Friday, August 24, 2007


Thursday afternoon came and went without nary a word from C, nor phone call.  Phew.  After Sunday tradeoff of M with C, to M with me ("like a toy" per M argh I hate she feels that way), I started wondering if C had not gotten back to me re: mediation he'd been threatening and insisting on (ok, fine), and that she's with HIM this weekend (um, no, not per court order unless we switched), was b/c he'd just show up and demand she go with him.  He's not one to ever get back to me and say, "Oh, never mind," so I was left wondering what he was planning on. 

I'd gotten info from M about an upcoming event (feis) that led me to think that C/Sh were not going to stay persuing (sp) the switch of weekends/court order bit.  Then an e-mail from Sh implying that M was with me for a different upcoming feis / competition (asking if M and Si could do a 2-hand dance competition for it-- if Sh felt M was with them, Sh wouldn't even bother asking me, heck, she won't even respond to me when I ask her what M is signed up to compete in, for a feis M's with them for.  Just verifying figures is in, as her Oireachtas figures group is to dance there for practice.  Ah, well, someone at the dance school sent out another mass information e-mail that included who was confirmed for that, and M was listed, so good.  After asking M, I did write Sh back that M is fine dancing that one with Si, and I'd add that to M's registration.  C and I will also switch a set of weekends around later in the fall, as C will be out of town for one and M wants to feis near C's sister for another.  SO glad this has been, I think, resolved)

Thursday morning, picking M up from her camping trip the night before, I learned that THAT went uneventfully as well.  In the Applachian mountains during rain, yet they stayed dry even.  Greenbriar State Park.  As Sh put it, "Oh, nowhere exotic."  Nah, "just" a bonding "leadership" overnight camping trip.  She had SO MUCH FUN, as did the others I saw.  This was her 8th grade class trip, in advance of school, and they were all just happy to see each other again and very excited.  M asked to go over a friends house for the day with other girls, yeah, that problem solved.  (I was stuck with a work meeting so was going to have her with me at work, NOT risk her staying at home just in case C stopped by.  Then take M to a movie, which I may do this afternoon instead, or with my mother tomorrow, being M's extended her visit with a dance friend from practicing this morning, to also swimming this afternoon!)
TWO uneventful events.  Sometimes, uneventful is a good thing.  :)


  1. Yes it is....sometimes uneventful is good! :o)

  2. I could not agree more...uneventful can be a Blessing.  Have a wonderful week.

  3. Hooray for an uneventful event.

    It does read like M had a most excellent time camping and in her own way it was an eventful event although the events were not eventful in a negative way thus allowing for the eventful event to remain positive.  sounds like a great way to begin the chool year.

    Hey how's your dad and his place coming along?

    When is the next feis, sounds like it could be fairly soon... or not.

    Hope your Labor Day went well. I graded papers all day... awkkkk!!! Nice to gt em done.
    Hope it's cooling off out there.

    Wishing you and M well.