Friday, June 15, 2007

Large Key Cell Phone and Good Movie (need ideas)

What the heck, maybe someone can help me out.

1)  Any movie suggestions right now, as in, currently in the US theatre ideas?  I know I'll take M to see Shrek 3 and maybe Nancy Drew, but, date-movie, with an actual live human adult male? 

Yeah, one night at a party, and two outings later, N and I are planning date three within 2 weeks.  Something must be working.  I'll update when I'm less tired, lol.  We're not yet looking for rental movie ideas.  Well, Riverdance is at Wolftrap, ah, I'd love to take M there again this year.  John Lennon via Yoko Ono is holding an art show not terribly far away this weekend.  Yet, we're leaning towards something neither of us typically get to do -- adult movie in theatre.  (Will get hiking in when we can.  Taking off work today wasn't an option.)  I would say that N = nerd, but a girlfriend admonished me.  She says that N is a geek, not a nerd.  She's proud to be a geek herself.  N says he's neither.  N also explains inbetween dancing (date #1) via use of bell curves how buzzed he was / wasn't at the strawberry daiquiri party (first meeting).  Uh-huh.  It's okay; articulate intelligence and good Italian food leads us both to date-movie night, .  Nothing too R, nothing too scary.

2)  Large-key cell phone.  My dad is having such trouble dialing as his fingers are too big for the keys.  It's also easier for him to remember my phone #, then to get the pre-programmed area, and press the okay button when "robin" is highlighted.  That's just too tricky for him.  So, any cell phone ideas, with large buttons for the keypad?  It'd really help if Nextel/Sprint has that phone available for their customers.

Thanks, all:) 

p.s. -- My child is a big 8th grader now, and also, wow, transformed into a teen via haircut and full set of braces just in time for her 13th birthday in July.  I'm so proud of you sweetie.  And, my mom got her an iPOD Nano. 

p.p.s. -- Have to laugh.  at 3:07pm, AOL emails me "ceilisundancer needs a new phone" and show me tiny-keyboard cell phone ideas for my father as, of course, Father's Day is Sunday. 


  1. Congrats on you and N making it to date #3.  I've heard Knocked Up is very funny.  I saw the Fanatastic Four and it was good, but I doubt if that's a date movie.  For your dad you might want to look at the phones that are voice activated.  I don't think they make cell phones with big numbers.  ~ Mike

  2. I think every older person I know with problems as such uses their land line 99% of the time, unless for an emergency.  Our generation has done away with land lines a bit, but not his.  My dad(when he could still handle one) had voice activated & I've seen my friends parents with ones that are programmed for 1 button dial~ where you hit a certain key & then 1 which dials Robin, 2 dials your brother & so on. ~ Mary

  3. I don't do movies, but Knocked Up has enough good buzz that even I have heard about it.  I still don't think I'd like it, but I will not be coming with you, so.. ~Mary

  4. seraphoflove9001June 16, 2007 at 3:37 AM

    I've seen in a commercial ad about a cell phone just for people that are older. The keys are very large and they even have a key for emergencies. I just can't remember what it was called. Darn it. And I agree with Mary...I've heard alot of good about Knocked up! :o) Have fun! :o)

  5. My child saw "Chicklet should avoid" and thought I'd better look first in case it was porn. Heh. That has me certain she checked and found it to be a simple tell-all memoir. No man wants to see a movie called Knocked Up.

  6. The name of the cell phone is the JitterBug.