Tuesday, June 13, 2006

short and to the point, so now waiting....

I LOVE that song!   A wish for better days......... etc.   Listen to the lyrics sometime.

I had to write C, and under time constraints.   It'd helped me re-look at the issues to vent some in here, even if I left out sections (really).   Greeting, three issues brought up, 1, 2, 3.   I didn't care about the one (3 vice 3:30 and told him that I'd leave that up to him for this week), but the other two, I just stated facts how I saw them, especially in relation to the Court Order, so hey.   Wrapped it up, including the bit about 3 weeks vice 2 weeks straight later in the summer (maybe it'll help him feel better???), and that I had offered him time last Sunday but didn't receive a response, and a "have a good afternoon" and my name.  

I left out some things I'd like to mention, such as that I do not appreciate being yelled at.   Again.   That yes, it was VERY last minute.   Etc.   Those can be gotten into later I suppose.

I felt good after sending it:)  M was getting the address book gift wrapped for her twin friends party, who are moving away.   I'd eaten something real, which always helps!

But, now I'm a bit anxious.  I don't really believe he'll show up at my place today, being he didn't seem convinced of his position, combined w/ saying that he knows it's last minute notice and he realizes I might have plans for M, and he knows that she does. 

I also know that he knows she is to return Monday a.m., but he might stay trying to hedge his bets and simply just not return her, refuse to return her.  He's pulled that before.   Yes, he knows she'd be screwed for camp, but I don't know if that'd matter to him, b/c of how he's treated her activities for her in the past.

So, in some ways, relief.   I know what the Court Order states, and I feel confident in that.   But I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.   How will he react.   I may not know until Monday, I may hear within the hour.   C is often passive / aggressive.   I still hate this.

M, of course, happy to be at her friends party:)  There are 10 girls there, so it'll be fun.  She was worried others would also bring an address book, or if she didn't have to bring something.   Ah, always that etiquette being learned.   Heck, adults need to learn more, often, too:)   I told her that a gift wasn't required, but it was certainly not INappropriate, and that it's perfect.   She really likes that address book, too, and we'd spent time over the past year looking for one for her, none other being quite "right."   I asked her if she'd like this same one for her, "YES!"  lol

I did get a CS check in the mail today, not too late this month.   Still addressed to the wrong street name (there is a well-know, well-traveled Road nearby with a name practically the same as my Drive, and C tends to use that one, and without my unit (I'm in a condo).   I've pointed this out.   Thankfully, my mailman is good.   It's dated June 8th, postmarked June 12th.   Typically it's dated approximately a week before it's postmarked, so this is good this month.   Now I can get M her cleats and oh, we're trying to borrow a field hockey stick.

M knows nothing of this stress going on, this latest demanding bluff of his.   She's having a good day, and is happy:)

I hate the waiting part.   My stomach gets all turned into knots.  I'm actually rather glad we had other plans for this afternoon (and actually, she has youth group this evening, too, if she wishes).   BIG breathe, in, out.   Wishing for Better Days.... :)   The Lord help us all.

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  1. onecrabn3lilfishJune 13, 2006 at 7:17 PM

    I say call the cops and get the order enforced if he doesn't return her morning morning.  I know M wouldn't be happy but this guy keeps trying to get over on you.  :-/

    Maybe things would be different if he really wanted to spend time with HER but to me, it always sounds like C is just trying to upset YOU.