Friday, August 24, 2007


M had her 13-year appointment on Tuesday (it was then, or on her birthday in July).  My mother and I talked a bit about the Gardisil vaccination / immunication.
I'm waiting until next year for M, even if I was prepared for M to have it this year, and I'd prepared M for it.  The pediatrician brought it up, so I told her the summary of what I knew / heard of.  Also, that I really just wished her to have it previous to high school.  She said that she's waiting for her 12-year old, also, that it IS new, and that my decision made good medical sense.  She seemed concerned that it's still new, when there is time to wait for the younger ones eligible for it (recommended for ages 12 and above).  It'll still be in three shots total, but not until next summer and into the fall.  My health insurance will cover this.  I've had pre-cervical cancer cells myself.  I'm not risking M's life by her NOT getting this vaccination that could help prevent her from some cervical cancer.
Interesting that the chicken pox vaccination came out for M's age group just about the time/age she'd be eligible, but as she was sick that visit, I waited about 6 months.  With her eczema troubles she's had, I didn't want her miserable catching chicken pox.  Now it's mandatory for school children in Maryland.
M DID get the meningitis (sp) immunization / vaccination on Tuesday, as she was due.  We finished up the office visit, I spent a few moments getting the medicine release form signed (for her inhaler at school and fieldtrips like her Wednesday night one), and an updated copy of her immunizations for school.  We got into the elevator, and M complained about her stomach.  There is something scented on the first floor and elevator and I could sense it, but M was getting quesy.  Then, she passed out, fainted right there.  I thought she was joking at first, but obviously took her very pale self back into the doctor's office.  She apparently had a reaction to the vaccination, tho it's likely she was just too excited for it and related, not that something in this particular vaccination had something in it.  Yikes.  Of course, she was fine a while later.  Not up for an optional dance drills class that night she had really wanted, and the doctor didn't want her doing, anyway, yet feeling great after 10 p.m. lol trying onher old clothes and such. 
Still, that was scary.
So, vaccinations, eventful this time.  Otherwise, she's doing great, had some private time with the pediatrician (which is appropriate at age 13), yadda yadda.  Visit done.  I hope she doesn't have that reaction ever again.
M had a practice this morning for dancing she's to do this weekend -- M and a dance friend will dance for musician at a fun festival.  I've always meant to take Megan to that festival.  She's snow wimming this afternoon and I'll pick her up early.  Ahhh, the remaining days of summer.  M says she's ready for school to start NOW, but really, fully?  It's getting here.  Besides, she doesn't seem to have any jeans that fit and could use new sneakers.:)


  1. I think is is a most sensible idea for M to have the gardisil vaccination.Sorry to read she had the bad reaction and fell so ill.I hope she is now feeling much better.I hope the dancing goes well,I love to see dancing children my Grandaughters both dance,It is good excersize and most enjoyable to watch them is shows and pantomines at christams times.Hope she gets new jeans and sneakers .Yes school over the pond here is getting closer,I think all mums are ready for the break from there kids after so many weeks holiday.Have a great week/end if possible Take Care God Bless.Kath

  2. I think its a good idea....but I hope she will be alright.

  3. I have pre-cancerous cells to in my cervix, and I woudn't hesitate if I had a daughter for her to get the shot.

  4. I have heard about the Gardisil Vac. and I think it is a wonderful idea.  Anything to prevent illness in the future is well worth it - how awesome is it  that the young women of today may never experience cervical cancer.  

  5. What a scare that must have been... I mean passing out in the elevator! I hate shots, of any kind, makes me queasy just thinking bout them. You are really being thorough and thoughtful about the Gardisi vaccination, kudos. So much to consider eh? wish they could come up with a shot to nix breast cancer... damnable disease, damn it. Sorry. At least most of the major shots should be done for awhile...right? Flu shot in November?

    Hope to read about the dancing last weekend if you get a chance. These journals can take on a life of their own eh? Sure hope YOUR life is going well.

    Take care.


  6. Brent got three shots at his appointment around the same time M got her's , of course he didn't get the gardisil, but he did get the chic pox again as aparently the formula back in 95 wasn't strong enough? I don't think it is mandatory here in PA yet... BUT still I rather he not get them in his teens... he had his DPTT also and the meningitis also!
    WOW I can't beleive she fanited! Glad it wasn't an actual allergic reaction!
    Brittany got private time also! Brent didn't?

    make it a great day!