Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Daggone it Money Woes, Cont'd.

Daggone it all.   My credit card looks almost the same as my checking account's debit/charge card.   I got the two mixed up this weekend, and instead of charging a bunch of things, I "charged" them from my checking account.   I'm so upset with myself.   I now have to scramble to cover the money.   This SUCKS.   I cannot wait until I'm paid again next Monday.   Summer is so much easier, and I can catch up financially.   But, I'd have NOT done things this way if I'd known I was doing it.   UGH.

So, checking online my minimal Credit Union savings account in another city, forgot my password and the woman on the phone was really nice, and reset it.   I have to keep a savings account there w/ minimum balance b/c I have a loan and credit card from them.   Some year, I suppose I should have a credit card and checking account from the same bank / credit union.   I would be happy to have one with this CU except that, sheesz, there are no local branches.

Otherwise, I was happy enough, monetarily speaking.   Had money enough for M's inhaler refill Rx (needs original packaging for the camping trip, given to a teacher to hold, rolling my eyes, yeah, so normally M carries it on her, and, ironically, M today is giving it to the teacher herself, being sending it in w/ her is thee easiest way to do it).   Money enough for her t-shirt for the camping, needs cash.  Okay, check.   No pizza lunch last Friday b/c we thought she'd be shadowing, and none this Friday b/c she can't order it Thursday as she'll still be camping.   Didn't have to pay for M's feis class on Saturday (tho I'd rather have done so or not bothered driving there, being, egads, she was so tired from the horse show getting up, WANTING to, at 5:15 a.m., and then the hour drive to the feis class, she was too carsick/woken up at a bad time so couldn't hardly stand).    And, she wasn't in the horse show (tho that's still disappointing being now there's not even the school's in 2 weeks and I'm still not clear why not but too late now to plan it so oh well).   Little things like that are paying off, monetarily speaking, even if small.  

So then I go and pull this bozo thing.   UGH.   Sigh.    Worse comes to worse, I will check on a cash withdrawal from the credit card I was trying to use in the first place, tho it'd have been cheaper and less stressful to just have it charged to that card from the get go.    I won't do this again:)


Daggnabbit.   I just wrote an upbeat update, and it didn't save albeit I pressed the save button.   Argh.

Anyway, good news is that I have funds in the savings account to cover this, w/out bounce fees I'm trying to avoid pending when my car insurance payment gets processed, and I did charge some items to the actual credit-credit card.   I should even have a few dollars to still go to breakfast w/ a friend on Saturday, and hang w/ friends at a retirement party Thursday.   I will see first.   I didn't try to get anything extra this past week / weekend, other than $1.75 cat toys as it was Billy's birthday, and ice cream for M:) and a t-shirt from the feis, and engraving on the trophies and medal she won.   Gas is thee expensive thing right now, oy, but that's another thread:)

Just chatted w/ my boss, rearranged his afternoon, and will handle this.  Plus if I can, well, no, have to wait until tonight, drop off a b-day gift M made for her friend, Gi, at Gi's house (Wed bday), and drop clothes from C's off w/ M at her school, but that involves going home, too, and there's not time.

I'm still not too happy w/ myself, but, life goes on.:)   Have a good one, all.


Okay, not getting out after all.   Things going on here, and the nurse who I'm somewhat friends with knew I'd be trying to squeeze in going to the other town and back, and simply asked me how much I needed.   Bless her.   This gives me squeeze room and she knows I can pay her back.   Hopefully she'll be able to get it to me in time for me to race it to the bank and get back for a meeting I'm in later.   Except I'm HUNGRY, lol.

And, clothes to M guess will have to wait.  Hope they don't get on her case tonight about them; I'll have to e-mail her dad later.   Will work again now until the woman returns.

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