Friday, August 24, 2007


M had her 13-year appointment on Tuesday (it was then, or on her birthday in July).  My mother and I talked a bit about the Gardisil vaccination / immunication.
I'm waiting until next year for M, even if I was prepared for M to have it this year, and I'd prepared M for it.  The pediatrician brought it up, so I told her the summary of what I knew / heard of.  Also, that I really just wished her to have it previous to high school.  She said that she's waiting for her 12-year old, also, that it IS new, and that my decision made good medical sense.  She seemed concerned that it's still new, when there is time to wait for the younger ones eligible for it (recommended for ages 12 and above).  It'll still be in three shots total, but not until next summer and into the fall.  My health insurance will cover this.  I've had pre-cervical cancer cells myself.  I'm not risking M's life by her NOT getting this vaccination that could help prevent her from some cervical cancer.
Interesting that the chicken pox vaccination came out for M's age group just about the time/age she'd be eligible, but as she was sick that visit, I waited about 6 months.  With her eczema troubles she's had, I didn't want her miserable catching chicken pox.  Now it's mandatory for school children in Maryland.
M DID get the meningitis (sp) immunization / vaccination on Tuesday, as she was due.  We finished up the office visit, I spent a few moments getting the medicine release form signed (for her inhaler at school and fieldtrips like her Wednesday night one), and an updated copy of her immunizations for school.  We got into the elevator, and M complained about her stomach.  There is something scented on the first floor and elevator and I could sense it, but M was getting quesy.  Then, she passed out, fainted right there.  I thought she was joking at first, but obviously took her very pale self back into the doctor's office.  She apparently had a reaction to the vaccination, tho it's likely she was just too excited for it and related, not that something in this particular vaccination had something in it.  Yikes.  Of course, she was fine a while later.  Not up for an optional dance drills class that night she had really wanted, and the doctor didn't want her doing, anyway, yet feeling great after 10 p.m. lol trying onher old clothes and such. 
Still, that was scary.
So, vaccinations, eventful this time.  Otherwise, she's doing great, had some private time with the pediatrician (which is appropriate at age 13), yadda yadda.  Visit done.  I hope she doesn't have that reaction ever again.
M had a practice this morning for dancing she's to do this weekend -- M and a dance friend will dance for musician at a fun festival.  I've always meant to take Megan to that festival.  She's snow wimming this afternoon and I'll pick her up early.  Ahhh, the remaining days of summer.  M says she's ready for school to start NOW, but really, fully?  It's getting here.  Besides, she doesn't seem to have any jeans that fit and could use new sneakers.:)


Thursday afternoon came and went without nary a word from C, nor phone call.  Phew.  After Sunday tradeoff of M with C, to M with me ("like a toy" per M argh I hate she feels that way), I started wondering if C had not gotten back to me re: mediation he'd been threatening and insisting on (ok, fine), and that she's with HIM this weekend (um, no, not per court order unless we switched), was b/c he'd just show up and demand she go with him.  He's not one to ever get back to me and say, "Oh, never mind," so I was left wondering what he was planning on. 

I'd gotten info from M about an upcoming event (feis) that led me to think that C/Sh were not going to stay persuing (sp) the switch of weekends/court order bit.  Then an e-mail from Sh implying that M was with me for a different upcoming feis / competition (asking if M and Si could do a 2-hand dance competition for it-- if Sh felt M was with them, Sh wouldn't even bother asking me, heck, she won't even respond to me when I ask her what M is signed up to compete in, for a feis M's with them for.  Just verifying figures is in, as her Oireachtas figures group is to dance there for practice.  Ah, well, someone at the dance school sent out another mass information e-mail that included who was confirmed for that, and M was listed, so good.  After asking M, I did write Sh back that M is fine dancing that one with Si, and I'd add that to M's registration.  C and I will also switch a set of weekends around later in the fall, as C will be out of town for one and M wants to feis near C's sister for another.  SO glad this has been, I think, resolved)

Thursday morning, picking M up from her camping trip the night before, I learned that THAT went uneventfully as well.  In the Applachian mountains during rain, yet they stayed dry even.  Greenbriar State Park.  As Sh put it, "Oh, nowhere exotic."  Nah, "just" a bonding "leadership" overnight camping trip.  She had SO MUCH FUN, as did the others I saw.  This was her 8th grade class trip, in advance of school, and they were all just happy to see each other again and very excited.  M asked to go over a friends house for the day with other girls, yeah, that problem solved.  (I was stuck with a work meeting so was going to have her with me at work, NOT risk her staying at home just in case C stopped by.  Then take M to a movie, which I may do this afternoon instead, or with my mother tomorrow, being M's extended her visit with a dance friend from practicing this morning, to also swimming this afternoon!)
TWO uneventful events.  Sometimes, uneventful is a good thing.  :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I am not blue!

My mother loves all things blue, surrounding our home with blue to the point that I denied it's existence.  I'd say this was green, most likely, or any other color.  I'm STILL learning to appreciate blues.  Bright blue?  Nah.  Navy -- sure, it was my black/neutral for years.  The gorgeous blue of the ocean off of Baja Mexico was not to be denied.  Yet, I'm green, my entire life I've been green.  Maybe yellow at times, or purples and pinks, but always always green, too.

So, what do color do I get when I take the fun test in Sheria/ aimer's journal from Cathy's journal?  I am red  I wonder if this is a mistake.  Maybe I shouldn't have listed a stormy night's colors as a favorite?  Ah, heck, some of this is true........ 


***You Are a Blue Crayon***

Your world is colored in calm, understated, deep colors.
You are a loyal person, and the truest friend anyone could hope to find.
On the inside, you tend to be emotional and even a bit moody.
However, you know that people depend on you. So you put on a strong front.

Your color wheel opposite is orange. Orange people may be opinionated, but you feel they lack the depth to truly understand what they're saying.

What Color Crayon Are You?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Auntie Lou wouldn't approve of Horror House.

Auntie Lou wouldn't approve of Horror House.

I took Daisy on an extra-long third walk this morning, just because we could and she was enjoying it. This after I had Liberty cozy upon my lap for a good while and I attempted to catch up on my newspaper reading. (this via im with aoljournals, so adding more to this btw....)

