Thursday, June 21, 2007

and now it's Thursday already (1st day of summer)

Starting last night, after watching Hairspray with M, was my time to stress out (mildly, organizationally speaking).    
SO much I've been trying to prepare, for the one night away Friday night, and summer plans stuff, and even school next year I have forms I'm still working on.  At least I got the dog sitter confirmed and two loads of laundry started:)  (Also some other things.) 
M thought she already had planned to visit my mother today, so the details of THAT, ultimately she won't stay over.  Besides, I need her to be certain she has the correct dance items for this particular feis.  Sunday she goes with C mid-afternoon and so can M or can she not go to the gig first....
While sweeping, I was thinking of work N's does, various questions I have about one particularly intriguing project, forgetting where I placed the dustpan I JUST had.  I can lose the dustpan several times in one sweeping session. 
Back to reality with so much to do, so little time, where is the time?  When I was in 6th grade, I wrote a paper with my wish for there to be 48 hours in a day.  Not to stretch the day so that people would fit more into it.  I wanted that long to finish up what I wished to fill up 24 hours with but couldn't quite fit in.  I enjoyed reading the paper yesterday while I waited to pick up M from her girlfriends, just like I enjoyed our meanderingly productive in an ADD way evening the night before (3rd panel for our curtains and UP yeah, Border's visit, just fun together even if I'm left with a new, replacement vent to still put on).  Last night, we wanted take Daisy to "the barn" for a walk in the nearby Park, her second idea was paddle boats ironically, and watching Hairspray which I relented and bought, and stayed watching even after she fell asleep.  I suppose it's nicer to have more ideas and less time, then feel stuck with no idea on how to fill time, dreading moments and wishing it to just speed by and go away.  Sleep in, play more, accomplish more, see N or friends or M more, what I could do with even 12 extra hours in a day.
I told M that The Washington Post was having a photo contest for the first day of summer.  Her "lights, camera, action" group had saved their work repeatedly, but it still somehow got lost.  She is fighting allergies and was grumpy about their revised work.  (M usually spends a long time describing every aspect.  This setback changed the quality of the piece, in her opinion.)   Lunch helpd.  She also brightened when I told her of this contest, asking for her camera.  They want to know down to the minute when it was taken.   The first day of summer in the Washington, D.C. area.   She snapped photos enroute to my mother's (who has changed from wanting to join us this weekend at the feis to not feeling she should drive that far and who knows). 
Whatever your day holds, may it be a good one:)


  1. I hope you have a good day as well :) I have never wished for more hours in a day, interesting that you wished for that in 6th grade, me? I was glad the day was OVER. LMAO

  2. seraphoflove9001June 22, 2007 at 4:35 AM

    It sounds like you had a wonderful day! :o) And it would be great if M could enter that contest. ;o)

  3. One thing I learned to do during the years I worked 2 jobs was to sleep just 5 hours. Now I automatically wake after 5, so that works out.
    At her age, soon she'll be snapping photos of aesthetic eye candy out the window.