Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy years to Ian and Kelly:)



The official U.S. wedding ceremony for my first cousin, Ian, and his bride, Kelly, is tonight.  In Maine.  I told Beth that we could have made that one!  Then again, M couldn't; she's in her mandatory performing dance troupe camp this week and went w/ C for visitation.  But, I could have.  This will be special for Ian and Kelly and their friends:)  Beautiful island spot, rather intimate sounding gathering.  No family angst possible with no family there.  I think I'd enjoy marrying in such a fashion if I were her.  (But, I'm not, so I'm hoping she is enjoying it.)

July 7, 07, was their "heart" ceremony in Canada, or did it involve a clergy member, it's as if he's truly been married already (to her on that day, then), so ?   The U.S. doesn't recognize it, however.  To be legal here, she is required to have a justice of the peace (or something official) in the states, also.  T

Hey were going to wait until that first week in August, with M and I joining and a lovely reception planned out past Puget Sound. 

Oh, how lovely.  M was to dance there, we'd hoped to bring L with M.  Ma helped create a 2-hand reel specifically for M and L, in some parts, for this reception.  What a relaxing, enjoyable time I had in my mind for all of us.  Too much, though.  As Beth put it, maybe I really just need to stay here where I belong right now (with Doug so injured, what if something happened to our father?  It was tearing me up.  It's one thing if M and I are, say, at the beach a couple hours away.  It's an entirely other thing if we're some 3,000 miles away.  Plus C is being persnickety (and we'd not fly back until a few hours past the due time).  And with L not coming, the girls still wish to spend the week together.  Never mind all the home repairs at Dad's, and trying to clean up ours.   The trip would mean squeezing in so many things in such a short time, also.

Ian and Kelly will still have the reception.  M won't dance :(  I am truly sad about that.  I'm also relieved that this was resolved and now the plans can occur.  But, the "official" U.S.A. legally-accepted ceremony?  It's tonight, now.   Her green card, the next step in her process that she's been complying with all along (has legal fiance status now), is about $3xx. through July 30th.  After that, come August?  Beth told me a cost of over $1,000., I think about $1,100.  Crazy.  They'd spend that if they had to, but, why if they don't?

Here, it's raining, finally. We need it so.  I imagine the island in Maine is gorgeous tonight for them.  Cheers, Ian.  Cheers, Kelly, and welcome to our family:)  Love and hugs to you both!!!

UPDATED:  I updated this to include a photo of the happy couple from their wedding on July 7, 2007, in British Columbia.  The U.S. Immigration Service doesn't recognize this event for the purpose of her immigration applications.


  1. How's your brother doing?  ~ Mike

  2. Best wishes to the newlyweds! (or is it 'twice-weds',lol?:)
    Sounds lovely.

    and yeah, what Mike's your brother doing? Tell him bunches of 'invisible people'
    ( as a friend's husband calls her Internet friends,lol)
    are keeping him in their thoughts and prayers!!

    And hugs to you. Hurray for rain!!

  3. Congrats to the newly weds!  Hope you have a great week!  Hugs,TerryAnn

  4. seraphoflove9001July 17, 2007 at 5:33 AM

    Congrats to the newly weds! :O) Sounded wonderful! :o)

  5. Congratulation to the Bride and Groom and may they have many more happy years together God Bless them.Take Care Kath