Thursday, June 1, 2006


Weather report last night for yesterday and today:   Yesterday, sunny along with patchy clouds; high 82, low 68F.   Today, intervals of clouds and sunshine, high of 83F; at night, a chance of rain 40%.    M returns tonight around 8pm, so hopefully they'll miss any drenching downpours.  I'm real glad the lows were still pretty warm -- I'd forgotten to add a pair of jeans per M's request based upon the list given, but otherwise, she's just fine.   I remembered her digital disposable camera, and money for a t-shirt, sunscreen, etc.

Every so often, I'll smile and think about what she could possibly be doing.   I assume she's doing something involving lunch right now -- camps tend to schedule lunch at noon.   I know she was also to study various aspects of the Chesapeake Bay, including on boats, and perhaps do some ropes courses, too.   Not sure exactly what was chosen for their 2 full days and 1 overnight.   They slept on platforms.   Now that she's going to be enroute home soon, I feel okay posting a link -- this is where they are:   Echo Hill Outdoor School  The Intermediate youth went there for 4-5 days? earlier this year.

I wrote this yesterday to a friend:  "M is off for her 2-day camping trip.  It should be 2 nights and 3 days, IMHO, but whatever.   Another mother [Dan's mom, Di] is a bit nervous about it; her child is in 4th grade and, well, a lot more immature.   The girl will be fine, though.   Naturally, they tell the kids yesterday to be here this morning NLT 8:30, to leave NLT 8:45.   M apparently wasn't allowed to call and let me know; she'd told me before not to arrive before 8:40 b/c of when C's girlfriend is likely to drop off Megan, etc., so, I did as told, lol.   I forgot extra socks, and forgot to pack jeans / long pants.   Oy.   But, she has 3 t-shirts and a tank top, lol (forgot to count the one she's wearing today from her dads which makes for 3).   Ironically, the "teacher most hold medicines, they must be listed in advance, and they must be in original containers" medicine for M, I sent in WITH HER yesterday, to give the teacher.   Hey, usually M keeps it with her, so, shrug.  
Ah, I hope today is good, (snip) no rainanywhere except maybe some tonight would be alright but still.   I did get M's camera packed at least.   Labeled.   Bought new sunscreen, etc.   Oy, packing is such a pain."

Megan was so excited to see me pull up, I could hardly pull into the parking space!   She was in a very happy mood, and presumably C had sent along a sleeping bag from his place (warmer than the one M has at my place).   A few moments after M packed up her stuff, she and another girl got back off the bus and raced to the main building, presumably for a restroom check.   C's new place is about an hour in traffic from the school, so good idea.   Echo Hill is a good 2.5 hours from the school.   I was chatting with Di and with the dad who is going (a dad of another of M's friends).   M came racing back, "Mom, come here and give me another hug!"  LOL, she was smiling and happy and wanted that last hug {{{{{SQUEEZE M}}}}}}}} and got back on the school bus.  

Some not super clear communication to the parents on some things, but whatever, phone tree will kick in for a better estimate of arrival time tonight back at the school (had to verify someone above me had my cell as I'm not likely to be HOME), and I cannot wait to hear her stories:)   Maybe M took some photos and/or wrote in her notebook/journal, too.  LOL, maybe.   This would be my dream trip -- the other science class in my school got to spend a week at Wallop's Island and I'm still envious albeit understanding more now -- already female chaperones and M is just fine w/out her parental units there -- I'm just thrilled she can have this opportunity.   I meant to add a note with a "hug" in it for her, but ah well.   She got one in person.  Wonder how long it'll take before she winds back down, too.

Me?   I have to chose between a retirement party of friends of mine, a couple who are leaving their teaching careers, with Johnny Jump Up playing, a great band I've seen before and have a cd of, which ended up being blank so I could exchange it tonight but I'd have to find it; or the Town Hall meeting TONIGHT naturally, by Martin O'Malley, in my town.   He's currently the Mayor of Baltimore (and lead for O'Malley's March, which we've seen and M's danced to before).   He'll run against my County Executive, Douglas Duncan, for the Democratic nominee for the race for Governor against Robert "Bobby" blech Ehrlich.   I'm sure I'm go to the party -- friends come first:)  But, what an opportunity.   There are OVER 81,000 people living in my "town," and yes, I've seen Doug Duncan around, but I don't believe he's ever held a town hall meeting before, and certainly not upcounty.   (side note -- my late maternal grandfather's name is Duncan Douglas!!)


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