Saturday, August 26, 2006


Okay, my 5-8 minyutes of writing here!   The entire hotel shares one cmoputer ugh, and so it's been hit or miss.

I'm tired.   We're here for a couple more days.   It's had some fun moments:)  Some good ones.   It's been stressful as hell.   My mother and her sister finally made up after gosh, I don't know, many years.   6 years ago, they at least talked again, being my cousin, Dougie, died, and my mom wouldn't go NOT talking w/ her sister whose son had died.  But, then they e-mailed only.   SO stressful, and my ;mom gets stressed driving, when off schedule (as do I and we are on such different ones), and, well, when in Maine.   And she takes it out on me, even if she's not trying to.

But, tonight, after some time here and there, movie night.   I had hoped for time out alone with my cousin, Stephanie, but somehow it ended up being movie night for her and I, our two daughters, and our mothers, too, lol.  Oh, well:)  That is good, too.

Someone's waiting here.   I know talking w/ BJ for half an hour the other night was helpful:)   Trying on pants and bathing sutis while my anxious mother waited to drive us back to the hotel (tho I insisted I could take a cab), well, ugh.   (She can't drive in the dark, and, um, she's starting to slip on ability to drive methinks.)

Saw some family I hadn't seen in years, and visited spots:)   Mixed emotions there.   I miss people close to me, Granpy, Dougie.........  and my niece/nephew are without their father now even if my cousin and him had divorced years ago, etc.   My uncle dead now.   But, Sebago Lake looks beautiful:)  The weather is chilly but that's great for all but swimming.   M wanted to swim.   Melancholy right now, tired.   I'm not sleeping enough.   We'll get through this.

Portland Museum of Art w/ M was good, too:)   It was our only time alone "special" so far, and it's really a quality place, and lunch at The Kitchen, YEAH food I can eat:)

Okay, someone's waiting here.   Toodles.

Adding:  Photo of the Light at Portland Head, i.e., Portland Head Light; I'll have to get other photos, too, as aol is finally letting me add photos again:)

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