Thursday, June 1, 2006

Description of a Mind with ADD / ADHD

Amy, "Living a Weeble's Life" (see link to her journal on the side bar of my journal), had this in her journal.   I find it a very good description.

What’s It Like to Have ADD, Edward M. Hallowell, MD

Also, see my entry titled, "Orange Swirl" for my description of how it can feel like (link to the left, unless I can figure out how to add it here, um, I can't even get to it while in "add entry" or "edit entry."   It was on May 23, 2006.

I'm debating whether or not to send the Dr. Hallowell link on to my mother.   Of course, once aol lets me send e-mail again as it's on the blink.  

Right now, we're discussing summer schedule, still, for a trip to Maine, where she is from and I've lived there some, etc.   I really wish to take M up there again this summer for several reasons, and my mom wanted to, too, so in theory, how great to all go together.   Except we don't process information the same, and it's very frustrating for both of us.   I'm also not the favored child of my brother and I, and yes I had family from both my mothers side and my fathers side confirm this when I was older, surprisingly, and no I don't blame my brother.   But it just means that even though I love my mother and she does love me, we sometimes both really have to try hard to get along, and we both do mostly try.   I even spent a lot of time coordinating M's summer schedule and putting it in chronological order with comments by dates as to camps and with her dad, C, and etc., but my mom said she couldn't understand it, "just give me firm dates."   SO frustrating for me, I couldn't even get back to her yesterday about it.   I know she might really means that she can't understand it, but ugh.   I thought it was real clear, linear even, chronological.   And nothing IS set, b/c I'm waiting on the Maine trip before we do / plan other things, like our annual trip to Chincoteague/Assateague Island, or Oireachtas classes for M, or her new dance company camp but I think I won't have her doing that for a few reasons including it involving switching a different week with C.   UGH.  

So, once aol lets me send e-mail again, I'll read her latest and respond to my mother.   And then maybe also send her that Dr. H. link, cuz maybe just maybe, she will realizethat it really IS me being described.   There are many other links and information on ADD / ADHD as well.   Why it was overlooked in me growing up is a combination of factors, from being rather quiet and not exhibiting a lot of external physical activity, and being a girl, and being smart enough to get by with other coping mechanisms until bam, I hit Calculus, and then for a couple of my college classes I didn't know how to study, but some of them were easier than some of my high school ones, so shrug.   I sound snotty saying that, but I did get by with other methods for many years.   My report cards from early elementary make me laugh, for I was a cheerful contributor to discussions, enjoyed learning, capable, but needed to turn in more completed busy-work assignments, lol.  

Dr. H.'s article also talked about how people sometimes do well by having a good support system in place, such as an accountant (was my dad but he has dementia now and I thought I could do it oy), and other things.   I'm sure that my bosses wife really helps keep him on track, plus other things I'm learning from him, or learning we both do the same with:)   I was thinking last night and this morning, how I SO need a "wife" myself, so to speak.   I need someone to take care of the laundry and the cleaning and the dishes and the household chores.   The shirt I'm wearing today somehow keeps an "ironed" look, but if it stops, realistically, I'll mean to iron it, but hahahahaha.   Right.   I love yardwork -- let me tinker in the flower and vegetable gardens, mow even, yes, even w/ my allergies to all grass, trim hedges, weed.    But I really need help organizing my home, um, and my finances tho I do most of those online now YEAH.  :)

Sorry I rambled.   I'm still learning how best to cope with this disability, and coming to terms with the concept that I really DO need help with it.  

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