Friday, August 4, 2006

counting down now! 4 3 two one
I'm getting excited, oh it's Friday ;night and the weather is actually GREAT, I'm starting to get upset that M is NOT going to be in riding camp this coming week
but, I'm also going, yeah, 2 more days, less than that, at 3pm she's due home! :) Oh, he'll refuse to bring her, but she'll ultimately GET home, the whole world will feel different again, suddenly 24/7 with a preteen around, and yet, normal :) B/c she is normally here, and it feels right. Daisy will be THRILLED, too.:)
I had more I was going to finish up, but I knew I wouldn't get to it all. Mostly, I concentrated on work stuff, and on my father and his home, etc. It needed it. We, dad and I, spent hours on it last weekend, too, I was so pooped, ready to quit, and he got more steam so I thought okay, we'll stay with it. :) Got ALL the trash at this point, oh, one pile of papers but it's a pile, and a LOT more of the kitchen clean, too, even some quick stuff in the bathroom, and etc etc etc. It's a relief.
Guess it got overwhelming to him, tho I can't imagine living like that. My place can be cluttered, but even my brother ws very quick to point out, it's NOT trash or trashed. (Even the litter boxes get cleaned a few times a day each.) Dad was pleased:) Oh, I did most of it, tho I tried to make him help, and he did as he could. heck, I'm pleased. Another go through I guess Sunday quickly, before seeing M, and Ithink we're ready to get him help in.
but, that means not so much on my own place:) I did get some back to school things for M, clothing-wise really as no supply list yet. It's early still but I was in the mood. Got dad some new dishes and towels, too, etc. And, BJ his birthday gift:)
I've thought so much of BJ this week, too, he had his birthday, and I wrote him a somewhat loose poem of the thoughts I've had.... sent a card and the gift. We tend to do smaller gifts, which is just fine:) It's the thought.
His e-mail was SO special:) and I've smiled a lot to think of it and of him. But, it's hard to write much publically. he's known on aol by some, heck, he's on aol, tho not as if I care if he sees this. But, to say a ton of personal stuff about someone else is tricky. At one point, I mentioned to girlfriends that I might have told them 100 times already that today (that day) is (was) his birthday, and one replied that "that's okay, it's cute." lol
Anyway, BJ, if you do see this, there are certainly plenty of thoughts of you filling up my mind and touching my spirit, found some of our e-mails from 2 years ago wow.
Even if I wish some things were easier for him right now.... well, and for me:) Differentthings, but stuff I'm going through.
But, gosh, M is coming home, M is coming home:) Less than 48 hoiurs now. Oh, I called her, she won't get it. Let me try again........ she was at her dad's girlfriend's dad's last night, to which I've yet to be given the phone # for. It's even required in the CO, but I just nicely pointed out that I'd asked before for it and would still like it. I know he's given it to the school before, but yet they won't give it to me? heck, what if M wants to call this man sometime?
he's the maternal grandfather to Si, M's half sister, but he aims to treat M decently, and I do appreciate that. She tried to e-mail him once but had it wrong. I mentioned that to C but he didn't then offer the correct one. Oy. No wonder I never got his own father's address / # (after moving, for I had it when we had dated some decades ago, had Christmas there once, all of that), nope, not until I saw him and asked himmyself, just looking at me dumbfounded but his now wife was nice and wrote it down
Oh, get this, C's dad also had his phone company calling me this week. Guess he got the bill for his cell phone and didn't recognize my # on it. I had to laugh in a way when I heard who had called it and was questioning. I told his phone company that yes, I did know him, and he knows me, too, gave my name, and said that he just likely didn't recognize the # (my cell #, tho he called my house #, too, I saw when I got home). Maybe he'll remember now.
Very busy week at work. I like it busy, but phew, yes, very busy. I'm actually going to go in there some tomorrow to get some groundwork organization going. I can run well with new things coming at me, but then I get lost in the paperwork that builds up, sometimes, and even if it's just 1 hour, I need to do this. My new boss "totally understands." Gosh, I so know how to work with him. I realize more and more now, how the things that would kind of get on my old boss, were the things both my new b
bth my new boss and I, tend to do, just organizationally and stuff. Oh, my old boss was / is a GREAT man, truly. Older, from that older generation, dad died when he a kid and he the oldest of 6, etc. Good man, good boss, old school though. Tried to be sympathetic to the single mom thing. New boss, young, smart as a whip, really nice, family man, ADHD. He's great:) Some of his style sometimes reminds me of BJ, sometimes not. They are not the same, but some of that business-style can be simila
similar at times. Different circumstances, I could like-like my new boss, my boss I should say. He's been there 4 months now. I feel a bit protective of him, after all, my job is to take care of him:) essentially, I'm his assistant. And he's a fresh face, from the sister agency so knows a lot, but still new, so not caught up in the p9olitics. Old boss didn't mean to be, but sometimes he was. They both try to believe the good in people, and ar
and are respectful. But, at a meeting this week, "all hands" they're called, blech, like the rest of our bodies aren't supposed to show up? Just our hands, and perhaps our eyes? ASL to everyone? lol okay, so there was an interpretor there for one guy. Still. BIG personnel changes for performance and pay. Our personnel people trained us (I went in late, when my boss did, cuz I knew 3 hours would TOTALLY bore me, had to plan what I'd do while sitting there, and ype, created3 differentiated to-do li
to do lists, no four:) AND appropriate notes. But, when it had to do with how the system applied to OUR office and etc., he took command. He's part of them yet the leader. They weren't skeptical of him or anything, he is fully arrived. I was proud his first "all hands," he did well, even his boss, who was here, thought so:) But, that was within 2 weeks of his arrival, very fresh, new, the first "meeting." Now? Just him. Told him later, he's here now. This is your office. And, it is.
Okay, did Ir amble or what? lol, but that and the animals, and visiting my dad, has been my week, really. I actually got BJ's present wrapped and MAILED. I was surprised at the cost of getting it mailed. I really shouldn't wait until last minute. But, it helped make his day:) Entirely worth it. I just wanted him happy, and to smile:) May his week be good w/ his kids, too! Gosh, can't WAIT for M to come home! :) My kid home, and now no camp..... tho hehe, hope she's not upset b/c I signed
because I signed her up, AND did ask Md about going, to the youth group day trip on Monday..... I do think she'll like it, though, so hey. Ah, yes, no call back from M tonight. Gee, wonder if the phone was turned off again, if she'll get the message. I tried her cell, too. she could be out, of course, but even when in.... soon, though:) soon
okay, I'm tired, winding down now, Daisy resting already

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