Wednesday, August 2, 2006

gee, can ya make it difficult?

M had to go with her half-sister and Cs' girlfriend, Sh, to the half-sisters gymnastics classes, in the town south of me.   C and girlfriend and their girl live 30 minutes north of me.  M needs her dance schools costume/dress for photos tomorrow, and didn't know until today.   Not that she could call and tell me in time to do so at my lunchtime, tho C tried calling me while I was at lunch and on the line with Dad's cell phone provider.   I spent 26 minutes activating his phone, but hey, it worked:)  I KNEW I'd have to do it, and I got him on a better plan for the same cost, got him with insurance that covers thing even like water damage YEAH, it'll be worth it, and yes, my brother still gets his 25% discount off of each total bill the next 4 bills, so he should be happy, plus we didn't mess with his phone at all.  
I didn't recognize C's work #, but I called as soon as I got the voicemail (after off with Dad's).    C tried to get me to get the dress/tiara/etc. to someone NLT 5pm, who also lives in the town south of me, but I didn't know that until almost 3 p.m.   Not to M at the gymnastics place later, no way, but apparently to the other parent.   Yet C said he didn't want to "involve other people" and allow me to send it with my boss north, or me to take it there to C's tonight, either, but he picked it up from me 6:40ish.   M calls me 7:20ish, driving "home" to C's place from leaving the gymnastics place.   There is no way that it couldn't have been worked out for me to have met them someplace enroute, it's just silly.
Now, ya think he tried to keep M from seeing me at all costs, or what?  Sheesz.
Oh, and of course, M is SUPPOSED to be attending a combination of dance camp AND riding camp, riding camp as first priority, but whatever!  
Oh, the funny part is that I'd ask C if I should send the bubble socks.   He didn't know, figured maybe just send them in case. Okay, fine, what about the bloomers.  He didn't know, he was told only the dress and tiara.   I asked about the wig, if M had it, and he didn't know.   I said, well, I believe she picked it up during the first week she was visiting with him, when she would wait at Si's stepdance camp, so if she has it, she will want to bring it, and if she doesn't, then she doesn't have it.   Nicely, we did get an e-mail later to everyone, outliningg it all:)  I also went and called another parent, who filled me in, too.   It's likely to just be head shot photos.   But, still, M has a couple pairs of those socks, and I found a pair.   I left work and returned, walking Daisy, feeding everyone, and gathering her things, just washed the bloomers, check.... etc., saw the e-mail later.
M actually called me later, like I mentioned, and THIS time, it was 3 days from last call.   The past two times, it was 4 days between, but M knows it's to be 3 days, so perhaps they figured it out again, or allowing it again, whatever.   I'd already sent the tiara I thought was right, laughed w/ M that it was the wrong one, told her I'd tried calling her earlier to ask which, but oh well.   I was thinking I could run the correct tiara to the other dance parent, but, suggested to M that she simply borrow someone else's, anyway, when it was her turn for the individual photos.   The photographer is a parent, also, does a nice job, and is a nice man.  I'm sure I can get copies if I want them later.
M and I talked of a few things, actually, and I'll try to track down a costume skirt for her, that was used by many in her performance group last year, and will be needed this year, and books (she DID get my package:) ), and IM's that her friends had sent, and an important thing, her riding camp for next week's been canceled.......   long story that's almost ironic and amusing, but oh well, lol.   Another entry.   She's okay with it, disappointed, but understands the heat and the horses...... asking about the pregnant instructor due August 8 but could have started labor.......  
But I just have to shake my head at C.   M could have stopped by my home or work enroute to Si's gymnastics camp, or after it, or I could have met them there.   And C said one reason to not have my boss drive it up, is b/c 7:45 is TOO late to meet, it'd keep him away from time with M, but, um, she didn't get back to his home until around then, anyway.   Oh, and M mentioned that she knew my work was busy, b/c I had a meeting this afternoon, lol, apparently Sh and C had discussed this for timing of things.   M hesitated a bit but didn't get into it, and I didn't press.   Not sure if they were fussing about me or not.  I hope not, not with the girls right there in earshot.   I hope it was just logistical.   Still, silly not to include their driving in the logistics planning.   I should have remembered to ask him, I knew Si has gymnastics Mondays and Wednesdays, lol, wonder if they'd have not gone if I brought it up, but I did forget at the time.   Sigh, whatever.   M knows I tried:)   And, it is good that he and I worked it out, even if he was so funny about it.   Have to laugh at him sometimes, really.  

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