Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Rain is Gone!

Mood: Upbeat

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.  I can see all obstacles in my way!.......  however it goes:)  ..........  Gonna be a bright, bright, sunshiney day!   Of course, there's still the water to deal with......

Wow, what a busy day.   JP and I and our travel agency spent hours trying to get him to Oregon as scheduled last night, but alas, twas not to be.   One of the managers DID get out there, tho, and handled the conference, tho nixing the rest of the trip for now.   And other things.

Yesterday morning it stopped raining for a couple hours, also, and Daisy was eager for a long walk again finally.   Dark clouds in the horizon, I gave Daisy that long morning walk, not knowing when she could again without us both getting drenched.   And it did pour again, off and on.   The power was off yet again last night, about 7? hours worth.   It wasn't a heavy rain at that point, so many were outside.   One mother and 4-year old girl were "washing" the car, and I ran into another dog owner and her dog who we weren't familiar with.   She laughed, yes, her power was out, too, "so what else is there to do but walk the dog?"   

It started raining Sunday early a.m., POURING buckets after M left with her paternal grandfather and his wife and Sh's sister.......  (45 minutes late, but that was good, M wanted to take a shower and shave again lol).  

Lake Needwood, if I heard correctly, was 25 feet above normal, and authorities feared the damn would break.   My dad lives near there, but not on "that" side.  He didn't need to be evacuated pre-dawn this a.m.    A few thousand people did have to be.   Apparently about 90 people declined / refused, but most went.   I'm heartened to hear that there was a pet shelter set up as well:)   Thanks to the Montgomery County Fairgrounds, and the Humane Society (and anyone else) who made sure that emergency shelter for families (or singles) that include PETS was arranged for.

I'm sure my late grandma's home and neighborhood is very flooded -- Arlington / northern Virginia area got hit very hard.   Heck, even 495 / beltway had mud close it down one day, and our offices downtown, wow, in the 26 years I've worked for them, they've NEVER closed due to rain.   Wait, maybe that year we closed because a hurricane came through very much with us in its path...... I was inside with M just watching the rain beat the sliding glass door, pouding harder than I'd ever seen it do.....  but it's never closed because of thunderstorms.  

I still have not heard from M sigh.   There is telephone contact scheduled for today.   Of course, I've tried to contact her Monday (e-mail) and yesterday (calling her), but most likely she'll not even receive those.  Well, she'll get the e-mail when she returns home.   Very frustrating.......  I'm glad I have a cell phone, though, as she knows that #, and can try me without me feeling I must stay inside in our home just in case, waiting for her.   Besides, sometimes, the phone lines were out, too, these past days:)

I could run real errands today.   It really stormed hard Monday day right when it was "go to lunch or not get out at ALL" time, and I was quite hungry.   I did drive-thru:)   I still got soaked, but I had a good meal.   I love a good storm, actually.   BTW, Maryland holds the record for fastest rainfall, someplace in western Maryland:)   Or, they did.   It was still almost nice to see SUN today, at times.

Tonight is an outdoor concert.   Sunday night after the power went out, very heavy storms, M long gone on to C's (hope Si's birthday party was indoors!), I called a couple friends to chat.   My one girlfriend invited me to this concert tonight, if it wasn't still raining:)   We'll bring lawn chairs, which I normally never do, but, it'll be required tonight.   I'm excited, actually.  I was burned out, now I'm antsy.   It'll also likely be good -- Sycthian? I forget the spelling, but I *think* it's one of the bands from the Potomac Celtic Festival.  

In the e-mail invite that my girlfriend received, and forwarded to me, I saw R was also invited.   That'll be interesting if he shows.   I'd love to run into him again, get more time to chat with him, know each other more:)   I did e-mail him earlier as his hometown is in desperate threat of flooding, and he responded.   I know we get along well and like each other.  Maybe I'll never know why he didn't ask me out, or maybe him saying "see you at (his Catholic club)) events" was his way of trying to say he'd like to see me more.  I thought of that later.   OR, he doesn't like 5 cats.   Which is fair, we are all who we are.   Eh, if he's NOT there?   It'll still be fun:)   I even told my friend that if it ends up canceled or too wet, I'd still like to go out if she's up for it.  


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