Friday, August 3, 2007

"but does she have the legs for it?

The halls echo everyone's steps.  Heels are the loudest.  I'm in a fishbowl with advance warning.  It's either swamped here, or search for something to do.  It's been dead for a couple hours now, long enough for me to figure out how to access this journal, anyway.

I knew Bosses Boss (BB) didn't wear pantyhose during the summer.  I'd made note of that some time back, confirming it last Friday.  Actually, I took great note that very few women were wearing pantyhose.  Most were wearing, yikes, flip flops or casual sandals.  Really?  I was surprised at first, finally realizing that these are the new versions of commuter-footwear for women.  They'd change into dressy heeled sandals or such while in the office.  It used to be that everyone wore sneakers, with or without socks, and with pantyhose.  BB's BB's Assistant wore dress pants last Friday, and again today, as did the Assistant for the company CEO.  More women, high level and otherwise, are wearing pant suits or dressy pants now than I'd have seen years ago, just as BB did last Friday.  (BB's usual Assistant told me that everyone is casual on Fridays.  Uh-huh, so, dressy pant suits qualify as casual.  Gotcha.)

This week, she's worn meticulous, beautiful and stylish, suits.  She has great taste, and in the winter, her hose is typically color-coordinated to her outfits, along with her never overdone jewelry.  I know what one of her favorite shoe stores is.  While trying to find Dad new shoes, I ended up also searching for professional office footwear that'd work without pantyhose, and, yeah, found one pair, anyway.  BJ laughed, "Sounds like a women."  Nah, I'd not bought myself dress shoes in 3 years, and that was a consignment pair.  I actually need these.  He always wears nice suits for his work, and seemed surprised when I told him that BB doesn't wear hose in the summertime, so I may follow suit.  He paused.  "You have the legs for it, but does she?"  Heck if I know; I've not really checked out her legs in that manner, per se. 

So, since then, I've taken more note of how the various working women dress in D.C. these August days.  Only one (well-dressed skirt, top, and light summer sweater, and nice jewelry) lady did I deem didn't really have the legs for it, even if she wore just nice white flat thong sandals.  Otherwise, even in the offices, essentially NO woman is wearing pantyhose.  How well the legs look without it doesn't seem to be any issue.  I've not seen anyhairy legs, and most women who show their toes have them painted, sometimes nicely pedicured. 


Wednesday, Daisy stayed on the bed, eyeing me in the kitchen as if she knew it was way too early to actually be UP.  Liberty came, however, my cat with full hearing capabilities.  Then I think Indie.  I finally turned on the lights and fed everyone, getting Tinker later as she goes by time of day and lights being on to know when to come and eat.  The clouds were a beautiful purple, all framed and tinted with pink.  The pearl moon hung high enough in the morning sky, it was as if it should stay there all day.  An exciting, new, bright light start of a day.  I took off the $12.95 consignment store tag from my new navy floral Old Navy dress, the pretty lacey light blue sweater, added the scarf I then lost who knows where enroute to DC, put on M's cream with blue striped fashion sneakers, and put the new clearance navy with peep-holed toes heels in a bag with a drink and the Washingtonian.  Newspapers are so difficult to read on a train, and this had articles about teens in the DC area.  I did get an Express before boarding.  It's smaller and easier.   I read happily that Britain is removing the last of her troops from Northern Ireland:)  YEAH!

Yesterday, Thursday, eh, the moon was higher yet waning, the sky a pale peachy-pink.  I thought of the saying, "Red sky at night, sailor's delight; red sky in morning, sailors take warning."  Daisy was up and excited for a good brisk "walk." 

Yesterday, the [Metro] red line had a disabled train ahead of us.  I was horrified to be later than planned, even if handled relatively quickly considering.  BB said that things like that happen all the time, and that's why she doesn't ride the metro even though it's right near her home in her town.  Then again, she has a parking spot in the building.  I have my office SmartTrip card, and not spare money for parking even if I'd be reimbursed later.  I like this SmartTrip card thing -- so quick and easy and I'm not having to pay a thing (in advance).  Then again, a distraught man somehow no longer had his on Wednesday, "I just put $100. on it this morning."  I once lost a farecard with a lot for me on it.  I fear losing the thing.  Normally, it'd cost me almost $12./day to ride theMetro.  Crazy, really, how can people afford it?  It's $7.80 roundtrip fare for riding the Metro itself, and $4.00/day parking.  Some companies subsidize their public transportation commuters now, but what if I worked for a company that didn't?  a9This isn't my normal office, so I get reimbursed my entire cost right now.)

