Friday, June 9, 2006

Update on girl, B

The 11-year old girl whose public journal I'd found graduated today (from 5th grade).   Yesterday, her dad died.  She wrote that she's moving back to the state she apparently used to live in.   She wanted cheerful comments.   I couldn't think of much cheerful that'd not just sound flippant.

My mother's mother died when my mom was 9 years old, the second youngest child.   I have four nieces (or 2nd cousins technically) whose fathers have both died.   The one girl graduated high school yesterday:)  Dougie's oldest.   Beautiful girl, and really smart.   Creative in her mind like her dad was.   I'm heartened to learn she'll go on to college.   The other four children are younger but getting there (my other cousin, Stephanie, has two children and her oldest is my goddaughter).   It's one reason I'm eager to get to Maine this summer.  

No one is perfect, and, few are perfectly inperfect, too.   For a child to lose a parent, even like B, one who drinks way too much, well, gosh, it can still feel really sad, and like a hole is empty now, where the love had been, and anything else.   I hope this girl is at peace now at least.  

I've almost lost all three of my main parents, and I did lose my gram (and other grandparents but she was like another parent to me, IMHO), and Dougie.   But, none when a young child.  

So many graduations.   I ran into Juan today at the store, just happenstance (and yes, I admit, I did a mental check first if I felt I looked alright enough before saying hi, lol).   His daughter just finished her first year, and did excellently:)  I'm glad.   M and I may go to the 8th graduation at her school tonight (I spent time there for the summer birthdays / Mrs. O's farewell party sobbing but they are all still ALIVE, honoring each other and the memory of their times with a look towards the future, and yes, they all signed for her that Rascal Flats song with most everyone crying).

B's dad died June 8th, and her 5th grade graduation was today.   May God open a window for her:)

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  1. onecrabn3lilfishJune 11, 2006 at 6:58 PM

    Perfectly imperfect.  For some reason that is sticking in my head.  Can't imagine why!  BLAH!!!

    That is horribly sad for that young girl but maybe she can sleep better knowing her dad is basically safe now and can't do anymore damage to himself.  :-(