Thursday, June 1, 2006

Wrapping up the Day

M's asleep, zonked early. She was a bit wound, smiling, glad to see me, had a good time, kissed a couple fish and a crab and caught a catfish and the guy on the boat
might have been drunk (further inquiry, he was not, and she had even checked and yes, he was walking straight lines just coulddn't remember the kids names)..... and their rudder broke so they went around and around in circles for a while.... so they didn't get back as early so they didn't get time to swim in the Chesapeake (but they dumped water on themselves while on the boat).   (Nonstop talking!)

Big swing ropes course thing this a.m.; up 45 feet high and then dropped (with all sorts of harness gear and such), and then swinging in the air by the rope.  Sage was the woman helper there and she whispered "girl talk" advice on the top-chest harness positioning, and encouraged M to go the full 45 feet up and not just 40, and "Wow, Mom that's really high."  She liked it a lot.  

This afternoon was survivor class and M got chewed out by this geeky overweight leprechaun (her words) b/c she said Alexi's hair was too long because it got into his eyes when he wore his helmet. "Um, honey, just what type of survivor skills were you doing where you needed a helmet?"   I slipped and called him Alexis, not Alexi, and M found that hysterical in that "I'm SOOO tired but wound" way.

I didn't get the full story on what they did after dinner, other than setting up for bed/ tents on platforms/etc. I do know M decided to wear today what she wore to bed to sleep in, lol, which are originally intended to be clothes but she always wears them as capri pj pants and a tank top sleep top.  (Somehow, everything she brought, worn or not, got dirty and/or wet.)

POURING downpouring rain on their ride back, and my ride to my friends retirement party (wow, a big one).   I got DRENCHED, fully soaked from thighs down, and wet enough everywhere else. Could hardly see to drive. Got the cell phone message, no signal for the call itself apparently, that M's bus was to come in about 1/2 hour early. Great, but gosh, a LOT of driving in heavy rain, flash flooding (M was worried about that part), and well, 15 minutes at the party wasn't a lot. M sounded like she wanted to go, but thought it was at their house. Still had a soda but not food, liked the band alright, thought that the name Johnny Jump Up was really lame in some preteen girl description. Just too loud. I got some food I happened to leave between us so she could pick, but she had eaten on the bus ride home. A few of us were asked to dance, and I thought twas just dancing. We "performed" the dance Ballyvourney Jig. I like that one:) but gosh, my sandals were sliding all over after having gotten soaking wet, so that didn't help. Told M I could leave if she wanted to, and we left around 8:30, after I'd danced and she finished her soda and there were some "roasts." M was so happy to see Daisy, hugging each other, but asleep when I got in from walking Daisy. Sweet dreams, sweetheart:) 
I heard pretty strong rumours that Martin O'Malley was possibly going to stop by there after his town hall meeting, which may have even been delayed with some power outages, not sure.  Guess he sometimes plays with at least one of the members of JJUp.  They were also going to clear away several tables and really have dancing. Oh, well:) My child comes first before any party, and she was tired, and that's late enough on a school night, anyway.

I have to remember to pack up the b-day card M got for her little sister who turns 4 years old on Monday:) I didn't get the clothes washed from C's place as they just came back here tonight. 

BJ's trip has been altered, yet again. Oh, the one he was to come in for won't be until later THIS month now.How come I knew that.   But, he will still be in town -- Monday super late (into BWI 10:45pm) yet staying near Dupont Circle for a conference downtown (DC). Doesn't leave until Wednesday, but with his itinerary and mine, gosh, maybe we can squeeze in some time Tuesday night.

I heard the song Collide yesterday and it just hit me. Someohow, that's one of our songs, our first one, tho we don't collide.  We've never collided.  We do really well together, actually. Would we if we spent 24/7 for a full weekend or week? Eh, he's very organized and orderly, but not in a way that comes across as anal. And, just general things, who knows until we try that? Someday:)  

We'll go stretches w/out conversing in any manner, which feels so well, like he's not there. But, when we DO touch base or even just chat, it just feels so much more closer now.
and, that I like:)

Oh, I did call my mother today. Told her I couldn't access the aol emails or write, and she's fine and we're fine. I came up with another idea, too, to lengthen our time in June, if we go in June, an extra day. C may wish M to stay with him the day of Si's dance recital, so maybe switch a day there. We'll find out:)

While out, I got Captain and Tinkerbell their appointments for their shots and talked about getting him neutered. I'll just have to charge it now and get it done, especially if we go out of town in June, so before then.

M has a little booklet "passport" from her studies there at Echo Hill. One question: "how did it feel to kiss a fish." "awsome" :) (yep, w/out the e). Can't say I've ever kissed a fish before, but I suppose it could feel enlightening:)

Doing this via IM:  oh, entries must be at least four words long.

Okay, night night night. :)

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