Tuesday, June 13, 2006

think I'm /we're okay for the day....

It's after 4:30, heck, it's about 4:40 p.m., so I think C has decided not to pursue this today.  

A girlfriend of mine asked me if I can just ask him to confirm / respond.  

"Ha.   Yeah, I could, but then he would know I want that, so he'd be less likely to respond.

Nope.  He's passive/aggressive.   He will refuse to respond. 
Just like he declined to respond when I kept asking about Sunday / Si's dance recital, and did he want M for the afternoon or not, and details for his other daughters
event/recital.   Or never telling M if she can or cannot attend a friends party, even when she asks, or not taking her even if she was told yes.
He very rarely confirms, and never will if it means agreeing with me after he'd fussed a different angle.
So, he'll either respond later with calculated bitching, or never respond at all.   Not responding at all could mean a) he'll go along w/ Monday as I do believe he knows that's correct, or b) he'll simply just refuse to bring her back, w/out telling me.
That's why it's so hard/frustrating for me :(
Of course, I'm assuming he's going to drop the whole "Tuesday night" thing.   It's not in the Court Order at all, so really, he had no basis to demand it.   He could ask for some time, but not huff and puff and accuse and demand.
M's party ends at 5pm, so, heading to get her:)   Tears (for separation) are easier to hide in a pool of water and with laughter, right?  I'm sure it was fun.

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