Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sometimes, Things Work Out

Very pop song, and I even like Bon Jovi, which followed the radio announcers discussing American Idol as if I care.   Rolling my eyes.   I really need to find a less-pop station for the truck rides, albeit, M likes it and it often plays really great stuff even from "the past."   It's just stuck in a playlist right now that repeats this new Bon Jovi song and daily repeats Sheryl Crowe "Ironic."   Bleh.   I prefer when it plays Natasha Bedingfield (Unwritten or others), or GooGooDolls (lots of good stuff from them) b/c those are both so good, even if "pop"ular.   (Making mental note -- put cd's back in truck for listening pleasure!)

And to think, I was going to say that my mind is pretty clear thinking today!   So much better than yesterday, woke up later than desired but got coordinated, and going through things readily/clearly at work today, too.  My boss and I talked a few times, various topics that might seem random to someone else, but good to go through and check off, as if catching up -- let's check on this, and this, and hey! :)   So, instead I come on here and I ramble on a musical tangent and add the note about clothing (below).  LOL.   Still much clearer today, however, even if also a mind going in many directions at once.  (I'd even forgotten to bring something to another woman in my dance group last night, lol, she'd left it at Southern Maryland Celtic Festival and I'd picked it up for her.  Oh, well!  Typical of yesterday, and, it'll work out.)

Anyway, M was naturally not happy with me when I picked her up yesterday from the barn, as she was going to be both late to class and I didn't have her dance shoes.   She'd been in a decent but disappointed mood, b/c the show Saturday is now not going to include M riding now, Corey or anyone.   She and a co-barn girl, Mo, are now being asked to help out instead of riding.   With Callie gone, other horses have to be brought in for the "midgets" to ride.   M was pretty upset when she was in the truck and talked about her disappointment, as if she then felt okay to talk about it, plus hit with me not having her dance shoes.   I had told the barn director that financially, it worked out better, (see, sometimes things work out!), and when all hanging at the barn, M seemed okay.  Guess she understands but is disappointed.  

Plus, I forgot, her dance class doesn't start at 6pm now, but at 5:45.   It never actually started at 5:45 initially, but closer to 6pm, and traffic is so bad that time of day, it was great to just get her there by 6pm.   Oops, the teacher Ma hadmoved it all back to 5:45 but I didn't know that, so most of the year, M's been late and I didn't find that out until about a month ago.   Naturally, foggy-brain yesterday, I didn't remember, so M wouldn't get there until about 6pm ish AND w/out her shoes.   She hated that, didn't wish to look bad and I told her I was sorry, it was my fault, and she fell asleep enroute.   Oy.    (She could get her things prepared herself, yes, but I had told her I would; I expect her to get herself ready for school, and if she's going anyplace right after, I get that stuff ready.)

Well, Ma was really nice and in a good mood, and was outside for a moment, anyway, when we arrived.   I told her right upfront, "I'm sorry, it's my fault, M doesn't have her shoes with her tonight."   Well, she was fine w/ that and said M could borrow HER hardshoes, and assumed M was staying for the advanced class later, anyway.   M was offered that 2 weeks ago, that if she's running late (and 2 weeks ago, took 45 minutes from 1 town to the next horrible), to just stay in the advanced class to get in her practice.   Ma expected this, and it helped M realize that Ma didn't think M was late.  Phew:)   Ma also wants M to work more with that class, too, b/c those dancers are more serious, and the intermediate class includes many dancers who are goofing around or blase at times.  

Dance Co. didn't happen, though.   Maybe she told dancers last week, after teaching the dance, Thunder.   M, naturally, wasn't taken by C, so she missed it, and there wasn't an e-mail notice.   M still got her $7. to V for a Dance Company shirt, and M told me she had picked what version of her last name to put on her shirt.   I do want it to be her (M's) choice, so I didn't ask what she chose, just said, "Okay, good, so it's taken care of."   M having two classes and not Dance Company rehearsal meant she could come w/ me later for my ceili/set dance groups end of the year mini-ceili w/live music.   M felt too sore to dance along, enjoyed eating and hanging.   Next year, it should work out well for her to come sometimes when not youth group Tuesday nights.   I told Ma that they'd asked for stepdancers, but I'd told them they would be in rehearsal at the same time!   Ma and I both rather laughed and shrugged, oh well, next time.   Yeah.   It works out, right?