The woman from the county shelter who conducted our home interview told me that her main criteria was, "Will the animal be loved?" I know of studies done on human babies with their essential needs provided, such as food and clean diapers and clothing, and proper medical attention. They don't thrive, however, without some amount of touch. Yes, touch, love, attention.
Even at this latest walk, outside feels more like a summer in Maine today. It's cooler. The highs may only reach mid 80's. M is happily at a water park with a girlfriend, and I'm thinking dag, would I be cold there today? I think of my Aunt Lucille, my mother's oldest sister. She lives in Portland (Maine), now, and used to live just over the border into New Hampshire for many of her adult years.
Auntie Lous is a cat person. In this home in the country, next to their barnhouse and simply land and woods behind them, she had cats. A lot of cats, sometimes 30-40 of them I *think.* Lucille's second husband, my Uncle Jenkins we'd call him, had a dog. Sounds like a stereotype, I know. Crazy Auntie Lou with 40 cats.
Hers was one of those home-based not official rescue center type places. Thing is, she did take care of them. They didn't have much money. (Excuse me, Daisy decided she just had to ask me for the cats water bowl, which is somehow preferable over HERS that I just filled again. And Captain knocked a curtain down after lounging in front of the open window.)
Sometimes when we visited in the summer, the dog would be put outside for a bit, on a chain that'd let him wander into the barn, with water nearby, and never for long enough that he'd miss feedings or playtime.
One room there was "the cats room." I don't remember it well right now from my childhood, but I think it was where they were fed, and had their climbing items and beds. Things like that. Perhaps some litter boxes albeit I think they primarily went outdoors.
None were allowed in the dining room where they ate, or, at least not when we visited and no real evidence that they were, otherwise. The dog wasn't. Not really much odor, either, which in retrospect surprises me.
Eventually, as she got older, she had to find other homes for many of them. At this point, Lucille lives in an apartment where she's allowed one extremely spoiled cat.:)
I'd love to provide loving homes to MORE cats, actually, and a canine playmate for our dog. But, I can't. I don't have a 2-story home and a barn and huge outdoor areas, and I don't have the money. For another dog, I'd also want more time. I come home many a lunchtime as it is to be sure Daisy doesn't go too many hours without attention (especially if it's a dance class or visit Dad night).
I read and see stories about homes such as "horror house," nicknamed for a mansion in New Jersey recently discovered to have approximately 80 animals in it. There were also several decomposed animal bodies in plastic bags (I believe in the garage area?), and feces all over the floors, and petfood all over the floors. I don't recall hearing of the overall health of the live animals.
The couple apparently started out taking in animals, perhaps as a rescue center. They had space for, well, at least several. I can understand this. Heck, even M has said she wished to run a horse rescue center when she's older, at times quite seriously persuing that idea. My heart melts to see some of these creatures, especially the older cats, at the shelters.
I can understand live throwing curves, and that this woman's business ended up going into bankruptcy. I can understand financial strain.
I can understand holding off for an extra month or 2 on a routine vaccination. Heck, Tinkerbell and Captain are due theirs and we'd planned them for a week and a half ago, but when I called to verify the times for the twice a week when they offered vaccinations and office visit with only charging for the vaccinations, they informed me that's down to once a week now. That time next week is when I take M in for HER annual visit (and shots she's nervous about).
I can even understand coming home and being surprised by a not fully secured trash can being dumped onto the floor, or a bowl of food knocked down or thrown about the floor. Or, until I got metal cans for the dry foods, a bag of it having been reached and torn open upon the floor, (sorry, Indie's crying to go outside but he's deaf and hence WON'T go out alone when I can catch him). This isn't normal, but, it's conceivable. Hence, the report of this home having pet food all over the floor I'm not as conce
concerned about. I'm not clear if it was one of those "oops" moments, or something more chronic and horribly unhygienic (sp). What I am NOT understanding is why remains weren't taken care of (a home in Virginia? within recent years had remains kept in shoeboxes in a garage area). Wrap and bury them, or freeze until you can (but wouldn't a mansion have a large yard?), or contact a vet or shelter for info on disposal options. I imagine a dogs corpse would be large.
And, what the heck is up with feces all over the floor? Yes, young kittens not fully trained, puppies left for too long, the sick ones (which can include elderly ones w/ poor control), there will be accidents. My cats as kittens needed to be encouraged; Daisy as a newly released from puppy-jail had a couple accidents. This "horror house" didn't sound like that type of situation.
Even Auntie Lou, even if only an hours notice of us visiting, even when up to 40 cats, never had the home covered in feces (nor food all over the floor, tho perhaps on ledges in the cats room). I hated going away for 28 hours last weekend and returning to full litter boxes. Yet, I just cannot comprehend a home full of feces. Hire someone to help out, plead for volunteers, do something if you personally do not have the time to walk the dogs and clean up.
My six pets are family members. When M was little, I sometimes could not afford to feed her AND me, but by golly she always got fed (I didn't), she always got medical attention (I sometimes forgo'ed prescriptions for a bit, or dental visits), AND plenty of love:)
I'm not sure if plenty of love could be showered upon 30 or 40 cats (and one dog, he got his attention). Auntie Lou DID make sure that they were cared for, until she was unable to and then she painfully, regretfully, found homes. But, 80? Dogs and cats? Sadly, their story is not uncommon. Well-intentioned, but, ultimately, not a good home.
Another thought while enjoying this fine air outside, okay, in addition to knowing I'll take Dad outside in this today. Not clear how some elderly get sufficient vitamin D intake, being shut in's. Also thinking, I'll alwaysbe a cat person. N has a dog, but is allergic to cats. Maybe we DO workbetter as friends.
enjoy your day, all. :)

(Meaning, I know that the situation was not thee best at my Aunt Lucille's.  But, it was still nothing like the filth and neglect in some of these "pet collector" homes that I hear or read about.  Even she'd have been upset.)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So, I spewed.

So, I spewed. I actually have no problem with alcohol, and believe there are times and places for it. (I enjoyed a cold Corona Saturday on the party while on the dock, with dinner and other adults around, and hours before driving.) Sometimes, however, for ME, it's healthier to spew out at least some of the crap going through my mind, get it out here or elsewhere, or dance, something.
And then I could sleep.

This morning was cool. Daisy and I enjoyed a long brisk walk. My legs and I missed our walk on Sunday morning. I thought I'd be thrilled not to be woken up too early (by Daisy). We (M and I) had stayed at Ma's nice apartment, which was really nice of her. (How many other TCRG's would offer such a thing?) It saved us an hour and a half drive Saturday night going home from the party, and probably close to that much time Sunday morning. M woke up eager to GO TO THE FEIS. She had a decent breakfast, however, and rather liked that Ma had hot chocolate (with marshmallows!).

The girl who moved into a unit somewhere above us is close to M's age. She has dog walking signs all over with photos of a little whitish dog. M and her have not yet met. This girl had to give up her shitzu (sp) dog in order to move into this particular unit.

As much of a pain in the, um, neck, Daisy can be sometimes, simply for being a dog, I am grateful that she IS here, that we have a place where she can call home, and she is not so ill like her "boyfriend" Colt had been, or like Chase had been.  Or like Skeets is becoming rapidly at my mom's.

