patrick's Day fundraiser to a good Irish restaurant in the county, maybe around Father's Day since it wasn't in time for his birthday in May.

And forgetting to eat:)  I was on here for my lunchtime.  I did walk around the building a bit, give myself a mental break, while I was also checking out the current temperature for my boss who is downtown, as the air conditioning is being repaired and it was almost 90 F in some areas here yesterday.   Then I was talking about cooking w/ friends, and I remembered, thatis one thing C does well is cook, more so now than ever from what I hear.   Salivating for fresh rockfish right now:) but settling for my "spare food" supplies here of a package of Target clearance hickory-smoked tuna, a yogurt, and various assortment of mostly healthy snack items.

Lack of money has put off my ability to get Pretty Boy Blue-eyes Captain neutered.  Not that he's minding it:) lol, but I do.   I keep him separated from the ladies when I'm not around, just in case.    This summer for certain, I may even break down and charge it, but gosh, I so HATE putting items back on that card that I had finally gotten down to zero.

Financial aid for next year -- yes, gosh, THOSE are the forms I need to start to tackle tonight, w/ M away on her school camping trip.   Oh, I had thought I'd go to an end-of-year ceili @ Glen Echo tonight.   I love Glen Echo.   The weather should be good:) the pollens might be high (acccchooooo), the exercise fun and social.   I told a girlfriend, I need to get on top of my laundry, though.   I feel more disjointed when it's so not organized, that I've washed alot but it's not sorted/folded yet.  

Big things and little things, rambling thoughts again and I'm sorry.   It's more fun to come on here and smile and brag:)   I am so proud of Missy M., but, life is more complicated than that, of course.  Not even counting high school program discussions with other parents and with teachers, or dating (agh there is nothing wrong with being single, but sometimes I try), or visitation crap.   :)

Have a blessed day, all, excuse my boredom here:) 


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