Monday, July 2, 2007

um, Robin, that IS a date

Not this past weekend, but the one previous, M and I were away Friday through Saturday at a great feis.  (Great time I'll have to elaborate on later.)  Md and another classmate of theirs was in a musical, Seussical, just that weekend.  We left as soon as we could from the feis to drive back to the Saturday night show.  Sunday's show was at 2 p.m., and naturally transfer time with C was at 3 p.m., so it was Saturday night or nada.

While M slept, I was chatting with MegaMAID, who got to stay at the festival there that coincided with the feis.  Watching fit men in kilts throwing lumber.  Dag.  I hated missing that.  

The dancing hornpipe first place medalist (yeah) woke up as we neared home, texting with friends.   "Mom, do I have time to see a movie tomorrow?"   I understand that her social life is important, and she hadn't had as much chance to see her classmate friends since school's been out.  I'm thinking of her schedule and how to possibly fit this in for her.  Ha, hmmm, "friends" was really J texting M, who'd asked about seeing a movie Sunday and if she'd ask "everyone else."   She texted him back, "who is everyone." 

"Everyone" did include Md, whom J forgot had the show.  M also had a gig earlier in the day, depending upon how long it'd go.  Sh had told me previously that 3 p.m. had to stay as the tradeoff time, as she thought Si would be too tired to do the gig (even though Si wasn't one of the ones asked, and what about M?).  Sh had also told me previously that the show Sunday won't work, either, as they wanted to pick English peas.  (M was NOT wanting to be outside in the sun and didn't care about peas, but hey, C's choice.)  I wasn't sure at that point if M was confirmed for this gig, due to uncertainty of the time and if C would let her go over 3 p.m. tho I'd been asking C & Sh since midweek, and if J would join for the show that night or if a late movie that night would work or earlier in the day Sunday.....  J and M thought "everyone" going to Sunday's 2 p.m. show together, then all out to a movie, would be best.   (M herself texted Sh later, to ask about going to the show.  Sh texted back to call her, which M got after Saturday night's show we saw only half of, but via their calls Sunday, Sh still said no, wouldn't be time for picking peas.  Ends up we met elsewhereper C's request and C wasn't thereuntil 3:15, but whatever.)   J couldn't go late Saturday night, and not sure what happened to earlier Sunday.  But, M WAS in the gig and it was a great fun day for it.  That's what M texted J, that she had a gig. 

BJ and I were talking yesterday morning before church, from lost luggage to our kids.  (No wonder I once referred to N's STBXwife with the name of BJ's ex-wife, lol, they're similar names.)   Yes, M's 13 years old this week and boys, well, there's one she really likes, yes, the same one.  She won't come out and admit it to me yet.   I like this guy for her, good kid with other good traits, good family, all known each other for years now.  No, no dating, just some attempted plans for all the friends go out to a movie.   "Btw, Robin, that is a date."  Huh?  Group dating, in the teenage years, especially if two are planning it and then inviting others along, apparently is a date.


Makes sense, I suppose I did know that.  But.  Oh.

It WAS fitting in a bit too many things into that one weekend, yet I was trying to get it to work for M.  So I told her that perhaps it'd work this past weekend (she was due back at 3pm yesterday / Sunday).   Back home last night, M was texting with friends.  She said it was L.  "Anyone else?"  "No."  Riiggghhtttt.   She and J also texted (his grandfather had died, but he said he'd invite M to the funeral, and what state he's in now whil presumably on vacation).

(Ends up C called yesterday a.m. and asked if he could bring M back 1 - 1 1/2 hours later, which I was nice and agreed to (no plans with friends had been made), and could he bring her to my mom's instead of my house.  I could hear him asking Sh, whatever, it's closer to them, and we enjoyed our time there and back home.)

I don't know that I'm actually ready for this!  I'm thinking dating as the guy coming by to pick her up, and comes in and he and I talk a bit, then they head out.  I know that others in her class have sometimes "dated" others outside of their school / class.  Yet, group dating, these two young teens, some parent still needs to drive them?  Alright, that extent.  And, this is the kid I like best for her.  Just, yikes.



  1. Yep. It's a date. ~ Mike

  2. seraphoflove9001July 2, 2007 at 11:58 AM

    aaaaww...thats how it was with my daughter. :o) I think I like it better when they went as a group. :o)

  3. With choice & a chance, I'd love to go back & test teen dating, having done very little.  Medical(Mom) & finance issues made it too laborious @ the time, so, of course, I'm apt to think  better of it than what would have been the reality.  I love experiencing it vicariously now, so keep us posted. ~ Mary