Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Guess what a Macaca is.............

Okay, the "imbedding a poll" instructions that DPoem very nicely included a link to, were more than I have the patience to deal with right now......... shucks.   So, I will just type this out.  You can leave your answers in the comment sections (not only can you, but PLEASE do so, let me pretend I have some readers! lol).

What is a Macaca / macaca:

1)  A type of cucaracha.

2) A type of dance, similar to the macarena.

3) A type of monkey found mainly in Asia (macaques).

4) A type of macaw found mainly in the rainforest of South America.

5) An appropriate, neutral name one could use for, say, a staff member of an opponent while at a political campaign rally.

6) A another way to describe a mullet hair style.

7) A town in South Africa.

8) A racial slur against African immigrants in some European cultures.

Answers/information tomorrow........


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  1. Would that be 3 and 8?