Tuesday, June 6, 2006

there's a lull now, pondering

The busy of yesterday day is over with only some remains today.   Most are off at a conference now.   My only free time was lunchbreak, which is fine, heck, I even mailed to my dad and mailed out his things on lunchbreak.   I'd rather be busy and occupied than bored, and even busy and bored, well, if it's my job that does come first.   (So no searching for resume samples or Africa stuff.)   Little today, though, so catching up on some things here and there.  

I talked w/ BJ around 7:30 this morning.   He was already at "the other" hotel eating breakfast; I was walking Daisy, enjoying the weather and that I was not also already networking and "socializing" with coworkers and clients.   As he said, it's half of the reason he is at this conference, even if he'd rather do the meeting, see me, and go.  lol   It was about a 3 minute call, and we're both fine with that.  :)   Somehow, I like to know he made it in safely if he's flown in to "my" area of the world.   Re-touched base on schedules.   I'm not big on dragging out phone conversations, believe it or not (I know I ramble on here, but I haven't yet figured out my "purpose" for journaling).   Oh, I can talk a long time, with some people, but a say hi, touch base, hey, 3 minutes is good.   Some calls have a simple purpose, not a chit-chat purpose.  

Today, M's class finished their "Around The World in 80 Minutes."   I saw Africa, after spending some time in Greece that was actually very interesting to me as well.  (Sometimes, it's a big effort for a youth, but it's not as stimulating for me the viewer.  I usually aim to visit EVERY ones display.)   "Africa" was done much more indepth than I anticipated, for the late start they got and how only so much was done at home.   Nicely done, props, even detailed travel brochures:)   M finished up a couple scrapbook pages last night (tho somehow the lion picture disappeared), along with adding a couple pages to her portfolio and us checking the reading log to be sure all was signed and filled in (clipped to the page her dad had marked off some areas of -- he sent it this time! so, good).    Tomorrow, they can relax and just enjoy their Smithsonian trip, then, not feel they must gather information for this presentation.

Extreme Race is done -- no bike from her dad and the bike shed at school was missing the key, so she ended up running approximately 4K wow -- her team came in 3rd officially.   She didn't agree with the math used, and thinks they really came in 2nd.   She's likely right, lol, but hey, she's happy with third, too, proud of how they did, just preferred the prize of the ice cream cake the 2nd place team chose as a prize:)  I'm proud of them, too:)   No parents other than volunteers showed, so I made the right call.

Running and then riding and playing around w/ the Girl Scouts had her legs stiff this a.m.   She seemed fine at (my) lunchtime.  I reminded her about her Going Out form (permission slip for tomorrow).   I could take a nap, lol.   I'm guessing she'll be dancing tonight just fine, as she danced about the kitchen last night.

I got a gift card from a GS parent last night, $10. to Blockbuster.  How nice! :)   It's the thought I appreciate, and it might be useful, too.   I spaced on getting the main leader a gift, but maybe it's just as well as she didn't have any, not even for the Cookie Manager, whom I also tend to give a token item to, but wow.    I did ask her about the girls writing thank you cards for the other working mothers who they interviewed, which she also wanted done and had cards for.   One girl wrote "what she said," and another wrote "dido" (for ditto), instead of actually taking half a minute to actually put a thankful note down.   I remarked to M how hers had been thoughtful, and how I appreciated that she took the time to be serious as it is going to actual people (the neonatologist and a project manager, or? lol M verified but I forget).  

M had sold the most cookies, selling enough to get a cool fiberoptic light which is fun, and they all got their IPP's and fun patches, and other cookie awards.   Neither of us care for how this troop is run, however, real disappointing this past year.  M is seriously considering being a Juliette (independent Girl Scout) starting next year.   She's self-motivated enough with Girl Scout stuff, and wants to earn her Silver and Gold as time goes on, maybe go on a Destination.   I don't have any big qualms with that, except I know that part of being connected to a troop means sometimes being able to do troop things, and the social aspect.   We can think more during the summer.   This leader has already nixed going to just one meeting a month without any discussion (another parent suggested it, and that is common for older troops).   This leader has HER goals in mind.   She REALLY needs to ask the girls.   They had almost no input, and yet are Cadette's.   It was run as if they were in Brownies.   She is a good hearted woman and means to have it run "properly," and a friend of mine / ours from church, too.    She thanked me for my help this year, and I told her to utilize me more.   She seemed pleased with that and said she would.   I really need to give her a heads up if M and I do NOT rejoin there.  I'm thinking we will just cuz that's easier than not, but.

Tonight is M's last stepdance class for the year, unless a canceled one is rescheduled.   Not sure how it can be, now, as we got a notice that the studio is moving THIS Friday, new info, a move not anticipated for another month, but they found a new place yeah.   I wanted to get some party stuff oh well.   I DID get to pick up a teacher gift:)   I debated re-gifting that Blockbuster card.   Instead, I cashed my dad's check (reimbursing me for the groceries I bought him Sunday), and went next door to Starbuck's:)   At the feis, Ma was drinking a Starbuck's drink, she's young, busy lifestyle.  She still has the license plate holder we gave her one year, but gosh, no time for thinking through a special gift this year, plus, I'm sure she'll use this.

I'm so glad -- the class parent is organizing a good-bye / thanks for everything party for Mrs. O.   Naturally, she was eager to have my help and I'm assisting her, lol, but I'm not doing it all or in charge.   I'll pick up a memory box for the cards and photos being asked for, and will help her at the actual party on Friday.   Summer birthdays?  huh?  The past 2 years, that teacher didn't "do" birthday parties in the classroom, but Mrs. O re-instituted them, plus St. Patrick's Day and other parties, too:)   I didn't know, though, so now I'm to help work on THAT, too, likely combined.  Mrs. O's birthday is in the summer.  M says she doesn't care if it's combined, so perhaps no other child will feel slighted, either.

Two journals I read today referenced birthdays TODAY!   One guy is celebrating his 38th today, with his twin, yeah, happy birthday.   Another, the mother is mourning her son who just died last week.  His 12th birthday is today.   M's is in 1 month.   I cannot imagine.   He sounded as if he'd lived a good, happy life, was a Sea Cadet, etc., and I suppose, that's what memory one holds on to.   Like any relationship, one holds on to the great stuff, that we're in that amount of pain, b/c it'd been that amount of closeness and deepness that had been there, that we lived, they lived.   I don't take time or people for granted.  Dougie's passing, my Gram's passing, "sharing" M w/ another home, relationships.   I do admit that I anticipate having M still alive for many years, though. 

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