It's a new day. The day N and I maybe were going to see a concert -- a band he used to cover in his high school band. He has a work conflict, and his kids are with him this week and yadda yadda (and has not been back on match I don't think).  I do know and I do understand, he's "struggling" (his word) emotionally; I know.  And he is one of thee 3 people IRL who ask me about my father. Only 3. I think.  {we've talked quite amiacably and such since my last mention of N on here.}  I still feel done, though.  At least at this moment.  I just don't have the gumption to even write him back this time.  My mail courier at work is THRILLED to utilize those tickets (Doug doesn't even care for that band sufficiently, nor do I; I'd have enjoyed the time with N but eh).  MailCourier will take either his wife or his son, took time off of his second job.  So, good.

I suppose it's too early for LateCoworker's obituary to be in the newspaper (today). I'll look, though.

"In my life." My song my late cousin Dougie "gave" me, done by The Beatles. I still have my life, my Billy who came under the covers this morning, I can still feel the cooler air on my skin as I walked, I still have my hearing so cell phones work great even without texting. Even with IRS audits and bills
(I forgot to pay a couple of mine, while trying to stay on top of Dad's daggnabbit) and potential legal battles.  I have my life.

I have too many blessings to not appreciate them when others cannot, like LateCoworker, or Dougie, or the girl upstairs missing her dog, or my Dad who can't go outside and seethe stars at night. I'm alive and will not get down too far. And I'll spew sometimes. And I AM stressed. And, that's okay:)

To a new day. Hopefully I am "allowed" to talk with M.

off to work now, though work calls made earlier.

Monday, August 13, 2007

I suppose it IS healthier than drinking.

I suppose it IS healthier than drinking.
Dancing is many things, including my escape. I was happy with our weekend together, M and I (with everyone else it seems). Saturday's party we got to late (as we slept in and packed that morning after not "the" fair but "Sisterhood ofthe Traveling Pants" movie with popcorn Friday night), C stayed until thee latest while we had to wait to get directions to Ma's place where Ma and I were staying over. But, it was fine enough.  Going out back felt like coming home in a way, Ma's friends place right on a river feeding into the bay. Dock and water as if a bit of Sebago Lake right here in Maryland. Ma's home where we stayed overnight Saturday was nice.  Sunday, I wrote about, mostly.

I'm glad M's found something she can "escape" with. She got me into dancing, I'm happy we can share it, I'm happy she finds peace when at "the barn."  We both love to read.  She's enjoying redesigning her room over and over (the furniture placement and things on the walls, and sometime we'll paint her trim with paint leftover from her lavendar bathroom I painted years ago.)  We all need something.

And, I knew some of what today would be.  (So I wrote of the excitement of M's dance accomplishments first, before heading to the meeting about and with Dad.) 

I wasn't as optimistic as Beth was. Doug fell (at work, not using two crutches, cuz, well, he had to work). He thought the meeting was tomorrow. Supposedly this was a team of Dad's doctors and the social worker and the family. Ends up, the physical therapist type doctor was out, so my friend (the actual PT) was subbing. The medical doctor was subbed for by the nurse (who likely knows the real details, anyway). And Dad. I'm glad Dad was included.
Social Worker called me last week to TELL me when this would be. Uh-huh. Luckily, Boss is fine with it, and I wasn't working downtown as this was a midday meeting, not evening. One of Dad's doctors visits around 2 a.m., repeatedly. That one was not there:) I had met the other two, though.
My Friend the PT told me the latest, greatest, the needs improvement "standby" items, and the better off things, worded with more spin when Dad entered. That place tends to aim to providing respect towards the patients which is good.
He has a speech therapist now, also, which confused me but what the heck. Seems it's to help him work on his memory and solving puzzles and such, not really speech therapy. I think. He has had no speech issues.  She came to visit him later in the day and seemed as upbeat as the other therapists. 
Medical Nurse talked of Dad's blood sugar. No insulin, so good, asked who checked his sugar at home. He hadn'tbeen diagnosed previously. She even seemedto waiver between him being not quite hypo (her word), and diabetic. (In retrospect, I noticed that, so I'll ahve to ask.)  He is still in the really mild stages, anyway. 

This was something I could work with and understand -- he won't need insulin shots, he does need a snack at night most nights to keep stable. Her I asked more questions of. This I can take control of with Dad, whatsnacks, Dad, you love cheese and crackers, complex carbs, is fruit alright? I'd brought him various fresh fruit over the time there, and beverages, and sugar-free chocolates and peppermint patties (sugar-free). just I think that the caffeinated ones haven't worked well on his system.  Maybe.  Oh, the oxygen levels are great, too, per PT friend, tho still needs some when exerting too much.  Etc., etc.

Social worker, albeit nice enough and professional looking and all, basically didn't do much more than apologize for mispronouncing the last name (most people do that, no biggie), tell us (me) the date Dad may (or may not, this is a guidelines only) be discharged, and give me a directory of local senior somethings. Places Dad can transfer to (temporarily or otherwise, not clear, in case he should he not go directly home), and "oh, those are in there, too" when I asked about the appropriateness of a home health nurse or aide or whatever. what are they called?  I'm SO burned outand tired. PT was best able to tell me that type of info more than anyone. So, um, am I supposd to find him a place, or who takes his insurance even?
Still not clear if he'll move home, once it's ready, or temporarily until we can get the home more ready for selling than we need to do to get him moved in, or what. SocialWorker originally, as in weeks ago, asked me about Medicaid, but I only have a smidgen clue more than I did then, as I did some searches. It's good that they're cluing us in some, giving us options, but.

Dad's frig is due to arrive wed., yeah, reschedule that, at least I got the microwave and non-fitting clothes mostly returned.  Have a better idea about shoes and tired of trying and returning shoes, repeatedly this past year.

I can handle a crisis ("real" or not -- training today and tomorrow had a few "crises" occur, fine, focus, deal). This chronic "crisis" stuff is so hard for me emotionally to deal with.

When IS his home ready? Everyone asks me. I'm the expert now liaison with Contractor. Oh, but I need to arrange for the yard work, the extra stuff we want done there, see. I forgot. I need more of Doug's input even if no way is he mobile or out of pain, and he needs another surgery (switch size of those metal rods).

PT is a former neighbor, agrees we have no space here, someone mentioned usmoving in with Dad. I don't know if that'd even work, and schools for M, and the pets, and wouldn't he still need care when we're at work / away IF he needs it, anyway? Not even clear how much. SocialWorker talked of daycares, sounding as if that'd even be a good option, wording it as recreational centers, that and Meals on Wheels.  I asked her specific questions on that and she had no answers. Sigh.  Dad smiled a bit, "I'd rather just be home." 

