Tuesday, May 23, 2006

it's Tuesday again; money woes

Well, Girl Scouts last night that was alright.   Lasted long b/c the last meeting before the picnic/party/awards night.   (There is a swimming night, too, but when M is with C and likely Si's b-day party night, too.  I'll let M decide if she's telling C or not.  It's doubtful he'd let her go even if not Si's birthday party day/night, but hey, up to M if she wants to or not, if she does, we'll let him know.)   Guess this woman is still going to just stay planning EVERYTHING.   Not having me involved, even, and I'm the coleader.   I did help her figure out what requirements were met for what IPP's (what they call badges / try-its at that level of GS), and what fun patches, etc., but still.   The girls should be planning EVERYTHING at this point, so WTF???   In DD's old troop, they started planning out and budgeting when older Brownies, and of course all through Juniors.  This is supposed to be a Cadette troop, and the leader is doing 85% of all of the planning.  Whatever!  :)
M was concerned last night b/c I reminded her of a feis class Saturday -- it's in preparation for a feis, i.e., dance competition, she's in on Sunday and has known for months, told me she wanted to do this feis, etc.   But, "What time is the class Saturday, Mom, b/c of the show."  Huh?   She thought she'd told me all about a horse show she wants to be in, to show Corey, the horse she's been training.   Ugh.   She fully believes she told me, and I entirely do NOT recall that conversation at all -- if she dreamt it or if I was too far away and didn't hear her, I don't know.   The timing works out beautifully, and it'd be great for her (and for Corey), but gosh.   That's money.   These 2 weeks are very tight monetarily.   I reminded her I'd just paid for her to go to camp with her class next week and I didn't know if I had enough for a horse show.   I don't think I can charge it.   I DID just make my last payment to the school for the year, yeah! :) so I can catch back up (pay back down) on my charge card this summer, but still.    She does about 1 horse show a year and now she gets another opportunity that'd be perfect, but it's NOW?!   Oh, well:)
Wrapping up the end of the year mostly.   Way overdue with some forms for next year, etc.  My ADD has kicked in so badly this year it seems.  I didn't mean to not fill them out yet, and I did only misplace them once (for a while).   I can't have the "set up" charge for next year's financial contract happen until 2 weeks from now, anyway, but in theory, I can just tell them that part.  It's the rest of it.   I wish I had my taxes done, too, b/c then I could apply for the financial aid.  It's just too overwhelming for me.  I have a mind for details; I have a mind for math.  I do NOT have a mind that can organize this stuff sufficiently to DO the details and the math.   DOING them is the easier part, almost.   Gathering / organizing is not....
Need to find out what is happening for SURE with dance camp, b/c it alters how C and I will do the summer visitation schedule, and, um, M's/my mom's/my trip to Maine, too.    Hopefully tonight at class, b/c I have to write him again about it, but can't yet.  (I saw he wrote me yesterday on it, was too busy to read it with work and Girl Scouts, even missed my dance rehearsal last night to spend time w/ M, but I won't be able to respond to his response (I'd written him first but some time back), anyway, until after tonight.  Sometimes I hate it when he writes b/c I just cringe, not knowing if he's going to lash out and what stuff is inside of it.   It is, however, better than when he and I would "talk" over the phone and he could just yell whatever.)
Haven't heard more from any guys but I didn't anticipate that and am fine with it.   Oh, BJ wants me to visit him in in his city, too:)   He'd said that probably a year ago, too, but somehow it didn't happen.   I won't let that slide again.   I meant to check out flights yesterday, at least for cost purposes, and if the band, Train is playing there, but got too busy at work.   I didn't realize he also liked Train, and wouldn't that be fun for us, with M even, or?   Maybe that'll be our third band, in a way, first is Howie Day, second is GooGoo Dolls/Better Days song (awesome song), and yeah, Charlie Brown's Christmas is maybe in there, too, I forgot, and we both love it and he made me that cd of it, oops, shouldn't go forgetting, so maybe if Train becomes one of "our" bands / songs, it'll be fourth.
M has until June 9th.   She shadows a high schooler in a magnet program this Friday and is way excited.  Heck, the coordinator for the program is pleased, too, so, good.   BJ almost laughed, "Weeks?," he says.   Um, yeah, just a few more weeks.   His second oldest is out of school, his oldest finishes exams this week, and I think his youngest two are done this Friday, also.   I don't remember when Maine gets out, and we'd hoped to get to Florida this summer, too, where my high school roomie lives but she and I lost touch when I had to switch my e-mails, tho I've written her.   Maybe she was just busy then.  
Tis summer, and, well, I will include (BJ's town) in my plans:)   BJ also said he'd be in my area often the next 6 months.  
Br just IM'd -- he's going to Ireland tomorrow for only 5 days.   That'd feel like a tease to me, being gone only that long, but hey, it'd still be lovely! 
UGH, M's teacher just called.   They upped the cost of M's camping trip by $40. and the teacher's upset with ME b/c she thinks I had sufficient notice.  Um, no.   The note in February said the dates only; I'm excited and so is M for the trip.   I estimated by the cost of last year.   $40. more on top of a large amount, is a HUGE amount.   The teacher is even a friend of mine, yet she's annoyed with me somehow.   I explained how the just over 2 weeks notice for the money (note gotten May 3 evening, due May 19th, the cost of last year's which is steep enough, plus an ADDITIONAL $40., is just not realistic for budgeting purposes).    Then she's upset b/c she's in the middle of a lesson, but she's the one who had called me.   Anyway, I sent the note on Friday about this, said I could not pay Friday (I couldn't).   The trip is next week.   They asked for checks made out to the school, not the camping place.   