Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Your Irish Dancer Wears Combat Boots" aka, real men can dance

This is just too good not to share.  John Nygard, of Irish Dance school Heinzman, does an impromptu bit of Irish stepdancing for his military unit in the Air Force Academy.  Not in dance shoes or even sneakers.  In his COMBAT boots.  This is worth watching even if not for the added difficulty of those particular boots (meaning, yes, he is great, kicks, posture, style).  Real men can dance:)

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Please go to the 7/16/07 video entry, "Your Irish Dancer Wears Combat Boots."

If I could figure out how to imbed it, I would. 

Update:  Quick internet search on the name, John Nygard, shows him, if thee same guy as in the two articles I found, as being a World Qualifier in the competitive world of Irish stepdance (and 16 years old in March of 2006).  I knew he was good!  A third article sums up what else I'd come across (basically, bright, good kid, and a heck of a dancer):

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  1. This was Way Cool!!! :)
    And what an amazing young man....thanks!!

  2. That was very good.  I've done embed for others with YouTube, just not myself.  Do it in Html in your entry. Once you get into YouTube(or whatever) in another window, highlight & copy the embed code right under the url & paste. ~ Mary