I want good things for dad. I just can't emotionally physically whatever, do all of it. Not unless I quit work and stopped caring for M and the pets and myself.

Or, maybe I'm just tired right now. He liked seeing the latest photos of M from the feis. With his glasseson, which he didn't have when he came into that meeting room. We all signed that we met up. Yeah okay, sure. I suppose it keeps them from being too liable. "The global picture" Beth says was hard for Beth and her husband/my uncle Len, to see dealing with her motherinlaw. I never grasp the global picture. I am truly the type hung up on the trees, the 12 beautiful live I think healthy threes cut down in the park near us last week, and and oops,miss the entire damn forest.

I talked some with Dogwalker tonight, who watched Daisy for us that 27-28? hours I was away. Her dog, Colt, loved Daisy; Daisy was his girlfriend. She had to have him put down Saturday. Chase the dog, brother to Josh the "neighborhood" cat, had to be put down a few weeks back.

Then, I think this along with Dad's issues, what hits me is my coworkers death. Today, this a.m. Cancer. No one ever said he ws that sick. I didn't know.  He's so private, but we were friends. He moved back 2 floors away from me, and no one told anyone. I happened to know he ws on extended sick leave. I did not know of his cancer, nor his recent staph infection which I suppose may have been what killed him.  He was a good man. Very socially introverted, but a good man. Catholic, spiritual, liked hikingthe canal, was a friend to my coworker friend, Suzanne when she was dying of breast cancer. We even hugged after her death, which I think shocked him at the time, but hey. Brief and appropriate.

And the stars were out so clearly tonight, and I want to take Dad outside to see them. Except I think it doesn't get dark early enough and he likes toget to bed, well, earlier than that. He always liked that constellations and we'd look through his telescope many decades ago.  M has stars on her bedroom ceiling in poor imitation ofthe ones Dad had put on my bedroom ceiling in constellation patterns. And I miss her. It's as if I go back into a funk again when she is away.

KissUp Manager is LateCoworker's boss. "I've never had anyone do this on me before." Yeah, about her again. (Her who had incidents with LateCoworker previous to her being his boss, and I always blamed her for those due to her personality and work nature.)  Boss was the one, instead, who wrote out something nice to us all, which I helped him with, respecting Coworker's privacy with dignity.  Another coworker came in to me later in the day, crying, just reading the e-mail.  "[Boss] worded that perfectly."  Good.  "I'd always go in his cubicle and we'd talk.  I just knew he hadn't been in.  I didn't know he was sick."

So if I get caught up in dance sometime? It's my way of trying to deal. Enjoy some life, too. I even liked that guy. I wish he'd have let more get closer, yet ,he had to do things as they worked for him. Like Dad doesn't want to visit a daycare place we called recreation center.
Never mind my other stresses, the bigger ones of them I mean. Now I've written this out, now perhaps I can sleep.

so, is she Prelim now?

I've checked the NAFC (North American Feis Commission) rules (Dancing Comp. Rules), and the ones specific to the Southern Region.  One first place win in an Open (Prizewinner) hard shoe, and one first place win in an Open (Prizewinner) soft shoe competition (in an official NAFC sanctioned feis with 5 or more competitors and yadda yadda), seems to be the only required qualification for a competing Irish step dancer to move from Prizewinner level to Preliminary Champion level.  Without anything I can see indicating that a competitor MUST move up levels (perhaps by January of the following year, or is that not applicable to Open Prizewinner? conflicting info there).

Memorial Day weekend, 2006, after going to class only every/other week (C refused to take her or switch nights that school year yet that was thee night for M's specific class), with not a lot of extra practice, M attended the CCE/Comhaltas Feis.  This was her first time at the Novice level.  (A competitor, if qualified, moves from Beginner, to Advanced Beginner, to Novice, to Open Prizewinner to Preliminary Champion to Open Championship.)  M was just beaming.  I'll never forget that man at the award room who handed over the paper for M to sign, indicating taht she'd picked up her award, "Congratulations, young lady."  Many dancers who move to Novice, stay there for years.  Bamn, M got a first in her reel, did great in her other dances, and had so much fun, she was sold on competitive dancing.

So, now she feis'es (more than 2-3 a year -- we even traveled last year to Delaware Feis and Rhythm of Ireland, both a first for us, traveling "just" for a feis.)  And, Si started feising partway through this past school year (technically qualifies for Novice now, her first year of dancing, in at least three dances, at 5 years old this summer, often having to compete in the U7 instead.  This means that if M is with them, and Si is in a feis, they rather have to allow M to feis, also (albeit the 2 times so far, M's been signed up for half of her dances).

Fast forward 14-15 months from that CCE 2006 Feis, to yesterday's ICCD (Irish Culture Club of Delaware), aka, the Delaware Feis.  M was coming off of last months Nation's Capital Feis, one she'd not been able to attend previously (as she'd been with C), and Sh signed M up for about half of M's dances (but the feis somehow let me pay tons and add Treble Jig, M's last Novice dance, and add/upgrade her Hornpipe from Novice, which she won 1st place in at Celtic Fling Feis, to Prizewinner, and had her second time for Prizewinner slip jig as she just got first in Novice slipjig at Old Dominion Feis earlier this summer).   Meaning, yesterday was M's first time at all Open Prizewinner level for the four types of dances that "count."  (She'd not always competed the light jig and had always placed but didn't get first in, at Novice.  M did win first place Trebel Reel at a combined Novice/Prizewinner at Comhaltas/CCE Feis in 2007.  Figures don't count for this, either.)

More background, at Nation's Capital, M nailed the Treble Jig, getting 1st to move to Prizewinner (and 1st in her 2-hand reel with L.)  She got 2nd place in her Prizewinner Slip Jig (only her second time dancing Slip Jig at this level), and 2nd place in her Prizewinner Reel, both 2nds to a boy who swept her age group's Open Prizewinner at this competition, and had recently earned 15th at NAN's (Northern American something or other, but the North American competition, the best on the continent yet others attend, also, somehow).  M's first time at Prizewinner hornpipe was "in and out of rhythm" per the judge.  Ma told M, C, and I, that M's timing was off, previous to this feis.

"The twins" joined M in Novice Light Jig.  The girl seemed so happy to see M (she was looking for M or L), and pulled M over with her.  Her and her twin brother both danced great.  (M finally got her 1st in that one, "Why does your mother even sign you up for light jig?"  Well, to be honest, why not, even if it doesn't "count," besides, then it gives her something extra, something she doesn't have to worry about.  And, it tends to help her have a practice one.)

