Sunday, June 18, 2006

Why am I surprised.......

Mood is frustrated /fed up.    C writes me tonight, 7:16pm (even tho I said if he had any problems, please call me on my cell, mostly cuz I didn't anticipate any problems, but figured I might go into work early, I sure didn't think I'd still be online but working, too, so happen to be online).   I only happened to see his e-mail.  

I'd sent him final information on M's field hockey camp for next next week earlier in the day, and included a nice, honestly-intended, Happy Father's Day message.  

  "Plaintiff shall be entitled to have M.... with him on Father's Day from 9:00 a.m. to the beginning of school or camp or other activity the following Monday......"   He has ALWAYS brought her back to school or camp before.   I told him the time of her camp last Tuesday, with written e-mail to him on Wednesday (that he responded to so nastily, and mostly with false statements, but in a way that I KNOW he received it).   

He writes me tonight that he refuses to go into battle over this and will not be bringing her to camp Monday a.m., but he will have her ready at 8:00 a.m.   That he knows where I am going with this.   Huh?   I had 98% assumption he'd be returning her, and to the camp.  I wasn't trying to go anywhere with it, but give him final information.   I'd sent all her stuff and everything for it, heck, I could have borrowed a stick for her if I knew I had extra time to get her one.   Check in is at 8:30 a.m., as told him starting last Tuesday.  (We have to give 48 hours notice of change in time of pickup / return unless emergency, etc., and no time is written in the court agreement, so I wanted him to be sure to have the time once I received it.)   In rush hour traffic, now that HE moved away from the town we've lived in for 30+ years, it's an hour from his place back south to my place / where the camp is, so 8:00 a.m. isn't even early enough.   He and his g/f get free gas, THEY moved, not me, and, previous to his move last fall, he ALWAYS brought her back, for 11 years, from his visitation.     He still does now if it's to school (or, presumably, to camp, but, um, guess he's still ticked at me b/c he doesn't like the Court Order, which I cannot help at this point.)

I don't get why he's pulling this bs, and last minute.  Well, okay, he's trying last minute again in hopes I won't see it until tomorrow morning for one thing, most likely, and another, being last minute and over a weekend, he KNOWS that I will do what is needed to not screw up M and her plans, so he knows I'll end up driving up there as, really, he's forcing that issue even tho he should return her.  

The wording in the CO is not clear, tho twice it mentions "return of the child" and only once mentions anything implying pickup of the child could ever include me picking her up from him.   We left transportation out of the CO as it wasn't an issue; I should have listened to my lawyer and put it in, anyway.  Sigh, I don't know.  

But, it's frustrating for him to pull this last minute like this.  I'm really glad I came in to work today and got some things done so I'll be ready tomorrow.  Oh, I spent some personal time, but I figured out, it was over 3 hours of actual WORK time, too, and I'd hoped to get in early tomorrow as I;ll be picking up M from camp at 1pm.   Which isn't even the issue.   That he's waiting until last minute, instead of 48 hours notice, that he's deciding he's not returning her after HE moved, and we had every expectation that he'd be returning her, I don't get this.   His actions are truly despicable.   And, I have to call her there tonight, apparently, as he's not let her call me yet, but legally, she and I are due a telephone conversation NLT today/3rd day into vacation.  

It's not fair.   I have sole physical custody of M, and we share joint legal custody of M with me deciding vote.   Yet, gee, guess who still runs the show if he feels like it, when he can get away with it.   It's about HER, not him, not me.   If he'll let me talk w/ her tonight, I can at least asage her worries and let her know I'll be there for her:) she will get to camp.

If anyone has advice for longer-term dealings with him on this, please do advise:)   Polite would be good, too, even if you disagree with me or how I'm handling something, at least have your criticism be polite.   Thanks.


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