Sunday, August 5, 2007

various August Sunday thoughts

various August Sunday thoughts, hearing Billy knock down a vase, and Captain knock down drawer knob from on top of M's dresser
WOW, what a great day! Even now at 9:30 a.m., it's only 75F degrees outside. Yesterday at this time, it was 95F degrees outside.
It must be especially nice down along "the" canal.
I know it's not thee big tourist spot, yet I personally believe that the C&O Canal is one of our areas gems, historically and otherwise.

I also like Glen Echo as a secondary or tertiary tourist stop, very local and historical with its own beauty and charm. I suppose my father having visited there regularly as a youth, and then my bringing M there as a child, helps it feel special to me.
Yesterday was a dripping wet August day. Every time I went out I felt ready for another shower. I still felt better than I had on Friday. Oops. I know better than to get dehydrated. I was out of my routine. I was blaming my loopiness and beat feeling on my lack of sufficient sleep and bad air quality. I can usually deal with D.C. summer weather, even on bad air quality days. Duh. I was dehydrated. I'm okay now:)
Today there was even a cool breeze some of the time walking Daisy and Mr. Independence. Indie goes with us occasionally. I try to limit it to Sunday mornings. (He escaped yesterday, so did join us then, also.)
Indie likes to race up the trees then jump down. At one point, Daisy was grazing and Indie went to reinspect a pipe hole in a stone wall. I suspect some critter lives in there. Then he raced to the new wood chips near the playground and rolled around. Daisy bounded over.
While I was petting Daisy, I told her, "Your Momma comes home today." Even if I sent M back off tomorrow night for 2 days, she comes home tonight. I have off work tomorrow to spend with her. She'll go to the beach with her cell phone, and shemay be too busy with her girlfriend to feel like calling, but she can whenever she wants.
She seemed so happy to be able to decide for herself, within reason, what we do this afternoon and evening. I suppose it's easier with just one child (and one adult) to have said child have such input when possible. Perhaps I'll mention "the" canal to her, or a particular park we and Daisy all enjoy. Or?
Ends up, M is not dancing this morning. Sigh. I found out from the coordinator for M's (performing dance) troupe. M didn't know when I talked with her last night. I told her what I'd heard, and asked that if she ends up going, anyway, this morning, to please just have someone call me and let me know so that I can show up. I was only going for her. She specifically asked me to come and watch her dance, so of course, I wouldn't NOT go, if she were dancing/ attending.
And the beach would have felt so great yesterday, too. Life goes on -- I have been
walking the dog of an elderly neighbor who can't walk him herself readily. I've visited Dad and run errands (for both of us, talked with his contractor, etc.). He ate the blueberries eagerly. He loves fruit, and asked me for candy, chocolate this time preferably. I got him a sugar-free Godiva bar I'll have M bring him tonight.

I read the newspaper (well, through yesterday then brought it to Dad), and half of one of M's books, "Hush." Seems good. I stocked up on my chai tea latte mix and played with the cats playing in the dresser drawers I had open. N has family in town, emailing me three times Friday, him thinking I was going away to the beach. I'm glad his weekend is good even if we won't see each other during it.
I'll finish up some of Dad's bills and everyone's laundry before, in theory, also attending church. Obviously I do best at the latter service. :) Daisy is snoring now, after I removed the one tick and drowned it in the toilet. The day has possibliities (that hopefully will not include harrassment from C, yes, that is always a possibility at transfer time ack).
Rambling Sunday thoughts. Please forgive incomplete sentences or other horrendous writing from Friday. I was quite out of it.

Have a great rest of your weekend.

I cannot wait to see my angel, my star! :) I've so missed M. It's even nice to think of grocery shopping for her again, and we've talked of back to school items hmmmm. Just having her home.

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  1. You are so sweet for walking your neighbors dog!  Not too many people would do that.   Yes we have been broiling here in Southern PA too -  I had to change everytime I came back from the barn which means more laundry  :(    The old flushing the tick down the toilet...I had to chuckle as I do the same thing.  Your entries are far from horrendous, I enjoy them alot.
    Have a wonderful week.