Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"Secret Destination Week"

Well, guess this is "Secret Destination Week" for M with her dad, C, his long-term girlfriend, Sh, and their 4-year old, Si.   C sent me an e-mail last night that said they'd be at a beach in North Carolina today (tonight, anyway) - Saturday.  Not clear if that means they're returning home Saturday night, or still there Saturday night, that part was just written "M will be in NC Tuesday-Sat.  As usual, we wil lhave her call you twice this week.  C."    And then the address and phone #, not sure if it's a hotel or not, I'd thought of calling it to find out but, eh.   I'm supposed to know what nights she stays out of state overnight, as is he should we go out of state, of course, fair is fair.   Heck, maybe he's not certain, or possibly, they'll stay the extra night there now, b/c she's not due back w/ me until 6:30 Sunday now, instead of 3:00 p.m. Sunday, I don't know.

Maybe tomorrow if I don't hear from her, I'll call, or I'll call, anyway.   There is to be telephone contact a minimum of every 3 days, NOT twice a week, and I am certainly allowed to call her, too, tho most likely I'd miss her (and her cell didn't go).  I wonder if that's what he's trying to do, change it/make it be 2 times/week and not minimum of every 3 days, b/c for 1 week, 2x/week is about the same as minimum every 3 days, but when she was away for 3 weeks, that's 21 days for a minimum of 7 telephone calls (wow, that sounds so little for that length of time), and NOT a minimum of 6 calls (i.e., 2times/week).   Then again, pointing it out at this point is almost mute for this summer, he won't read it until they're home, tho she's w/ him for 5 days over Labor Day weekend, so maybe I should verify politely that he knows it's at least every 3 days.  What a headache, it shouldn't have to get this petty! oy.   But, if she got free access to phones whenever, it'd be no big deal.  

I'm glad she'll have fun:)  At least, I assume she will.   I really do not see why they won't tell her in advance what plans have been made for her, whether it's a camp, or weekend plans, or when the vacation will be and when.  I can see if it's tentative, but gosh.   She was a bit hopeful that this week WOULD be "Secret Destination Week," and if she actually knew, and if I knew, I could have helped encourage her on Sunday, talking about beach time, and C takingoff work and spending it with all of them, things like that, making it sound fun and that she should go with him, help her not feel so much like she just wanted to go/come home... 

She has helped with some of the planning for our trip next week to Maine, with my mother, M, and I.   There's even a restaurant that Md heard of that M wants to try out, lol, it's almost funny b/c Grandma (my mom) and I have both lived in Maine, my mother born and raised there, I lived there some as a child, and many summers there, and we will not have time enough for even all we want to do, but I told my mother it was fine, that I agreed with my mother that we would try to go to that restaurant, too, cuz it IS also M's trip, and it's her way of trying to do something worthwhile while there:)

(Not that my boss really wants to think about how life will be at the office with me away for approximately 8 work days, but we're working out plans for that, and he totally supports the concept of vacation / downtime/family time, just I don't have a true competent assistant/backup right now.   Piecemealing it out, really, and some stuff will wait, some he will do which I hate him having to, but, it'll work out.)

But, I'm still glad for her, cuz I do hope it'll be fun!  No airplane information, so presumably they're driving, then.   He gets free gas, anyway, at least when in Maryland, so what the heck.   Maybe they left in the middle of the night last night even, he likes to e-mail me shortly before they depart, or perhaps that's when he gets to it, lets the girls sleep enroute.   Gosh, I'm glad she's getting in some beach time:)   Not "our" beach (Chincoteague), as much as M wants us to go there again this year like "we always do," but I told her, maybe a weekend in September for that.....   Summer goes just way too fast.

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