Just happens I'm out of checks (at least, I think so), UGH so I asked Friday if they could do a charge Monday, or if they needed cash, and that not having a check itself is my fault not hers, but the lack of notice is still insuffient.   The teacher read the note today.   I'm really not tryingto be complicated.   She says she understands my situation but, "Come on, only $40."   Um, yes.   It makes a big difference to me/us, money IS that tight.   Of all the people there, I really thought she'd understand.   She even referred to her notice in February, but that listed only the dates, and NOT the cost.  (I had said in the note that I wasn't complaining about the cost, but lack of notice for it, and even 1 more weeks notice would have made a difference.  And, that is true.  I'd have paid less at my end of the month bills to compensate for this.  I told her, honestly, that I'll be charging our groceries these next 2 weeks (not that $40. would have made all the difference there, but the entire cost of the camping added up makes it that hard, yes.) )   "I had no idea there wasn't a check in here."   Um, well, that is something I'm sorry about, but if they weren't going to be required until today, I could have maybe reordered checks and gotten one n TODAY, don't insist they be turned in Friday, then, I guess.   I should have sent a postdated check, but I'm apparently out of checks, but I had offered two other ways of handling it, on Friday (charge to M's checking account, or I can pull the cash out of there and drop cash by).   I'm sure she's a bit panicked now.   I was when I saw the trip is extra expensive this year.  
Sometimes, having to pay everything by myself is really hard.
M has $20. for yearbooks right now.  It was $8. for pizza last night b/c I was at the meeting, too, and if I ever say, "I don't have it," to the leader, that I won't eat, she ends up paying it herself (and insisting I go ahead and eat "leftovers") so I feel badly.   It was the last night for the year, and M expected to eat pizza w/ the girls and not something I'd have packed, and I just did not have time to call and say that yes, I could be there still, M&I would both come, but we'll have to skip the pizza.   So, whatever, $4. each adds up and I HATE that.....   It's $15. for the commerative t-shirt at the camp they go to next week.   Fantastic camp, btw, I'm THRILLED she gets this chance:)   And $7. for the dance company t-shirt all the dancers are getting made that were in this town's dance company this past year, commerative and bittersweet as it's canceled now for future years.....   and a great price.   I think one of the dancers (V is coordinating) has a friend making them for part of an art class or something, not sure.   And $3. every Friday for hot lunch.   No, $3. isn't a lot, no, none of this is a lot, but it's those little things that I must be sure to budget in right now to be really sure it's there for her.  
Plus, of course, the "big" bills, some of which will have to wait until next payday, and gas for the truck and groceries, anything that can be charge right now, will have to be.   I hate it when money is this tight, I sure like having enough of a cushion to just pay what's needed, yanno?
I will really need to see the costs for this horse show, and talk w/ the barn manager as to how to pay for them.   The costs paid to THEM I think she'll let me delay (the trailering costs), but the cost for those who host the show, usually they like a check.   Last show, the cost for the show-runner was $30.   Still not a lot, but it has to be there, and it adds up, and M may need to pay that part herself out of her money.   I hate that, but if I don't have it, I don't have it.   I'd pay her back (for this).  
Oh, and at the feis itself, food is sold and vendors are there with dance-related items, and she usually likes to get a t-shirt from the feis, too.  Ugh, I'd forgotten, tho most take charge cards, the food vendors want cash, understandably.  
And last night, I thought her feet had grown, lol, if they had, oh well, she'd need new shoes, but if they had NOW, the timing would almost be laughable.   M's had the same size foot for almost a year now, which is 1/2 size smaller than mine, so yeah should could wear some of my shoes, that aren't really her style and are old, but most likely get her new pairs b/c once she grows, she'll GROW I think.   She did like my pink sandals, though:)   Yeah, I do, too.   She does have new (used) hardshoes she could dance in, and her riding boots came bigger than ordered and so would still fit, and perhaps better.
It will be an okay day:)   It will.   It's COLD today, bright outside and windy.   Allergies amuck.  Meg's tummy hurt last night AND this a.m., part of why I called the teacher back so quickly in case (tho she did say, not an emergency).   I even let her eat 3 small chocolate kisses this a.m. with breakfast b/c I know that the cocoa helps w/ tummy aches, at least, mine, that and mint or ginger.   She was excited to eat them:)  lol   Maybe, psychologically, they'll help, anyway, right, placebo effect?   
M rides Corey this afternoon, and gets info on the show.  She is psyched for it -- I'll try to make it happen:)   There's an end of the year mini-ceili with my dance group tonight; M will join in (used to dance w/ them, too), depending on how long her dance classes go tonight.   I need to write that teacher about an upcoming festival.......  (on Father's Day but if C is asked along w/ everyone else in the group e-mails, he might let M go, if he doesn't have other plans which of course it's "his" day but still, this could be great fun for all of them, it's a nice festival I'm also in but a different day).
At least when I talked w/ the school, I got to talk w/ the woman who assists the financial person, and I told her I'd relook for the forms, that it's certainly me who has them and not them as I'm the one with ADD, and she was really nice and said to just let her know in a few days one way or the other (if she should send me new forms).  :)  So, THAT is good:)  There is no way I'd have M miss out on the next 2 years there........ it's too great of a program.
Somehow, I can parent usually really decently, but some of those organizational details are daggone tricky.
Alright, back to the regulary-scheduled program.  :)  Have a great day, all!
(pants - black, dressy; shirt - fuschia silk/short sleeves)

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