Friday, June 30, 2006

Is That -- BLUE??!!

I walked out of Target last night and was taken back by the sky.   I don't typically glance too long at the sky, but I liked the colors of, wow, BLUE.   The sky is BLUE again!   A touch of grey, a touch of pink.   It rained enroute home, anyway:) lol but, it was the first time I've seen blue in the sky for days.   I'm not even sure if it rained today.  Otherwise, it has every day, at least once, just less so each day.   Start of a 4-day weekend for many, it seems:)  

The night of the concert, the wind was picking up as I drove home, chatting w/ my girlfriend on our cells, she already there saving me a seat.   Rain started in big wet blops on my window as I was parking and raced inside.   Daisy HAD to urinate, we both knew that.   She really didn't like it pouring AGAIN.   I was in a raincoat and had the umbrella, but I really had to hold it more over HER.   I was soaked right through to my skin.   Not until over an hour later, did I feel the weather and I were both ready to re-try an outdoor concert:)   It didn't rain a drop there, amazingly, and I caught most of their second act.   Two different sets of girls, who didn't know each other, did some ad-hoc dancing to a Donegal Reel (one hard-shoe routine, and the other a lovely 3-hand reel).   Mostly, kids danced to anything, and there was  Turkish and a song with a bizarre mix of styles, including disco, that WORKED, lol, and some hora-sounding music.   Eh, it was fun enough.   Sycthian was the band.   I even parked in kiss and ride, instead of paying for one of those stupidcards (smartcards) that metro tries to insist upon, yeah.

I'd left later from work than planned as, wow, M was allowed to call me.  (Sounds bizarre to have to put such a thing into a Court Order, but, it's good it is, or she'd likely not be allowed at ALL sigh.)   It was so good to talk with her:) and we got a lot more of her party plan ideas worked out, too.   Interestingly, C who said they'd go with their plans for this week, after all (being M's dance company camp was switched, tho her regular dance camp remains this week), doesn't have her in anything at all.   I guess it was mostly for scheduling the timing of Si's birthday party this past Sunday, so M could also be there for it (thoI'd have worked with them on that, but this apparently still worked).   M was hanging out at Si's gymnastics time, not clear if it was a set class or what.   Sometimes M's been able to do drop-in times there as well, but not Wednesday.    Si had Spanish camp last week -- starting time the same as M's field hockey camp had, so I'm guessing that Si's mom had balked last minute in taking M to HER camp and potentially not getting Si to HERs on time (tho couldn't C have helped drive?  M said her friend had stayed for part of the weekend and the plan was to drive both home on Monday a.m., but the friend went home Sunday instead, which I'm guessing was for Father's Day).   Si has dance camp this week.   C is working this week, so M is running errands with Sh in the mornings.   She IS at least able to read a book (Tales of Despereaux), but hasn't gotten the package from school yet for summer reading for next fall.   C refuses to let M be in any classes or camps b/c it takes time away from him, but he's working, and Si, his just turned 4-year old, is in camps and classes.   M sees this; I don't point it out to her.   M asked me if I'd called her, if I'd called "the house."   I told her that I had, that I'd e-mailed her on Monday (it got to late to also call oops), and that I had called her Tuesday evening a bit after 8 p.m.   She hadn't known, and hadn't listened to my message to her, even tho that is court ordered.   Sigh.   M told me that their phone there is screwy, it either rings really loudly or not at all, so they just keep it turned off.   I didn't tell M that I suspect it's only turned off when she's there, that I'm always screened and ignored, or for when Si is taking a nap (I hear she doesn't nap any more).  It's not the first time M has said this, though.   I sometimes just really don't "get" what C is doing or thinking. 

I DID get tickets for Annie ordered today:)   Md can't come to the beach next weekend (which, secretly, I'm not upset about as I don't know that the timing of THAT weekend is the best for M/I to go, and M may get invited to another party that weekend, too; I'm happy to include the girl just not sure about that weekend).    Md played the role of Annie in the school production that M played Miss Hannigan in.   M chose to see Annie instead of Riverdance, a hard choice for her but she's all into Annie right now, and said she'd also like to have her friends join her.   It ain't exactly a cheap event, even if it'd be probably more than twice the cost if seen in New York City.   M understood we can't bring everyone, and had thought of having it be a let's see who can and they each pay.  Tricky with also a party, though, this week.   BUT, as Md can't join us at the beach, when Md's mother asked what money Md should bring, I just said if she could bring enough to cover whatever she wishes to buy while there, that'd be fine.   This is M's birthday present from me (plus her party plus a necklace/bracelet set I got her a week or so ago, oh, and the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants bought with a $10. blockbuster giftcard a Girl Scout mother gave me, and a cheaply-priced dvd of Anastasia M will love one and had once asked for in dvd as she/I watched it a TON in VHS and would sing and dance to it nightly for ages).

Everyone's asking, so, do you have plans for "the" fourth?  lol.  It's understandable, but, um, no.   Plans for Sunday night (last Annie show and thee only one that M's with me for), another night this week for M's party, Friday fireworks w/ Grandma/Bampbob, but not yet for Tuesday:)   It hasn't been as critical, actually.   My town is doing their fireworks this Saturday, so, sigh, we'll miss that.  But, the next town over has theirs on Tuesday, and there is always downtown (DC).  

I'm happy people are excited:)  I'm happy M will have a great time, a great week -- her favorite holiday.   We'll just add a touch of red and white to those blue skies, kay?!

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