M didn't dance her reel as jaw-dropping beautifully as she did the other night, yet, she still owned that reel.  Her reel, Daisy's Reel.  She felt she would, and she did get 1st place.  That's a softshoe dance, performed in ghillies, at the Open Prizewinner level.  Neither L nor M did well for (Prizewinner) slipjig this time.  M got 4th place, and L something beyond that even.  All of us were pulling for L in Slip Jig and Treble Jig in particular, as those are the "O" (Oireachtas) dances for the U13's this year, and L had to placewell in order to stay being considered to attend as a solo dancer.  M's 4th place in Slip Jig was 1 point behind 2nd place (who was 3 points behind 1st).  M's first time at Prizewinner Treble Jig, she got 4th place!  That's a great placement, really.  She had trouble with her ankle during standing toestands at a hard shoe drills class last week (so worked on that and tried to switch things a bit).  Phew, L got her first place in (the same) Treble Jig.  M apparently got her timing worked out for Hornpipe, also a hardshoe dance.  This was the not expected but thrilling first place in Prizewinner Hornpipe.  (I think L got 2nds in Reel and Hornpipe this feis, not clear.)

M and L also chatted with other "feis friends" while there.  I'm thrilled with the sportsmanship I see them show each other, and others within the school, and also to dancers from other schools.  It got to where five of them in the U13 Prizewinner group from different Irish dance schools were practicing their hardshoes on stage, laughing and talking with each other during a stage conflict break.  We also tried to catch V, too late for M to be able to stay, however, and a young woman from "the not liked ID school" who has been in Novice since M started Irish step dancing, was beaming with her 2nd place in Novice reel (whom of course we congratulated). 

(We ran into a former codancer of M's -- we do sometimes and always happy to say hi and be supportive (as is Ma, honestly).  This time, I was taken back as her mother told me she thought "good riddance" for M's Irish dance school's local studio to have to close (for monetary reasons).  Wow, what a rude slap and putdown of us and our decision to have M stay in her ID school, and the ID school itself, one we love.  The ID school this girl attends now would not wish for that parents behavior, and is the school M would be in yet only if M's current ID school was not available for her. 

M and I had been thinking that 1st place in all four of the main dances (for girls, three dances for boys as they don't dance slip jig), is required for a dancer to qualify to move up from the Open Prizewinner Level, to Preliminary Champion Level.  That's a really big deal, and M is THRILLED she got firsts in two of the dances.  It wasn't until I read a note from someone else, that I remembered the NAFC rules and looked them up.  As far as I can tell, M IS qualified for Prelims now, technically speaking.  What do I do with the next feiseanna for her, not have her dance the ones where she placed first, still have her dance those again, also, move to Prelim's?  Usually, an Irish Dance school will have their own rules for moving up, and the TCRG needs to make that determination based upon his or her best judgement for his/her school and the specific dancer.  I'm guessing that M's ID school requires a first in each of the four main dances, not just a first in one hard shoe and one soft shoe dance. 

"Mom, can you tell Grandma that I think I've earned (OlderM's) solo dress?," said a bit demurely.  This is a dress Grandma's already mostly agreed to get for M, anyway, a more modern styled solo dress that fits in with most everyone else (not at the highest levels), a lighter weight fabric, it's in blue, and it fits her very well.  Ah, honey.  You've earned something alright, and we're all so very proud of you:)

M waits for her marks and talks with friends, then I wait for her marks while she waits in line for her trophies.  C calls me.  I answer, "She just picked up her trophies."  C responds gruffly, "She's supposed to have left by now."  Gee, lovely, even if the rest of the day was much improved from how he was with M last year. (This year, Si feised there, also, yeah, and C's sister and brother-in-law came again this year (I called them last year), and we all shared pizza together this year, etc., C left I suppose when they did, but he, Sh, and Si, returned having to wait until M was done before he could leave this time.  He usually doesn't stay for many of M's dances).  Eh.  We take time out for our obligatory end of feis photo.  He fusses to her that she just lost her chance to do anything she else she wanted to (yet he really should know by know that it takes this length of time).  M really can't leave in just her gold bloomers and her sweats are too hot, so she has to go to my vehicle (and pick up her items from C's, anyway, and changes out of her bright green feis earrings and out of her gold bloomers into jean capris, and makes sure to leave me her three golden trophies to take home), and still gets to the vehicle C's in, before Sh and Si emerge from the building. 
M is happy with the day, with her weekend, her friends new and old (V was there!!), feeling really great about how she danced except for slip jig.  M has no idea that in 14-15 months, she's gone from first time in Novice, to qualifying for Preliminary Champions!  :)   I'm going to verify how her ID school/ her TCRG (Ma) handles it before I tell her this. 
Reading the rules for the other regions listed in that link to the overall NAFC rules, and per the MidWest Region message board, I found out that the Midwest Standardized something rules, states that a dancer must place 1st in each of the four main dances in order to qualify to move up to preliminary champion level.   M is registered for a feis in that region in September.  I'm not trying to move her up too soon, I'm not trying to hold her back.  I just wish to do thiscorrectly, and have her dancing where appropriate.  For this feis at a minimum, she'll stay in all Open / Prizewinner categories.  It did NOT say this for the Mid-Atlantic Region, where Ma is from, or from any other region (such as Southern Region).  We'll hear in time how Ma wants these followed for M and M's ID school, I just want to know so that I can tell M!  She will be SO excited.  Even if she's kept in all Open Prizewinner a little longer.
Wow, all, sorry for the convulted writing.  I've been burned out, enjoyed much of our weekend, and thinking this all through in my foggy head.  I'm excited for M, and eager to hear more info.

