Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Girl Power! :)

A fiasco getting M to the field hockey camp, but.

The young woman was so nice who was checking in M while I parked.   M signed herself in with just the part of her last name that is mine (D......), and not her full last name which is D........-L..........., with her dad being the L..........   Whatever she wants; I'd registered her as D..............-L............., on to the field with a lot of other girls from 7 years old through teenagers.   There are three camps held simultaneously, and broken into skill level as well as ages, but they are in different groups sometimes, too.   All young healthy athletic girls and the women coaches:)

M had a great time, but was HOT and redfaced.   Had refilled her water bottle and drank all of her lunchdrink as well.   I sent extra today, one with "electrolytes" in it:)   M had not worn shin guards before.   She was pulling them off, and declared "I am shaving my legs!"

I did a quick mental take, hmm, how old was I?   Apparently, it's time for M.   Her leg hair is very blonde, especially after having been in the sun, so she could get away w/ not shaving.   We stopped at Shopper's and CVS to look at their women's shaving products, while telling her that sometimes mens shaving products are better quality so don't discount the mens shaving creams.   I also got her more face cleanser pads and a moisturizer with sunscreen.   "Girl" bonding time.   After reading her new (summer) issue of American Girl magazine, a great one btw, and a bowl of deserved ice cream:) it was shaving lesson time, lol.   I didn't watch her, which is fine, and she ended up with no nicks or cuts!    I do think her having someone tell her a couple things about it and her having her own, beats her sneaking and borrowing mine and maybe not doing something so well.   And etc., but not for public.  I will add that she's grown approximately 4 inches taller in the past year.

M also told me of the various stations and what she learned at each one, her teams name, and how she overheard an older girl saying to her teammates to watch out, that they (M's team) is GOOD.  I hadn' t known of these specific terms before, but hey, that's why she's learning, partially.  (It's also for daycare, and so that she won't stay saying, hmm, I've always been interested in field hockey.  How, she'll have spent a week trying it.  I don't care if she never does it again, or if she does that's fine, too.  Like with lacrosse and the lacrosse clinic she took from this same group 2 years ago.  So, now she's tried it.)  They'll have a competition on Friday / end of camp.   She implied she'd like me to watch.

Last night was her first out of four total Figures Classes, for the basics before her dance school choses sets for Oireachtas in December.  (Need to find out when that is, ugh, an internet search didn't say.)   I mixed up the starting time, sigh, but M was okay with that, had only missed drills on 3's and 7's.   She knows that, not that no one can't improve and practice, but, she at least knows them well:)   Teaching some of the girls the 4-hand reel was a bit of a hoot at times.   I hadn't seen adults taught that in a while, either, and admittedly, the children got it quicker.   They also have to be very correct in it, dropping and raising their hands at just the right beat, or they get points taken away.   It's not nearly as pretty when my group does this:)  Nor do we jump so nicely when doing the square part of the dance.  LOL.

I "networked" with some of the parents.  Some I knew previously, but only two of them had really been all that nice before, a third one only at one event had she been nice.   Maybe b/c this isn't Company this time?  I don't know.   DD being in a company out of that studio now might help, too?   No one's been MEAN, some simply neutral, but still, there was a bit of a difference.   Maybe this was less stressful for them, too?

Anyway, I saw M dancing and laughing and having fun and practicing and goofying off.   She was still doing this for 1hr 45 minutes, as the class ran over 15 minutes, so M missing the first 25 min didn't matter so much.   M was happy, she feels as if she is getting to be friends, now with the 3-4 girls she was dancing with:)  I'm glad.   It'll really help her fit in more comfortably come fall, especially as she won't be doing the dance company class this summer.   (I was also glad, ultimately, that M had shaved under her arms.  Oh, it was so light I hadn't even noticed it, but this dance, well, the girls raise their arms high.   No worries now.)

No guys in this figures class.  Not sure if guys and girls have to be separate for official competition or not.

Daisy was sleeping near M this a.m.when I went to wake her up:)   I think Daisy missed her girl, her "mommy."  M fretted a bit as to what to wear, and we can't find her mesh bag from yesterday that had her waterbottle, lunchbag, and inhaler / mouth piece in it.   We know Daisy must have dragged it someplace, but it wasn't in Daisy's usual places:)    We got M's other black and white mouthpiece boiled/fitted, and M had put a large waterbottle in the freezer, another bag, she's fine.   Got to roll those shorts (rolling my eyes), so, hehe, I bought these larger so they don't ride up her backside quite so much even with rolling:)   They fit well NOW.   Black with the red symbol for her stepdance school, but not that t-shirt that V had made that matches.   A blank tank top.   Athletic with her wrapped ankle, cleats and shin guards, and the girls version of a top -- spaghetti straps and sparkles on the black.   LOL.   Got her dropped off and watched until she (and others) got down onto the field and joined the girls forming into a group for announcements.  

These are all fine young women -- who hopefully will feel confident in what they do, what they can become, and who they are now even.   Hopefully, they will stay growing healthily (one girl M danced w/ last night is a cancer survivor, yeah, you go girl), and have good images of themselves and their bodies.  This is all so crucial during these years of a girls life, those middle school years.  

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