Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm melting.

I did exchange e-mails with N, who is feeling beat and stressed right now.  We may go out tomorrow, maybe not....   This is part of what I wrote him back.  Note it's been a very high humidity hot day here.   We're paying for those warm winter and spring days, it seems, or I'm just forgetting that this bad of a summer really can start in late June.  Even if it's not technically summer yet.
"I'm not feeling my best myself, running through various reasons WHY and thinking it could be insufficient water combined with allergies.  We'll see:)
Let's just see how tomorrow goes then, okay?  I'd rather de-stress you, not stress you further :)  If you need a night alone, that is fine.  Not certain if I can swing it, anyway, but figured I'll try. 
I know right about now I'd enjoy something wet and cool.  Canoeing.  Shower (imagined waterfall on my face and neck).  Hanging my feet and legs over the edge of a dock into a nameless body of water, and splashing you.  That could change.  I'm not feeling picky right now.  I will try to think of something actually doable.
M's in a camp called, (I'm calling it "career camp" -- if anyone in my area wishes to know more specifics, as there is another week in another high school coming up, or for next year, please just e-mail me).  I just happened upon it in the Gazette.  It's basically a career-oriented camp [for middle schoolers held in my former high school], with a variety of options each camper chooses from.   M says she wants to be a neonatologist, but the option for studying DNA in cells didn't appeal to her.  Ha.  I don't care as I wish her to explore and learn and pursue what she is most interested in.  M is very visually-oriented; color and arts and crafty things have always been part of who she is. 
She got into "Techno Art," and "Lights, Camera, Action."  (The course is listed without one of the commas which drives M nuts.  Once she learns a grammar rule, she's right on top of it.)   Techno Art is basically learning computer photo / art software and doing a lot with it.  They have access to a professional-grade printer and tools.  They took photos of them selves in various poses and will make a montage, layering colors in a way I'm not comprehending.  She's loving it even if the flash drive we bought her last night won't work with the school computer.  Then again, I discovered none will work with our home (nor my work) computer as they are set up currently, either.   "Lights, Camera, Action" involves, gee guess what, videophotography.  They learned the equipment yesterday and made a plan of action after watching past years videos.  They filmed today.  M had to bring in a "Smart Water" bottle as her prop.  I suppose she'll be editing and such the remainder of the week.  Of course, I'm hearing lengthy descriptions of each course, and a bit about the various other girls.  I'm glad she's enjoying it:)
I'm ready to go back home.  I applied part of my [non-accounted for] work time Sunday to a longer lunchtime today with M.  Life works out sometimes.  It may rain soon it seems, and I'm feeling cooler.  I couldn't stomach anything more than a bagel with butter, not even cream cheese nor the soup I'd prepared.  [Of course, I took an allergy pill, also, in case, and a lot of water.]  I hope you feel better soon, too, [N's name].  Take a few moments for yourself, too.  Maybe do one of those things that help you de-stress."
To which he just had to call me, inbetween M texting as she's figured out what park we can take Daisy to.  N's laughing.  The imagery of me splashing him cracked him up.  So, good:)  I was imagining a dock on a lake, such as Lake Sebago, or along a river or bay like many of the Maryland shores have.  I wish the rain would just come already, cool us off, let us take Daisy out to play in the fresh wet area.  I thought a few moments ago that it was imminent, the trees and flag blowing wildly, the air conditioner picking up speed as if rain pouding on the roof.  Not yet.  Still sweltering, still melting should I resubmerge myself into the outside air. 


  1. seraphoflove9001June 20, 2007 at 4:32 AM

    I hoped it finally rained for you their. It did here! :o) Not much, but just enough. ;o) Those classes sound very intersting. :o) Thats so good that she likes it. :o) N sounds very nice. :o)

  2. I know a few neonats, & visually-oriented & color & arts & crafty things, do not bring anything about them to mind ;-).  At her age, I wouldn't want to quell her optimism in any area, but I think that camp was a good choice, considering.

  3. I have a future physician also, but I force them all into vacation bible school each summer, then whatever else they want. She'd hate my grammar. I've learned it, but don't focus on it.