Anyway, Ma re-asked M about staying in Dance Company but based out of their other studio in mid-Maryland.   Culturally, anything outside of the "greater DC area" just sounds so far away, but it might actually work not much worse than trekking further south in my county, where Ma thinks the new studio might be.   The night sure works better, it might be Friday nights in Mont. County, and that's just so not good being M's every/other weekend w/ her father, C.  M was confused about the logistics, but when able to talk w/ me alone, that was clarified.  M really wants to stay stepdancing and with Ma, but also just loves to perform.   Yes, Thursday nights will work.   Ma is making it two regular Dance Companies, and one Apprentice this year.   M is too good for Apprentice.

Ma also re-asked M about being in Oireachtas (sp) this year.  I asked her what that is.  Something to do with competing Irish dance figures, like ceili/set dancing, and M thinks M has the right look for it while dancing, etc., and is more exposed to it than most (b/c of our involvement in ceili/set dancing, too).   This would be for regionals, which is held in Washington, D.C. this year, which qualifies for Worlds.  Last year, Regionals was in Atlanta.  I think the Regionals is when M is scheduled to be with C this year, but the four preliminary classes with Ma are when M is with me.   I talked about summer schedule with Ma, too, how our local dance company camp is obviously not happening as the local dance company has been disbanded, but apparently regular dance camp IS still.   The dance company camp being held in the other town is when M is w/ C, AND is also in horse camp.  I told Ma that M is double-scheduled already, since something like February, b/c se thought she'd be in the local dance company camp.  Ma understood, and said she'd work something out with me:)

I just had to call her last night or this a.m. and let her know for sure re: M in Dance Co. for next year, so she can de-select another girl who hadn't been told yet.  I'm not sure that's truly the case or not, if anyone's NOT selected who would otherwise fit in fine.   I know she has standards, but if a dancer met those, and tried out, ?   I don't know.   It's nice to hear allthe good things she believes about M, and I agree.  

If M had just had more practice time, class time, etc., this year, wow, she'd REALLY blow us all away!   If M wishes to, b/c I wouldn't force her, she could stay stepdancing for another 6 years before college.   She moved up to Novice level her 2nd year of stepdancing, naturally talented, and LOVES it.  She's also a good performer, stage presence, handles herself well even if messes up or has to improvise.   She cares less about competing and that shows:)   The past 2 years in Dance Company, with a couple championship dancers even, who did not look down on her, it's been really great for M and even I will miss that for her.   I am trying to think of what personal thank you I can do for each and every one of them, really.   Moving on.......  and, it's going to be okay.

Now, to figure out summer schedule, talk w/ my mother AND with C, or him and then her, plus including Ma.  I left her a message this a.m. about it, and an e-mail.  

M is set for shadowing sophmore V at V's school/magnet program on Friday, AND, V said she'd treat M to lunch, too:)  I guess they have open lunch there.   I think it helps V feel really important, and she's enjoyed mentoring, and V is almost beyond thrilled, lol.   Another girl there at that school, a senior named G, also works at the barn where M rides, and G is likely able to drive M from that high school  to the barn Friday afternoon.  If it stays this gorgeous out, it'll really go well.

Oh, M's school teacher was apparently in a bad mood all around yesterday.  I knew it wasn't like her, so I'll overlook it.   They had assigned seats! which is NOT typical, and meant M couldn't work with J on their Africa project, part is due this Friday.   I told M this a.m., that maybe she and J could get together this afternoon or tomorrow, as finding time during school hasn't worked out so well most days this past week.


Maybe I'll even get to enjoy some of it, lol, writing this took up a lot of my lunchtime so far.... but, that's okay.

(Today's pants: "stone" khaki capris; shirt: pistachio-ish / spring  w/ crocheted multi-green sweater; I love this combination)  We'll see if I care to stay updating this or not, got the idea from the "questionaire" section, which was ironic as I so rarely wear dresses any more; I did wear a pale mauve w/ purple beaded designed skirt to the ceili Sunday but usually pants even to church).

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