Friday, August 10, 2007

random tidbits from a busy week

Tidbits from an e-mail to a girlfriend of mine:
Well, at 8:30 tonight, N had been online "within 1 hour," and had not written me.  So, I wrote him, that I'd be away all weekend and for [name of band for concert next week], yeah or nah.   Wish you well -- [name he calls me].  So, pfftt.  A week and a half ago, after he'd been e-mailing me, I sent him an e-card invitation to a one-time event, all positive and fun.  He has a lot of work conflicts and family obligations -- said he thought he had a conflict and would get back to me next week.  This is the Friday of the next week.  I know he's gone through a lot emotionally, and I may not even be "the one," fine.  Let him be restless and work things out and do what he needs to.  I'm understanding of that.  I won't be sitting at home waiting for him while he does that, but fine, do it, be well, I do care about him.  And, do RSVP.
To "the" fair tonight, after a day at my mother's (mark that off the to-do list), then after visiting my father again (hopefully his physical therapist, former neighbor and friend of ours, is there for M to say hello to), a big dance party tomorrow as in, the two performing dance troupes, as in, M's dance party, thrown by the teacher.  Except we got forewarned that C is crashing it and bringing S, and M is ticked as she's not with them this weekend, and it's not for S; M also had been disappointed that they wouldn't take her / let her participate and perform at the Open House event).  With this notice, though, it'll work out and M will act appropriately.  Then a feis (Irish step dance competition) on Sunday in Delaware.
Then, M leaves again:(  (But "only " 1 week this time even if I know I'll miss her). We talked of the schedule, and that she isn't scheduled (i.e., won't have to go) with him for 3 weeks in a row again until she's 17 years old, that summer.  "YEAH," was her response sigh.  She was excited to hear her own music again, be with friends her age again, have me let her make some decisions.  C even spent more time with all of them this year, taking off work and on vacation.  M loves C, and M does love innocent S and is gentle and good with S.  It's just that 3 weeks is too long, combined with not being home and with me it seems.  Two or three days this week, she told me that she just wanted to stay HOME.  She has wanted to work more on her room, also.  (As Beth told me after Dad's hospital trip, "Apparently you're where you're supposed to be.)
Hopefully, C won't be a jerk.  He and Sh have been acting as if they are fighting with me, as if in some huge fight, rather cool.  Interesting, really.  I'm NOT acting like that, as to me, there's no basis for any fighting.  Even if we disagreed, it's all semantics (except this isn't, it's really clear).  Weird.  (He wishes to rewrite part of our Court Order, while trying to convince me that it's just that we interpret a portion differently.  Yet, there's no other way to intrepret that part even, we've had our lawyers look it over 4 years ago, we've followed it for the past 3 summers, it's a non-issue, IMHO, yet he's looking into us going to mediation for it.  Huh?  I do not get the why of it.  I really truly many sleepless nights and tears, do not.  I give away that worry and am not engaging back, no reason.)
The feis I hope is fantastic.  M and L are both in all of thee same dances.  Again.  Same age, same level (all Prizewinner), same dances in the same competitions, very similarly matched.  Also the soft shoes dances are practically at the same time, and the hard shoes scheduled at the same time (different stages), yet a lot of good and positive feedback that this feis is great about those things, PHEW. 
M and L are also good friends.  We both truly do wish L well, even as she's been chosen to perhaps do solos at the upcoming Oireachtas.  While we're wanting well for M, also.  M and I have talked about this a few times.  M does a "She is very good," impressive reel, and yet somehow lately wobbles on her left ankle for treble jig while on standing toe-stands.  M does a slightly better slip jig than L (better turnout but sometimes her knees then look too turned out, scoring just one above L), and always gets her front clicks but not always her back ones and gets her shicots (shi - cots) just not while in her dances.  L may do better at both hardshoe dances, at least right now.  M did get a 11st in her treble jig last feis, Nation's Capital Feis, YEAH she is thrilled.  In Novice.  Now she is in Prizewinner for that, all Prizewinner, along with L.  It's hard yet, ultimately, a good learning experience. 
For a couple hours today, we thought L didn't get into this feis, her registration perhaps lost in the mail (and *I* mailed it for them yikes, as a backup plan if Seattle didn't work as Ian and Kelly's reception is tomorrow and M and L were to dance their beautiful 2-hand reel for it....).  Ends up, quick response from the feis committee, L's mother did the calculations a bit off, but L is registered.  I'm relieved; M is happy.  We didn't want L not to go.  We don't want L not to win.  We want L to have good times and dance well.  We just also want that for M.  L who we were taking with us to Seattle until that fell through, and L who then took M to Ocean City for 2 days, and who was maybe going to come with us tonight, and we will plan times for them again, L who is one of M's best friends along with Md (who is at the beach or would have come tonight).  At some point, either L or M will start moving up again from Prizewinner, and then in a couple types of dances they won't compete against each other.  It'll work out:)  They support each other, they will support twins who are M and L's age as it's the twins first feis!, support K at her first prelim, and even M's "feis-friend," from the OTHER Irish Dance school.  Even while M is so poised to do her impressive "own it" reel on Sunday, and should do her best and enjoy it.
M is debating which dance classes next year, all of which start earlier, not wishing to give up riding yet.  There may come a time, however.  She is in a similar level with her horse back riding, yet, rarely gets to show, and does not have the same type of support system there.  M will love it again, though, just going there after school (until dance).  K just finished a 2-week riding camp today, and they were talking last night.  K was dancing while waiting for her food order.  I asked if that was the reel she was using in the Oireachtas.  The reel M created with TCRG, Ma, which M named Daisy's Reel, is now the one being used by K and some others from our school in this year's Southern Region Oireachtas.  "Mom, it's a treble reel."  K stays dancing out the bars, "My mother told me that horses don't take kindly to little girls who are dancing a treble reel."  M proceeded to tell K a time when M did an "over the bridge" step and the horse was less than impressed.  Later at bedtime, M explains to me that they didn't mean while ON and RIDING the horse, but nearby one.  Oh.  So, Irish step dancers and horses together mean stay away from both due to risk of kicks?
My shining star who is on a webkins site right now, lol.  She is a beautiful dancer, with a good heart, who isn't hosting a last minute birthday party at "the" fair tonight, "I hate having a summer birthday," so yawn, we'll go.  We never miss this fair, ever, spending days there each year in years past.  I'm not always as big on the carnival part.  That's alright.  It's our tradition.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

various August Sunday thoughts

various August Sunday thoughts, hearing Billy knock down a vase, and Captain knock down drawer knob from on top of M's dresser
WOW, what a great day! Even now at 9:30 a.m., it's only 75F degrees outside. Yesterday at this time, it was 95F degrees outside.
It must be especially nice down along "the" canal.
I know it's not thee big tourist spot, yet I personally believe that the C&O Canal is one of our areas gems, historically and otherwise.