Yesterday after lunches and better meetings than her 8:00 a.m. one, BB complimented me on how nice I looked, my dress, and the NON-lacey camisole that I added.  Ah, yes, the new clearance at Kohl's black and white feminine yet business like dress cut down to, well, it needed the camisole.  The outfit I figured I'd wear whatever day N and I could meet up for lunch or after work....... he's just 4 blocks away, and quiet.  Whatever.  The outfit was well worth it just for BB's compliment.

I spend less time back at my own office yesterdday then I did on Wednesday (when, suddenly, I had more mail there then I had the previous 2-3 weeks combined), and visit Dad before going home.  He's been in a rehabilitation center / nursing facility since Monday.  It felt good to walk out of the hospital carrying his things, not because he'd died, but because he'd been transfered.  His nurse that day saying she was so glad I'd come back in for those items we all missed and were somehow not put in the medical van with him, as she'd planned to drop them by for him at his new place.  It's half an hour away, closer to me, but where does she live, and she was going to do this on her own time?  So sweet.  The new place is as large as an economy hotel room, with a smaller bed and no big pieces of low-caliber art.  I think I like it for him.  his one doctor there is great, too, at least that's my first impression, a man also specialized in stroke rehabilitation.  He picked right up that Dad has some sensory issues, likely lingering from his past mini-strokes.  Dag, his regular doctor missed this, his regular doctor had dad just on inhalers.  Anyway, Dad can't always get the correct brain signals for things happening on his left side, even if his strength is good generally speaking.  Some things there I'm learning (is the oxygen covered or extra, confusing paperwork, and why not towels yet?), some things I'm not crazy about (so give him a walker already and not the wheelchair, as the wheelchair sits in the corner and he fumbles along to the bathroom, or he holds on to me).  Except he says he uses the wheelchair some of the time.  I think tonight, if I can get there earlier enough, I'll take him outside for a spell.  Oh, wait, the air quality is crap.   

Code Orange yesterday and today.  I didn't let myself race-walk or run.  My legs and heart are fine with it, but my lungs can tell that the air is thick and not good.   I did not wish to have an asthma attack.   Today, just pale blue sky, and all the cats were up, including Tinkerbell who had decided to simply sleep under the light near the pet food bowls.  She's one smart kitty.  Daisy didn't take much convincing, even coming from deep snoring, walking neighbors cat, Josh, with us again today.  I'm tired.

I'm wearing what I wore last Friday here, sans the pantyhose.  Hey, I washed it all, except the shoes, and the other out fit I had planned needsthe blazer that somehow the dry cleaner's said wouldn't be ready until tonight, a week after I dropped it off (the one near me was closed down!).  Um, okay.  It does look dowdier unless I put on the cute "babydoll cardigan" that somehow works for me and covers my belly in a slimming not puffy way.  Today, our Metro car was packed.  I was lucky to have a seat.  Our car was so packed, that at least two stops, no one else could get on.  I was still exactly on time, great, with Bosses Boss departed already to be early for a meeting.  Ah, well.

I'm NOT going to the beach with a girlfriend, and about five other people.  I'm dogwalking a dog for the neighborhood dogwalker.  She and I trade dogwalks, on a not-kept count of basis, instead of ever charging each other.  I have Daisy, too, and my dad who I do not wish to leave for 3 days.  I could have previously; I thought I had sufficient plans in place for him, and I suppose the one guy is the one who caught Dad falling with his swollen feet.  This guy is the Contractor who I am to send a check to today, for his latest work completed, and meet with tomorrow, re: plans for new work at the house.  Dad's okay and could be left for 3 days at this point, yet he expects me daily now.  It is good for him for me to be on top of thingsgoing on there.  And, actually, the most important thing is that M wants me to watch her dance Sunday a.m. at her Irish dance school's Open House.  Not clear why they chose a Sunday morning, but whatever.  I will not miss an open to the public gig of M;'s if I can help it.  (She dances for a wedding reception Saturday night but I won't go crashing that.)  "I think I'm dancing, you'll come watch me, right, Mom?" with a pleading sound as if she really is missing me.  Melt my heart........  she called Wednesday a.m. not long after I was at BB's office and her nearby not liking personal calls, oh, well.  It was day 4 since M and I  last talked, even if the Court Order says telephone contact a minimum of every 3 days.  BB would understand (and, so what if she didn't).  Except this a.m. we get the set list and costume list for Sundays Open House.  M isn't listed as one of the confirmed dancers.  Presumably, I'll get to talk with M again before then.  I still don't need the heavy socializing and packing stress right now.  I have to focus on life first, and those I care for almost or all by myself.

