Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Quiz

Ah, create a bunch of multiple-choice questions about myself?  I can handle that:)  I'm stealing this idea from Amy's private journal:  My Quiz. You better answer correctly!!  She also has a public one focused on her son, Sam, that I list in my side tool bar.  How well DO you know (the public) me?  :)  Except this isn't formatting so well argh....

1)  Breakfast: 

a)  I always eat start the day with breakfast. 

b)  Just a latte for me, please.

c)  I usually eat two breakfasts, and a drink of some sort (latte, juice, etc.)

d)  I eat breakfast if I remember to and have time.

2)  My lingerie and sock drawers are:

a)  Organized by color, style, and fabric.

b)  Exist, and I might get my clean laundry items thrown in there and out of the laundry room.

c)  I always get the clean laundry put away, and folded, but who organizes their sock and lingerie drawers?

3)  I first met C, my daughter M's father, :

a)  Just under 14 years ago, at a nightclub in Frederick.

b)  When we were 14 years old, on a high school field trip visiting colleges in the D.C. area.

c)  In college, at a party that my high school boyfriend took me to.  He and C were good friends.

d)  In the Young Adult group at my church.

4)  My daughter, M, turns/turned how old this week?

a)  12 going on 22

b)  13 egads a teenager

c)  14 and going on 24

d) 16 and wants her driver's license and to start dating ack

5)  What is the last concert I attended?

a)  Stevie Nicks with Vanessa Carlton

b)  Coyote Run and Enter the Haggis

c)  Maggie Sansone and Coyote Run

d)  Blue October with Army of Me

6) M attends what type of school:

a) Catholic / parochial school

b) public school

c) Montessori school

d) evangelical Christian school

7)  We have what pets (answer all the apply)

a) horse(s)

b) hamster(s)

c) rabbit(s)

d) hermit crab(s)

e) dog(s)

f) cat(s)

g) none.

h) fish

BONUS:  If answering that M and I have pets, # of each and what type/breed

8)  Meetings and appointments and such:

a)  Always early, give myself time to relax and handle any questions, forms, go over things.

b) Always on time.

c) Usually on time.

d) Usually on time or reasonably so, but it's a real struggle.

e) Often on time to the first scheduled event in a day, especially if critical, but it's a struggle which I've worked very, very hard on as the years have gone by.  I never mean to be late.  Always on time to subsequent plans in a day.

9)  As a youth, I would read the dictionary

a) every day for 15 minutes after school because my mother felt it highly important

b)  just for the sheer fun of it.

c)  by my choice to rebel against forced reading time in school.

d)  never.  My cousins would have tormented me to no end if I ever did such a thing.

10)  My favorite color is:

a) dark, deep purple

b) deep clear dark green

c) baby pink

d) bright, clear sunshiney yellow

e)  blue, any type of blue

11)  I've been to the following other countries (list all that apply):

a) Ireland

b) Scotland

c) Italy

d) Germany

e) Venezuela

f) Peru

g) Bolivia

h) Canada

i) Mexico

12)  television /movies at home

a)  I watch most nights, morning news, movies, etc.

b)  I watch the news and PBS and that's all I'll let my daughter, and hence me, watch.

c)  I enjoy an occasional movie, but rarely if ever watch regular television shows, cuz, really, who has time?.

d) I'll watch planned shows and movies with my daughter, sometimes PBS, and rarely television news.

13)  I'd prefer to be (check all that apply):

a)  hiking along the C&O Canal

b) at Sebago Lake, Maine

c) skydiving off the Grand Canyon or some similarly beautifully high cliff

d) horseback riding at one of the many wonderful Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission Parks

e) inside my office catching up on work

f)  Chincoteague  and Chincoteague Island, Virginia (or Assateague Island, Maryland)

14)  Debates and conflicts:

a)  I love them, rev me up, get me thinking.

b)  I despise them, avoid them at all costs.

c) I despise them, yet have learned to try to work through them and move on.

d)  I've learned that working through conflict can lead to peace making, and hence am always eager to head in and through issues.

15)  Dating.

a)  I've got to have a guy who I'm involved with or dating, or I feel somewhat inadequate and uncomfortable around my "hitched" friends.

b)  Dating?  Give me a good book and some girlfriends.  Not sure all that dating bother could be worth the heartache and, well, bother.  Single life is where it's at.

c)  I'm not looking for a guy or completion, and don't really have time for dating.  I'm comfortable with myself as a single woman / mother, but for a guy I like and enjoy?  I'll find the time for him, and will be happy to enjoy those moments. 

16)  My one cat, Billy, who has one green eye and one blue eye, is named after:

a)  David Bowie's real middle name (he has one green eye and one blue eye)

b)  My brother.

c)  My uncle Billy, who died as a POW in Korea.

d) My favorite college sweetheart.

e)  My late grandfather, Liam but M couldn't pronounce Liam so we Americanized it to William, or Billy.

f)  My first sweetheart.

17)  reading a book

a)  I'll read most any subject, check out the last chapter or so first, and if it's really intriguing enough, either read the second to last chapter next, or skim read from the beginning, skipping around some.

b)  I'll read most any subject, voraciously reading books methodically through from beginning to end.

c)  I'll read a full book through only if it's one of my favorite subjects or genre's, and then read it straight through, beginning to end.

d)  I never read anything but blogs and skim read online articles.  My attention span is too short for books.



  1. I was going to do it, but then I read all the questions first.  Egads did I do that and realized I only know about a half of them.  Then the ones I did know you wanted extra info so I figured I'd bow out in disgrace than to humiliate myself.  ~ Mike

  2. 1)d   2)c 3) I'll go with a general~ when you were very young. 4)b  5)d 6)c 7) e&f 8)d

    Ok, I have Katherine picking me up in 15 minutes, gotta stop ;-). ~Mary

  3. seraphoflove9001July 4, 2007 at 8:30 AM

    Ok...lol...here goes! Forgive me if I miss any! lol ;o) d, b, c, c, a, c, I=all of the above! a, b, b, a-b-f-g-i  d,d,d,c,c,c! :o)

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