I also like Glen Echo as a secondary or tertiary tourist stop, very local and historical with its own beauty and charm. I suppose my father having visited there regularly as a youth, and then my bringing M there as a child, helps it feel special to me.
Yesterday was a dripping wet August day. Every time I went out I felt ready for another shower. I still felt better than I had on Friday. Oops. I know better than to get dehydrated. I was out of my routine. I was blaming my loopiness and beat feeling on my lack of sufficient sleep and bad air quality. I can usually deal with D.C. summer weather, even on bad air quality days. Duh. I was dehydrated. I'm okay now:)
Today there was even a cool breeze some of the time walking Daisy and Mr. Independence. Indie goes with us occasionally. I try to limit it to Sunday mornings. (He escaped yesterday, so did join us then, also.)
Indie likes to race up the trees then jump down. At one point, Daisy was grazing and Indie went to reinspect a pipe hole in a stone wall. I suspect some critter lives in there. Then he raced to the new wood chips near the playground and rolled around. Daisy bounded over.
While I was petting Daisy, I told her, "Your Momma comes home today." Even if I sent M back off tomorrow night for 2 days, she comes home tonight. I have off work tomorrow to spend with her. She'll go to the beach with her cell phone, and shemay be too busy with her girlfriend to feel like calling, but she can whenever she wants.
She seemed so happy to be able to decide for herself, within reason, what we do this afternoon and evening. I suppose it's easier with just one child (and one adult) to have said child have such input when possible. Perhaps I'll mention "the" canal to her, or a particular park we and Daisy all enjoy. Or?
Ends up, M is not dancing this morning. Sigh. I found out from the coordinator for M's (performing dance) troupe. M didn't know when I talked with her last night. I told her what I'd heard, and asked that if she ends up going, anyway, this morning, to please just have someone call me and let me know so that I can show up. I was only going for her. She specifically asked me to come and watch her dance, so of course, I wouldn't NOT go, if she were dancing/ attending.
And the beach would have felt so great yesterday, too. Life goes on -- I have been
walking the dog of an elderly neighbor who can't walk him herself readily. I've visited Dad and run errands (for both of us, talked with his contractor, etc.). He ate the blueberries eagerly. He loves fruit, and asked me for candy, chocolate this time preferably. I got him a sugar-free Godiva bar I'll have M bring him tonight.

I read the newspaper (well, through yesterday then brought it to Dad), and half of one of M's books, "Hush." Seems good. I stocked up on my chai tea latte mix and played with the cats playing in the dresser drawers I had open. N has family in town, emailing me three times Friday, him thinking I was going away to the beach. I'm glad his weekend is good even if we won't see each other during it.
I'll finish up some of Dad's bills and everyone's laundry before, in theory, also attending church. Obviously I do best at the latter service. :) Daisy is snoring now, after I removed the one tick and drowned it in the toilet. The day has possibliities (that hopefully will not include harrassment from C, yes, that is always a possibility at transfer time ack).
Rambling Sunday thoughts. Please forgive incomplete sentences or other horrendous writing from Friday. I was quite out of it.

Have a great rest of your weekend.

I cannot wait to see my angel, my star! :) I've so missed M. It's even nice to think of grocery shopping for her again, and we've talked of back to school items hmmmm. Just having her home.

Friday, August 3, 2007

"but does she have the legs for it?

The halls echo everyone's steps.  Heels are the loudest.  I'm in a fishbowl with advance warning.  It's either swamped here, or search for something to do.  It's been dead for a couple hours now, long enough for me to figure out how to access this journal, anyway.

I knew Bosses Boss (BB) didn't wear pantyhose during the summer.  I'd made note of that some time back, confirming it last Friday.  Actually, I took great note that very few women were wearing pantyhose.  Most were wearing, yikes, flip flops or casual sandals.  Really?  I was surprised at first, finally realizing that these are the new versions of commuter-footwear for women.  They'd change into dressy heeled sandals or such while in the office.  It used to be that everyone wore sneakers, with or without socks, and with pantyhose.  BB's BB's Assistant wore dress pants last Friday, and again today, as did the Assistant for the company CEO.  More women, high level and otherwise, are wearing pant suits or dressy pants now than I'd have seen years ago, just as BB did last Friday.  (BB's usual Assistant told me that everyone is casual on Fridays.  Uh-huh, so, dressy pant suits qualify as casual.  Gotcha.)

This week, she's worn meticulous, beautiful and stylish, suits.  She has great taste, and in the winter, her hose is typically color-coordinated to her outfits, along with her never overdone jewelry.  I know what one of her favorite shoe stores is.  While trying to find Dad new shoes, I ended up also searching for professional office footwear that'd work without pantyhose, and, yeah, found one pair, anyway.  BJ laughed, "Sounds like a women."  Nah, I'd not bought myself dress shoes in 3 years, and that was a consignment pair.  I actually need these.  He always wears nice suits for his work, and seemed surprised when I told him that BB doesn't wear hose in the summertime, so I may follow suit.  He paused.  "You have the legs for it, but does she?"  Heck if I know; I've not really checked out her legs in that manner, per se. 

So, since then, I've taken more note of how the various working women dress in D.C. these August days.  Only one (well-dressed skirt, top, and light summer sweater, and nice jewelry) lady did I deem didn't really have the legs for it, even if she wore just nice white flat thong sandals.  Otherwise, even in the offices, essentially NO woman is wearing pantyhose.  How well the legs look without it doesn't seem to be any issue.  I've not seen anyhairy legs, and most women who show their toes have them painted, sometimes nicely pedicured. 


Wednesday, Daisy stayed on the bed, eyeing me in the kitchen as if she knew it was way too early to actually be UP.  Liberty came, however, my cat with full hearing capabilities.  Then I think Indie.  I finally turned on the lights and fed everyone, getting Tinker later as she goes by time of day and lights being on to know when to come and eat.  The clouds were a beautiful purple, all framed and tinted with pink.  The pearl moon hung high enough in the morning sky, it was as if it should stay there all day.  An exciting, new, bright light start of a day.  I took off the $12.95 consignment store tag from my new navy floral Old Navy dress, the pretty lacey light blue sweater, added the scarf I then lost who knows where enroute to DC, put on M's cream with blue striped fashion sneakers, and put the new clearance navy with peep-holed toes heels in a bag with a drink and the Washingtonian.  Newspapers are so difficult to read on a train, and this had articles about teens in the DC area.  I did get an Express before boarding.  It's smaller and easier.   I read happily that Britain is removing the last of her troops from Northern Ireland:)  YEAH!

Yesterday, Thursday, eh, the moon was higher yet waning, the sky a pale peachy-pink.  I thought of the saying, "Red sky at night, sailor's delight; red sky in morning, sailors take warning."  Daisy was up and excited for a good brisk "walk." 

Yesterday, the [Metro] red line had a disabled train ahead of us.  I was horrified to be later than planned, even if handled relatively quickly considering.  BB said that things like that happen all the time, and that's why she doesn't ride the metro even though it's right near her home in her town.  Then again, she has a parking spot in the building.  I have my office SmartTrip card, and not spare money for parking even if I'd be reimbursed later.  I like this SmartTrip card thing -- so quick and easy and I'm not having to pay a thing (in advance).  Then again, a distraught man somehow no longer had his on Wednesday, "I just put $100. on it this morning."  I once lost a farecard with a lot for me on it.  I fear losing the thing.  Normally, it'd cost me almost $12./day to ride theMetro.  Crazy, really, how can people afford it?  It's $7.80 roundtrip fare for riding the Metro itself, and $4.00/day parking.  Some companies subsidize their public transportation commuters now, but what if I worked for a company that didn't?  a9This isn't my normal office, so I get reimbursed my entire cost right now.)