It's August in D.C.  Congress goes on session next week, and even some of their staff "we all mostly just keep a suit or two at the office so if we need it," says a staffer talking with her friend on yesterday's Metro ride.  I didn't catch her legs.  Her friend wore a skirt, "shell," and blouse, with "dressy" flip flops.  This morning, in the packed car, I realized my arm was brushing a man's crotch when I read the Express, yikes, I never saw HIM, but I did reposition my arm.  Looking down, I saw another mans heel partially on a women's flip flops, just missing her oblivious pedicured toes.  Trains move, people, they jostle.  If that man lost balance at ALL, she'd have had squashed toes.  And, yes, for the record, otherwise, she was nicely dressed.  Just as almost every well-dressed commuting woman I've seen has been wearing flat sandals or, yes, flip flops.

I brought my lunch today.  It's so expensive down here, and I'm used to grazing throughout the day.  Where I've gone the past 2 days has a mix of tourists and commuters, and sometiems live music.  BB's meeting should finally end in about 15 minutes.  People have called or stopped by.  Everything's done.  I'm liking this, while here.  It's more exciting, I'm closer to "the action" (primarily related to "the" Hill right now, but sometimes just things and people in my company).  Getting up way too early is only doable when M's not home, and during daylight hours IMHO.  I also would really like to not lose a total roundtrip practically 3 hours a day.  I used to read more on the Metro, but I got nauseous both days on the ride home. 

I still love D.C.  I just want more time at home and for my life.  Oh, and more sleep would be good, too.

I suppose one really learns the sound of each others walking styles when working down in this building.   I can remember what shoes BB's worn each day, her jewelry, and her outfit, but somehow not her legs.  It must mean that, yes, her legs work without hose:)  (Update, if anyone cares, while doing high level important valuable work, BB is wearing another beautiful suit today, with a black and white blouse.  She said she has "nothing like that," i.e., summery look in black and white, but apparently she does.  And, yanno what?  It doesn't blasted matter.  She's a true professional whom I respect well for her work and style and leadership.  As long as she's somewhat put together, wardrobe-wise, it doesn't matter.)


  1. What a busy week! I bet you need a "me" time! :o)

  2. I think you need a well earned rest.Glad Dad is getting more comfortable and settled.I am sure he would love to be wheeled out in the nice weather,for a walk.Had to laugh at Tinkerbell sleeping  next to the food bowls LOL!! What a good idea the dog waking plan is.Have a lovely week/end . Hope the dancing goes well at the wedding.How I would love to watch that.Take Care God Bless Kath

  3. I loved reading this entry, it took me back in time to when I was in commercial banking - (lending).  My wardrobe was much different then, now I basically wear jeans or crop pants to work.  I don't even own a dress anymore except for my "funeral dress".  How sad.  I noticed nobody wears pantyhose anymore - at least I never see anyone wearing them.  I am glad your dad is moved and settled and it sounds like he is doing better, that's great!  I really enjoyed reading this, I am going to live vicariously through you & your exciting job & city.  Sometimes I miss those days I guess.

  4. I'm going to work tonight wearing an old t-shirt and shorts.  LOL.  


  5. Busy busy busy. It's the weekend now, get some rest. Have a good weekend.

  6. Glad you like the facility where your Dad is at. Hope Doug is doing well.
    and, what so many others said...Get some rest this weekend!

    P.S. as for my attire, you think in nursing we'd wear scrubs? but, for my facility(assisted living) I get to wear a polyester hunter green top (too HOT in summer:)and khaki's. Just lovely...NOT. some wear flip-flops, but I have had my feet run over my too many wheelchairs to consider it!

  7. I love your observations about what the women wear to work. I think that the heat is what drove women out of wearing hose in the summer. Today in NC it's supposed to reach 100! I can't imagine wearing hose on a day like today. However, my mother wears hose summer, winter, fall and spring. She's still slightly perturbed when I dress and don't include hose.--Sheria

  8. As previously stated: Living in the Valley is like living in another planet. Love that people actually dress up for work in other parts of the world. Here, I stand out like a sore thumb when I dress professional, which is usually. I love the part where you say you were rubbing against that man's crotch. I wonder why he didnt say anything. ha ha... OMGGG @ your X-rated entry. =.)