Monday, June 5, 2006

So Busy a Week

All of our field offices have their senior employees here today, and my bosses boss is out here, too.   I like her.  It took a bit to get it all set up, and it's going well I think.   Have some more things to finish up for her signature before they all depart.  I almost came in here yesterday just to be sure, as my mind just didn't get as clearly organized Friday as I'd hoped, tho I stayed real late (M w/ her dad this weekend).  I'd have taken off this a.m., though, if BJ had come in town last night.   B/c it's him:)   Our time's so limited, my boss was fine with it, and BJ is worth it.  But, hey, good I'm here (writing this on part of my lunchbreak btw).

My personal to-do list for today and tonight is a TON, too.   M's in an "Extreme Race" today at school, I hope to visit briefly.   I helped last year with the marking the times who came in and photography.   It's a great thing.   She is teamed up with a girlfriend of hers and a best guy friend of hers.   M feels so equal to the boys at this point, physically speaking, and good thing because she typically is:)   I suspect she arranged to borrow her dirt bike from her dads again, too.   She refuses to let me get her a bike (once she outgrew her other one).   I think he used to "force" some rides on her, but competing with her friends?   THAT is fun, lol.   They'll do a combination of swimming, "mountain" dirt biking, and I suspect either track or some obstacle course thing.   I really like that this "Physical Expressions" teacher has been able to facilitate this (run by the Intermediates).

Oops, I still don't have the reenrollment forms done UGH.   So much else, though.   The final Girl Scout meeting / cookout / party is tonight.   At almost 10 pm last night, I was asked to be able to tell her tonight what specific requirements M's met for the two IPP's she's earned on her own.   I decided to just grab M's book, with all of the information in that.   The main leader also wants them to finish up a Dreams to Reality award, by preparing a resume tonight in 1/2 hour.  Yeah, right not.   I will try to find time to pull up some samples.   M doesn't know what one is for certain, and is detail-oriented, and, well, takes a lot more time to finish something like that than other people do.   I'm disappointed as I'd rather her really learn that instead of it being rushed hap-hazardly.

M also has her portfolio to do one last go-through for tomorrow, and her book-reading log.   I assume she's okay with her group effort Africa presentation.   I'm chaperoning their field trip on Wednesday to the African Museum of the Smithsonian, to see tribal masks, which should be fantastic.   (There's even a new exhibit recently highlighted in The Washington Post, if they have time.)  But, the presentation "Around the World in 80 Minutes" is tomorrow.   Others are doing Maryland (required in 4th grade), and various countries (M did in 5th grade), and the 6th graders are all doing Africa as required curriculum.   I did check Borders last night for books on Ghana, where M is focused, in particular language and religion.   Naturally, others at church are FROM Ghana, but I didn't remember until I was at church yesterday, and I didn't get to catch anyone.   Whatever.  It's HER project, just if I happend to talk w/ someone who had something, it'd be a fun addition.   I don't know if C will do anything w/ her this weekend for it.  

It's Si's 4th birthday today:)   I sent M with one of her former leotards, lavendar-pink, with silver sequins sewn along it.  Very pretty.   I do hope and think Si will like it.   We couldn't get the computers to work right last weekend to have M finish up the design for a t-shirt she's making Si, tho she got a card.

The Ghana book I found was $22., so forget that!, tho I skim-read a book I finally bought for M, for AFTER school's out.   "The secret blog of Raisin Rodriguez."  I think.   There is one somewhat risque part, but it's really just the middle-schooler looking at her own private parts, just looking.   One of Raisin's friends gets a first kiss with a guy.   Nothing more.   Talks of different social groups and talents and stepsisters and IM'g with girlfriends, lol, what more could a middle-school girl want?

Tomorrow night is M's last stepdance class (unless/ until makeups are scheduled), so she can't miss that!, and I have a rehearsal for Potomac Celtic Festival.

Wednesday after the field trip, I'll watch M's last scheduled riding lesson:) and we'll go to a Youth Advisors dinner, where she'll also meet the summer interns.   I could have gone to a work dinner (but don't know anyone else going and it's pricey), or a Girl Scout leaders dinner out (again, pricey, and this one, I couldn't bring along M so shrug, whatever).  