Yesterday after lunches and better meetings than her 8:00 a.m. one, BB complimented me on how nice I looked, my dress, and the NON-lacey camisole that I added.  Ah, yes, the new clearance at Kohl's black and white feminine yet business like dress cut down to, well, it needed the camisole.  The outfit I figured I'd wear whatever day N and I could meet up for lunch or after work....... he's just 4 blocks away, and quiet.  Whatever.  The outfit was well worth it just for BB's compliment.

I spend less time back at my own office yesterdday then I did on Wednesday (when, suddenly, I had more mail there then I had the previous 2-3 weeks combined), and visit Dad before going home.  He's been in a rehabilitation center / nursing facility since Monday.  It felt good to walk out of the hospital carrying his things, not because he'd died, but because he'd been transfered.  His nurse that day saying she was so glad I'd come back in for those items we all missed and were somehow not put in the medical van with him, as she'd planned to drop them by for him at his new place.  It's half an hour away, closer to me, but where does she live, and she was going to do this on her own time?  So sweet.  The new place is as large as an economy hotel room, with a smaller bed and no big pieces of low-caliber art.  I think I like it for him.  his one doctor there is great, too, at least that's my first impression, a man also specialized in stroke rehabilitation.  He picked right up that Dad has some sensory issues, likely lingering from his past mini-strokes.  Dag, his regular doctor missed this, his regular doctor had dad just on inhalers.  Anyway, Dad can't always get the correct brain signals for things happening on his left side, even if his strength is good generally speaking.  Some things there I'm learning (is the oxygen covered or extra, confusing paperwork, and why not towels yet?), some things I'm not crazy about (so give him a walker already and not the wheelchair, as the wheelchair sits in the corner and he fumbles along to the bathroom, or he holds on to me).  Except he says he uses the wheelchair some of the time.  I think tonight, if I can get there earlier enough, I'll take him outside for a spell.  Oh, wait, the air quality is crap.   

Code Orange yesterday and today.  I didn't let myself race-walk or run.  My legs and heart are fine with it, but my lungs can tell that the air is thick and not good.   I did not wish to have an asthma attack.   Today, just pale blue sky, and all the cats were up, including Tinkerbell who had decided to simply sleep under the light near the pet food bowls.  She's one smart kitty.  Daisy didn't take much convincing, even coming from deep snoring, walking neighbors cat, Josh, with us again today.  I'm tired.

I'm wearing what I wore last Friday here, sans the pantyhose.  Hey, I washed it all, except the shoes, and the other out fit I had planned needsthe blazer that somehow the dry cleaner's said wouldn't be ready until tonight, a week after I dropped it off (the one near me was closed down!).  Um, okay.  It does look dowdier unless I put on the cute "babydoll cardigan" that somehow works for me and covers my belly in a slimming not puffy way.  Today, our Metro car was packed.  I was lucky to have a seat.  Our car was so packed, that at least two stops, no one else could get on.  I was still exactly on time, great, with Bosses Boss departed already to be early for a meeting.  Ah, well.

I'm NOT going to the beach with a girlfriend, and about five other people.  I'm dogwalking a dog for the neighborhood dogwalker.  She and I trade dogwalks, on a not-kept count of basis, instead of ever charging each other.  I have Daisy, too, and my dad who I do not wish to leave for 3 days.  I could have previously; I thought I had sufficient plans in place for him, and I suppose the one guy is the one who caught Dad falling with his swollen feet.  This guy is the Contractor who I am to send a check to today, for his latest work completed, and meet with tomorrow, re: plans for new work at the house.  Dad's okay and could be left for 3 days at this point, yet he expects me daily now.  It is good for him for me to be on top of thingsgoing on there.  And, actually, the most important thing is that M wants me to watch her dance Sunday a.m. at her Irish dance school's Open House.  Not clear why they chose a Sunday morning, but whatever.  I will not miss an open to the public gig of M;'s if I can help it.  (She dances for a wedding reception Saturday night but I won't go crashing that.)  "I think I'm dancing, you'll come watch me, right, Mom?" with a pleading sound as if she really is missing me.  Melt my heart........  she called Wednesday a.m. not long after I was at BB's office and her nearby not liking personal calls, oh, well.  It was day 4 since M and I  last talked, even if the Court Order says telephone contact a minimum of every 3 days.  BB would understand (and, so what if she didn't).  Except this a.m. we get the set list and costume list for Sundays Open House.  M isn't listed as one of the confirmed dancers.  Presumably, I'll get to talk with M again before then.  I still don't need the heavy socializing and packing stress right now.  I have to focus on life first, and those I care for almost or all by myself.

It's August in D.C.  Congress goes on session next week, and even some of their staff "we all mostly just keep a suit or two at the office so if we need it," says a staffer talking with her friend on yesterday's Metro ride.  I didn't catch her legs.  Her friend wore a skirt, "shell," and blouse, with "dressy" flip flops.  This morning, in the packed car, I realized my arm was brushing a man's crotch when I read the Express, yikes, I never saw HIM, but I did reposition my arm.  Looking down, I saw another mans heel partially on a women's flip flops, just missing her oblivious pedicured toes.  Trains move, people, they jostle.  If that man lost balance at ALL, she'd have had squashed toes.  And, yes, for the record, otherwise, she was nicely dressed.  Just as almost every well-dressed commuting woman I've seen has been wearing flat sandals or, yes, flip flops.

I brought my lunch today.  It's so expensive down here, and I'm used to grazing throughout the day.  Where I've gone the past 2 days has a mix of tourists and commuters, and sometiems live music.  BB's meeting should finally end in about 15 minutes.  People have called or stopped by.  Everything's done.  I'm liking this, while here.  It's more exciting, I'm closer to "the action" (primarily related to "the" Hill right now, but sometimes just things and people in my company).  Getting up way too early is only doable when M's not home, and during daylight hours IMHO.  I also would really like to not lose a total roundtrip practically 3 hours a day.  I used to read more on the Metro, but I got nauseous both days on the ride home. 

I still love D.C.  I just want more time at home and for my life.  Oh, and more sleep would be good, too.

I suppose one really learns the sound of each others walking styles when working down in this building.   I can remember what shoes BB's worn each day, her jewelry, and her outfit, but somehow not her legs.  It must mean that, yes, her legs work without hose:)  (Update, if anyone cares, while doing high level important valuable work, BB is wearing another beautiful suit today, with a black and white blouse.  She said she has "nothing like that," i.e., summery look in black and white, but apparently she does.  And, yanno what?  It doesn't blasted matter.  She's a true professional whom I respect well for her work and style and leadership.  As long as she's somewhat put together, wardrobe-wise, it doesn't matter.)