Thursday, August 17, 2006

2 years ago............

Two years ago today, albeit August 17 was on a Tuesday in 2004......... M and I spent time at "the fair."   Our county fair is HUGE.   We had taken one of M's riding friends with us, I think we did some grandstand event time (horses or not??), and I KNOW we did rides rides rides, and we/I met BJ that night for the first time IRL.  Oh, we'd talked for, hmm, I don't know, many months at least maybe a year or longer?, I don't recall, strictly friends, good online friends, but strictly friends.   We didn't even know what each other looked like, lol, but it didn't matter.   Had dinner, it was a good time, the capping of a good day / evening.:)   And I just remember him, and looking at him, and we both smiling some, and I felt good and confident, and he obviously did, and we did connect.   Mrs. O'Leary's Restaurant isn't even there any more, just closed down late spring/early summer this year.   BJ and I got a good emotional connection going after that...... he was in town often then.

Anyway, last night when he called, I think I'd been dreaming.  I collapsed after walking Daisy and feeding all the crits (critters), i.e., went to bed early.   I'm sure I was very loopy, and groggy out of it, but he was home from Florida, one child started school this week, etc., etc., good to talk with him:)   I told him, yeah, it was 2 years ago this week!    I'd sent him a photo of us in B'more I'd located from not quite 2 years ago.  A lot's gone on since then, sometimes two steps forward, one step back, but hey, that's part of life, too.  He's still special.

YAWN, boy, I'm STILL tired wiped out.   Anyway, just thought I'd throw this thought in here.  Could go to a mini-ceili tonight but perhaps not.

I do wish M and I had a longer time at "the fair" this year.   I'm trying not to think of it going on right now.  But, at least we got some time in:)   We go annually, heck, we used to sometimes take 2-3 days worth and spend all day each of those days.   BTW, if you've never seen pig races, ya just gotta stop by there and check it out; those are hilarious.


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