Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday Evening (It was a good day)

Occasionally hearing Goo Goo Dolls, "before it's too late," their song from the Transformers movie. It fits the theme, and I do love it:)
"It was a good day." Two of Dad's nurses said that, and it was for M, also. I really should pretend I do more than sleep here a few hours and walk the dog, so I won't get into too much right now. But, my dad was basically okay last night, which I verified this a.m. xyz, and by tonight, wow, he's as if almost himself again. Or, his current state of himself. Not fully certain yet. But, good:)
He was still able to get his beauty salon visit, after all (not exactly professional looking, but, hey, he enjoyed it and it gave the staff something positive to comment to him upon, it was better, and his hair not washed for days cuz it's tricky to do in the hospital). Real good nurses there in that ICU, too. I learn more from than, and they talk with each other about the patients, etc.
Len and Beth happened to call Dad during my evening visit, and he talked with them both, enjoying it. Then, introducing the night shift nurse to me, referring to me as his sister. He corrected himself, that he'd just talked with his sister, haha, that "this is my daughter, not my sister."
This morning, I'd missed M's first dance [as my exhausted self missed pressing "enable" for the alarm after setting it, and I checked in on dad before her 8 a.m. dance], and he told me he wanted her to dance today, proud of her and interested in it. So, tonight, I showed him the digital photos. I don't know how long bourne identity is but egads, and last night we watched the Untouchables together (I prefer that one). (I, too, am very proud of our M, first in Treble Jig (so all Prizewinner now she is psyched, and I just knew she would), and Second in both Reel and Slip Jig (feeling badly she beat L ahh, sweet).
M and L got first in their 2-hand, in some ways, in honor of Kelly and Ian. And, the rest of her dancing, in some ways, in honor of my father. It's all good. I'm real glad.
I suspect that tomorrow, I'll talk more again with the doctors and social workers about "the plan." Dad and I talked some about it ourselves, and have been. Each day, he's more himself again. Well, of course, it was more than, as Dad said, "an interruption" for him to just stop breathing. It can really shake you up (even if told he's okay by the time I'm even told he hadn't been for a few moments). They told me that they're likely to put the mask back on him tonight, not because he needs it, but for precaution. He's in good hands, and doing well. Yes, that does equate to a good day:)


  1. Glad to hear it.  ~ Mike

  2. Well this sounds like good news for your Dad - happy to hear it!  Let's keep Praying for more good things.
    Take care,

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