Wednesday, June 14, 2006

just checking in

I called M a few moments ago.   We chatted some, she sounded a bit interrupted.   Said they're watching t.v., yes, they will get some lunch.  I reminded her she wanted to go to the pool, and it's not raining (storming) yet.   I know public schools got out after lunch today (I think they can still count that as a full day, too).  

M is over her friend, Md's, for the day.   The mom will be gone 9:30-3:30, and the dad was gone by the time we go there, 9/9:15, but the older high school brother and his buddies were still asleep in the basement, lol.   That boy wasn't required to watch the girls, but he would be in and out, and out might just mean to the pool or skateboarding, too.   I'd actually trust these two home alone, and age 12, they CAN spend the entire day alone, legally in Maryland, and once age 8 years old, can for brief periods (likely dependent upon how long and how mature the child is, too).   I have left M home alone for an hour or hour and a half maybe three times, or four, parents meetings type reasons.   They are both real mature for their age, too.

But, it was a bit funny.  "Um, Mom, why are you calling me?"  lol   I told her I was just checking in on her.   I do believe that's a good habit to have.   I know that they are fine.  

Heck, they're big 7th graders now:)   That was so exciting after graduation of the 8th graders last Friday night, and afterwards everyone talking about how they are now in the next grade up.   M and Md's new teachers, Mr. L and Ms. M, were so pleased and proud of their students.   Mr. L had talked w/ the then 6th graders Friday during the morning about this fall / next year, and a package he and Ms. M are sending them "within a few days" about what they are to work on this summer.   He was excited to relay this to me, seems real enthused.   I'm glad:)   I also like how the two compliment each other, and am glad that he is an environmentalist (and math whiz, etc.).   She's more the language person.   He certainly seems friendly, but I see girls instinctively hugging her, so her warmth, and his enthusiasm, plus their other skills, it's a good mix.   Ms. H will help out some, too, well, both Ms. H's, lol, actually.   And various specialists, and the "physicalexpressions" teacher, et al.   Mr. L thinks that the Intermediate Class (7th and 8th graders) will be about 20 students.

I could even let M stay home alone in the afternoons next week, too, really, as her camp ends at 1pm.   I might one day, but otherwise, don't really plan to.   She is a good kid and mature enough.  But, still.  :)

(The mom will be there a fair bit of tomorrow, but C gets M in mid-afternoon, have yet to hear if he prefers 3 or 3:30 and likely he won't tell me tho he should, or, well, he'll send his g/f most likely, so the girls get more of a chance to play today/longer time, then they would for tomorrow, plus than Md isn't left home all alone, but has a buddy.)

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  1. onecrabn3lilfishJune 14, 2006 at 5:42 PM

    I hope M had a great day with her friend.  Feeling all grown up.  She sounds like a very good kid.  I'm sure she has her moments like all kids do, but you are doing a great job with her.  

    C is just a butthead.  But you know that.  ;-)