Monday, August 14, 2006

Saturday, however, was great:)

That song came on the radio as we drove up the highway, home from watching a really well-done, uplifting show of The Borrowers, in Bethesda.   The air temperature felt great blowing in the car window.  I was finishing a poorly-made but tasty chai tea latte, M finishing her Izze blackberry soda...... and our dinners I'd gotten us at their cafe.   We were chatting, and just feeling great:)   (I want to thank you, for giving me the best daaaayyyy of my life....... okay, not our BEST day, but a really good one!, and a great song.)

M read the book, The Borrowers, this summer, really liking it.   I loved it as a child, had my imagination running wild!   M enjoyed reading The Doll House and the sequel a year or 2? ago, with somewhat similar notions, but not exactly (they were dolls who came alive, not miniature people).   M very much wanted to see this one, and before I got us tickets (really affordable for such a quality show, even an ASL interpretator and good seats, just $12. each!), if she wanted to invite a friend.  I assumed she would want to.  Nope, this one, she wanted to share with just me:)   She practiced her two hardshoe dances (in sneakers) on the floor there, positive people, nice time.   She spent time at the little store there, too, oh how many fun things I'd have adored as a child:)   Yes, the day for imagination.   M asked me if I'd pay for a bracelet for Si, one where slide-on "charms" are added...... "For Christmas, Mom, not that I'll know where it is come Christmas, but please?  I promised her one like this."   She didn't ask for anything for herself, so I got an idea of the cost and said sure.   Then I also bought her a little "glass" star, intending to give it to her Sunday for being such a star (no matter how she did in the competition/feis), but, I forgot it:)  

Friday night, we went to "the fair."   Our counties fair is the largest agricultural fair on the east coast.   We used to spend 2-3 days there, at least 2 FULL days, annually.   At this point, her focus is less on the piglets and more on rides:) but, eh.   She still loves the horses, though, and we saw a lot of the Pony Club International game show.   Really enjoyable, high school students, mostly girls but not all, doing a lot of relay games and other racing with some activity games, on their ponies.   I've been fighting something, and was too tired to want to then stay and do rides, but I wanted her to do SOME, b/c it may be her only "fair" chance this year.   She did three? I think? with me doing one with her.   It's one we've done the past few years, lay on our stomachs on a metal "hangglider" that then goes up in the air and flies around.   Easy on my back, I can like this one, too, but gosh, I literally felt as if I was going to throw up, one carnival worker even asked if I was okay, I must have looked green.  M was laughing a bit about it, and it was funny:0 but I was not amused at the time.   And tired.  I TRIED to be jollier, but ugh.   I wish I could take back part of that night, just the rides part, not be sick, and just let her ride anything she wanted:)   But, hey, her last ride is one I also usually like a lot, but I skipped it.  She got placed with a 4-year old girl, who then gave M a goldfish:)   I just looked at her like, um, child, we have 5 cats at home, you have yet to clean out the tank from the former hermit crab, you're going away most of the rest of the summer, and you're getting a FISH?   She was very happy, though:)   Real happy, and gave it the name the little girl had named it, Karee (Car like a car) Kar - ee.   Hmmm.   We have an unsued Brita water filter, so that'll do for tonight, I told her.  (I peeked, the water needs changing ALREADY and that was just a couple days ago!).

Saturday, M got to sleep in, I did some, hanging a bit at home but not a lot, then the open house at her dance school.   She hadn't wanted to go, then found out she'd be dancing if she went, so she wanted to, lol.   She also had created a reel and wondered about using it at the feis.   The teacher, Ma, smiled, okay, humour me she said to me but meaning M, and it truly is a lovely reel, and Ma said that, too, and she gave a couple pointers about it, and said it's not appropriate for a feis but she could teach it to others...   how much was spin to encourage, I don't know, but it DID look lovely to ME.   And, as mentioned in another post, C and Sh and Si were there for about 2 hours or so along with us, but whatever.   M refused to call him later that night "I've talked w/ him enough already today" lol, yeah okay, I figure 2 hours counts in place of a telephone call.   2 minutes, no, but over 2 hours, sure.   I told him that I had M call his mother, who gave us his sisters #, for the feis, after he wished her well at it.   I gave Sh socks for Si, after grabbing a very small pair for M for Saturdays dancing, oops!   Got some other costume items for M, and new LARGE socks, life goes on.   Then the play:)

Stopped to get goldfish food, and naturally, found Bucky, a black and orange fancy goldfish for a friend for Karee.   Bucky seems to be modeling eating to Karee, too,hmm.   And a cat tree, who LOVE LOVE LOVE it, on sale, and we'd been looking.   It is not cheap, but an investment well worth it, really, they climb all over the place, now it's on their own spot:)   I did thank her Sunday for helping me with that...... I'd have not wanted to try manuevering it on my own.   I always find at least one of them on it, happy.

And she finished Mrs. O's box (not to M's satisfaction, but oh well),  and more practicing of her steps......

Driving to C's and dropping her off, NOT good, but the rest of the weekend?  Yeah, it was nice:)

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