I suspect Thursday will be her day to show the portfolio in a one-on-one with the principal.   Blessedly nothing else scheduled:)   I can take my dad in to the Nextel store that day (I will have to mail him and let him know).  Friday is her last day of school, including swimmming!, and 8th grade graduation that night (or summer youth kickoff).

Somehow, my todo list didn't include not being successful in getting a play ring out of M's bathroom sink this morning, cleaning up the grassy spit up on M's homework (hmmm, neither Indie or Daisy usually spit up but both had eaten freshly rained on grass in our a.m. walk), or having to redo my hair b/c I sprayed detangler on it instead of hairspray, lol.  All in a morning, eh?  I was still early:) just not by as much as I wanted.  Oh, and having to redo a load of laundry -- Captain, bless him, threw up enroute to the vets yesterday, and had an accident enroute home.  (Tinkerbell did great!)   While I was sanitizing his cat carrier, he flopped down on top of the CLEAN pile of laundry.   Lovely, not.   I ended up spongebathing him to save the rest of our home!

All these things.   I should coordinate a class goodbye gift for Mrs. O, M's teacher, too, get "thanx" gifts for the dance teacher and riding instructors.  

None of it, other than seeing M, seems at all important right now being BJs schedule and mine isn't going to work out.   His rescheduled visit went from Sunday night arrival to 10:45 pm arrival tonight (too late for anything but chatting), through Wednesday.   Except he has a mandatory dinner Tuesday night, and, well, guess M's 2 hours of class isn't going to work out for meeting him, and it'll be pretty late for us later, with or without M.   The future looks good, sure.   It's comforting to read what he wrote.   He and I are both going to feel better when his divorce is FINAL (soon).   Sigh.   Him hanging out here for a weekend maybe! (hey, he's said it a couple times) or me there.   So much patience involved.   That's the hardest.   Patience while he was working things through, all of that, hey, I was not going to push him, and I wouldn't now.   But, he's really sounding into this now, like we're mostly ready, so UGH.  He'll be right HERE, both of us downtown DC on Wednesday.   Him helping protect the world, or at least our nation, me helping youth (and myself) expand their minds and have fun learning about more of the world.   Likely not to do more than text or talk.   ARGH.   All in time.  More patience.

There's no way I'd try to fit anyone else into our schedule this week, but no way I wouldn't try to fit him in:)   Or, well, if my cousin were in town or something, of course.   Oops, my niece graduates June 8th.   I better get her address again.........

I actually do better at getting things done and events handled well, when I'm busier.  Of course, too busy is still too busy, but putting them down on a to-do list, bam, bam, bam, go from one to another, in that mode.  Not in a "anything is possible so what do I do oh some of this and then that" mode, it's not the same.   There is some structure, has to be some structure, to a busier time.   Wednesday is still looking pretty good, though, with the downtime fieldtrip:)

Ok, off for a few minutes of watching M and friends at the Extreme Race, or try to!   Drop her off a snack for her riding lesson later, too........


Update for the record -- didn't get to watch her race, albeit I did remember that last time, I only got to as I was one of the volunteers.  Other parents didn't show to watch.   I'd been the coordinator for the presentation by outside people for this afternoon, and they came early, so I was working with that.   Later, I did get a quick run in to leave M a snack in her barn locker, and walk Daisy as we'll go straight to Girl Scouts after my work / her riding (and grabbed the veggies I'd chopped up and salad dressing as our contribution to the GS dinner).

A little scared of whole weekends with BJ.   What if we drive each other nuts?  LOL.   But, he's worth that risk, for me, and obviously, he feels it's worth the risk for him, too.  It's kind of exciting to think about, too:)    It IS a rushed week, but it still would have been nice to have seen him.   If he gets out at even a somewhat reasonable hour tomorrow...... then again, he won't.   Not for a school night, so.   And, that's okay, ultimately.  Time with M, and sleep, and there is still a connection, and hope:, with BJ and I :)   In time.


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